Searching Files Fast Using These Applications

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Find Your Files Fast Using These Applications

Searching files on your computer or even phone can be really annoying. Sometimes any limited file scanning tool that comes with your equipment more often than not creates frustration rather than the ability to find what you’re looking for.

Let’s just say it is not always the best time management strategy.

And I have a LOT of files on my computers.

And I don’t always remember the name I gave to a file, document or even a video clip that I decided to save.

That’s when I went on the lookout for s way to search for files easily on my desktop as well as cell phones.

And luckily, there are a few decent apps and utilities that are quite good at finding anything you have stored using keywords you enter into them.

Exactly what I need when I can’t remember the specific name, but I know what the content has.

So, let’s get started with my best pics for searching for files on your computer and phones.

searching-files-seekfastI’m starting off with my favorite desktop app for Windows users.

The only thing is this is a paid app, but it’s super affordable so don’t let that stop you!

SeekFast does just that, it quickly searches all your files and their content to bring you back what you’re looking for.

The program can search through only specific file types if that’s what you need, or it can search through your entire hard drive.

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The one thing that was great for me was that it is super fast, like a second or two to find a document I was looking for, but forgot what I used as the title.

And I personally use OfficeLibre, NOT Microsoft products. And it worked with that too.

Not only is this fast, but it is also a very small program, meaning it won’t hog up your computers resources like Corta does if you have Windows 10.

Here is a quick list of the file types that SeekFast will work with:

Wise JetSearch

Wise JetSearch is another Windows based search utility that can find any type of keyword in many file formats that are on your NTFS or FAT hard drives.


There’s even a wildcard search so you can pretty much find anything even when you don’t know the specific file name, even something like a recipe as long as it is in a file of some sort.

One the plus side, this is a free program.

But like most things in life, when it is free, you kind of have to give up something. And for this particular program, that is speed.

This is just not as fast as a few of the other utilities I’ve tried. It takes a while to compile your search results.

But I am talking 10 seconds, not 20 minutes.

So yes, you can live with this if speed isn’t your main concern as it was for me and why this one is my number 2 pick.

One nice option with Wise JetSearch is that it has a floating search bar that is not obtrusive and when you hover over it, you can enter data to be found.

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So you don’t really need to “open” the program.

Other than that, it’s a great free program as long as you are a bit patient.

It will find your files, and at the end of the day, that’s the most important aspect, right?

Everything by

everything by voidtoolsEverything is another search tool created by VoidTools.

This is also a free software and is one more option to find your files faster on any desktop.

And if you love the software, you’re always free to donate to the cause.

One great aspect of this searching file finder is that it is instant search, meaning that you find what you need quicker.

And you don’t even need to press enter or anything, just place your keywords into the searchbox and the files matching your keyword show up in a long list.

Then you choose the one you want, click and it opens.

Pretty easy stuff 😉

A BIG plus for this utility is that not only can it search files on your hard drive, but if you have networking capabilities, it can also search anything connected to your computer.

And to top it off, you can also save your searches as bookmarks to find even faster the next time you need to look for that file.

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