How to find Wi-Fi Password on iPhone? 2 Easy Hacks

How to find Wi-Fi Password on iPhone [Easy Hacks] - Team Touchdroid

Do you want to know how to find a Wi-Fi password on iPhone without Jailbreak? Stick to this blog till the end & you’ll end up with some easy ways to do it.

Connecting the iPhone or iPad to Wi-Fi is very easy. You only have to enter the ID & password of the automatically detected networks. However, the struggle arises when you want to share that password with someone else.

It happens that the iPhone doesn’t show you the passwords of the networks you’re connected to. So, how will you view those saved network credentials?

We’ll show you how.

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How to find Wi-Fi Password on iPhone?

Believe it or not, it’s very difficult to detect a Wi-Fi password directly in your iPhone unless it’s jailbroken. Additionally, you may have apps running on your iPhone specifically to accomplish this.

We know you expect things to be as easy as Android here, but it isn’t right. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t have any feature to have the password stored in your Keychain.

Luckily, you can still look up to a few ways to share your Wi-Fi passwords without viewing them. Also, your Mac has some options to help you out. We’re going to check them out in this blog.

P.S. This article will help you to find a Wi-Fi password on iPhone for iOS version 11 or above

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How to share Wi-Fi Password on iOS 11 or above versions?

You might not view saved Wi-Fi password iPhone, but your friend won’t be disappointed. As long as you both use iOS 11or higher versions, it only takes a few steps to connect.

Here are the three minimum requirements you’ll have to fulfill:

  • Both devices are either iOS 11 version or later ones.
  • Your Contacts app has your friend’s Apple ID stored.
  • Both devices have Bluetooth enabled while connecting.

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How to connect to Wi-Fi without a password on the iPhone?

When the above-mentioned requirements are met, follow these steps:

  1. Hold your iPhone near to the iPhone or iPad you want to connect. Make sure that both devices are in close physical proximity for this hack to work.
  2. Use the iPhone that’s not connected yet to your Wi-Fi. Tap on your Wi-Fi network name visible on the device.
  3. You’ll see ‘Share your Wi-Fi’ pop-up on your iPhone screen. Tap ‘Share Password’.
  4. Your iPhone will automatically share your password to the second iPhone connecting to the same Wi-Fi network.
  5. Tap ‘Done’ on your Screen & you’re sorted.
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Isn’t it so simple?

Moving further, we’ll now see two different situations on how to find a Wi-Fi password on iPhone.

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2 Hacks to Find Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

  1. Use Router Settings to find Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

In a nutshell, this method will identify the IP addresses of the Wi-Fi router. It will log in to Settings to view the router’s password. However, you may or may not find this technique feasible in all conditions. But you should give it a try.

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It would help if you follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Click on the Wi-Fi router name you wish to check password and tap on the ‘i.’
  • You’ll see several details like IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router, etc. We only need an IP Address for now.
  • Copy the IP Address visible on your Screen right now & paste it in the URL bar of Safari. The login panel will show up once you hit enter.
  • Enter the default username & password of your router to log in. Most routers have ‘admin’ as ID & password commonly. If you haven’t changed it manually, you may log in by entering admin as your router ID & password.
  • Once logged in, go to Wireless Settings or Wireless Setup & you will view the iPhone Wi-Fi password.

Please note: This method will not work if you don’t have admin rights to access Wi-Fi router settings.

Don’t worry! We have two more methods to go.

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  1. Try iCloud Keychain Sync Feature.

You’re lucky to find this password hack made for you if your iPhone, iPad & Mac are logins with the same iCloud ID. Voila! You can use the iCloud Keychain feature to share Wi-Fi connectivity without passwords.

Image Source: Google

iCloud Keychain feature syncs Wi-Fi passwords saved on iPhone or iPad with Mac. You can see them in the Keychain app.

  • Go to Settings > iCloud > Keychain on your iPhone or iPad
  • Enable Keychain feature
  • Go back to Settings & turn on your Personal Hotspot.
  • Now use your Mac & connect to the Personal Hotspot of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Use Spotlight & grant Keychain Access.
  • Detect Wi-Fi network already connected to your iPhone & click on ‘Show Password

And, you’re done. You can view the Wi-Fi password you were looking for. So, it’s this simple.

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Do you have any apps to search Wi-Fi password for you? Yes!

Besides the manual efforts you may want to put in, you’ve also got some incredibly useful apps. Not only they’ll detect Wi-Fi password at the moment, but it also will help you out for any Wi-Fi network’s password access later too.

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Show iPhone Wi-Fi password with Jailbreak

Before you proceed, make sure you have Cydia (package manager mobile app) on your iPhone.

  1. Wi-Fi Passwords

Proceed to Cydia & search for Wi-Fi Passwords. You can easily access Wi-Fi passwords using this app because it is designed for it. But you must do some basic settings before using this app.

Image Source: Google
  • Go to Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit Menu
  • Add Repo Source here
  • Install the Wi-Fi passwords app now
  • Once the installation is complete, click ‘Return to Cydia
  • Return to Home Screen
  • Open the Wi-Fi passwords app & you can easily access all available Wi-Fi in your surroundings along with their passwords
  • Connect to the network you want to access
  1. iSpeedTouchpad

This is just another app, like the Wi-Fi passwords app we’ve seen above. You’re required to follow the same steps with Cydia before the installation of the iSpeedTouchpad app.

As you access the app, it will make you see the available Wi-Fi networks surrounding. You may access any desired network with the available credentials.

  1. Speedssid

Follow the same steps with Cydia that you’re required to perform with Wi-Fi Passwords & iSpeedTouchpad apps. So, what’s unique with this one? Speedssid provides an extensive feature & lets you access Wi-Fi networks farther than your current location. This brilliant feature will make you try it at least once. So, what are your thoughts on this?

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  1. DLssid

As the name suggests, this app helps you to hack passwords of Dlink wireless routers. It screens passwords via Network’s Mac address tracking. It’s available for download in a similar fashion as the apps above. However, it costs 5.5 Euros for non-Cydia users, but it’s free on Cydia. So, you better install it therefrom.

That’s all to share at the moment.

Try any of the methods shared above & share which of them worked for you. Meanwhile, we’re prepping up with more of such useful hacks for you. So, stay tuned with us.

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