How You Can Unlock Your Phone

Unlocking a Smart Phone

Unlocking a Smart Phone

When you get a new phone from your carrier, it could be locked to the network. This is something that is very common as it stops you from getting the phone from the carrier and using a different network. If you want to overcome this, you will need to have your phone unlocked.

Are You Still Under Contract?

Before you look at getting your phone unlocked, you need to consider how long you still have a contract with the carrier for. If you are still locked into a contract, you might want to reconsider unlocking your phone. Doing this will void any warranties and you might have to pay an additional monthly fee for the rest of the contract.

Unlocking your phone could also trigger an early termination. This is a problem because you will be liable for paying a termination fee. Depending on the carrier this can be much larger than the remained of your contract.

Contact The Carrier

If you no longer have a contract with the network carrier, you can contact them to unlock the phone. This is something that they should be willing to do if you are no longer using their services. However, it is important to note that there are some carriers who will still refuse to do this. You should not be charged by the carrier to have the phone unlocked.

When you contact the carrier, you need to have some information on hand. This will include the IMEI number of the device and the model. Each type of phone will have a different method to unlocking it and will need a different code.

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There are certain carriers where you will have to call them to unlock your phone while others have an online service that you can use. It is also important to note that some carrier will have a limit on the number of unlock request you can make. This will often be limited to 2 requests per year and you need to keep this in mind. Some carriers will also want proof of purchase before they will unlock the phone.

Working With A Third-Party

You do not have to contact the carrier that locked the phone to have it unlocked. There are many third-parties that will do this for you. The way these third-parties work will vary depending on the company and the type of phone that you have.

If your phone can be unlocked with a code, they will generally request this for you. To get these codes, you can use online providers who email the codes to you. The cost of these codes will vary with the primary factor generally being the age of the phone. The newer the phone the more it will cost to have it unlocked.

Not all phones can be unlocked using codes. These phones will need to have their hardware adjusted and you need to be careful with the company that you use for this. If you choose the wrong company, you could have a damaged phone with no recourse. You’ll also need to know the exact phone you have, as each code is usually differently priced. For example, how to unlock sprint note 8 to any carriers – has the cost of an unlock code at around $39, where as another site I visited wanted $150! So definitely shop around.

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You need to use a reputable company to unlock these phones. With these phones, you need to wait until your official warranty has expired as it will be voided by the unlocking. You will have to take your phone into these companies, but the unlocking should not take too long.

There are a number of ways that you can unlock your phone. It is recommended that you wait until your contract and warranty have expired before you do this. Newer phones will cost more to unlock while many old phones have unlocking codes online that you will be able to use.

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