10 Best Meditation Apps

10 best meditation app

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Life can be stressful and hard to deal with sometimes. In the current times, stress and anxiety have become a part of pf your lives. Coping with anxiety, stress, and sleep disorder can be challenging. Moreover, we of10 forget to deliver calm to yourselves in the hustle of life. Likewise, sleeping disorders like insomnia, somnambulism, or sleepwalking are quite prevalent among the Urban crowd. This article will help you choose the best app among the 10 best meditation app.

People in the city are so busy with their work and career that they hardly get any time to relax. As a result, this of10 leads to a lack of concentration, irritation, and in worst cases, also depression. Hence, it’s crucial to reflect on life once a while. In order to ease your problem, we bring you the best method of relaxation. Meditation has been an old age tradition to boost concentration, relax the mind. And for the overall wellbeing of any individual. While meditation plays an important role in overall health, you can also incorporate practicing mindfulness in a day-to-day basid for more apparent results. Click here to know more. In the modern world, with the advancement of technology, meditation has also revolutionized. Thus, you can meditate with the help of apps. Yes, you read that, right!  Meditation can now be done via apps. Here are the 10 best meditation apps. 

10 best meditation app
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1. Headspace Meditation app

Headspace is about both a practice rooted in ancient history and a topic of modern science. This is why it as equally committed to providing authentic expertise in meditation and also studying the science of meditation. Similarly, Science has been an integral part of the Headspace business since day one. They recognize that the only way to know if we are achieving our goal of improving the health and happiness of the world is to measure it. Hence, that’s where the research comes in.

There are over 2,000 meditation apps out there. But Headspace is one of the only ones committed to advancing the field of mindfulness meditation. It functions through its clinically-validated research on our product. Moreover, they are currently in progress on research studies with large national institutions. This could be among the largest mindfulness meditation trials ever conducted. Thus, they are committed to ensuring Headspace can actually make an impact on our lives.  There are hundreds of guided meditation. From mini-meditations, sleep sounds, and  SOS meditations for emergencies. Meditations for kids, and animations to help you better understand meditation are also there.

Cost: $7.99 to $12.99 per month after the trial

Where to find it: Visit Headspace.com/Womens-Health and use code PRHearst1M for a one-month free trial code, or code HEARST for three months free of a year subscription.

10 best meditation app
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2. Calm Meditation App

Their mission is to make the world happier and healthier. They’re the #1 app for Sleep, Meditation, and Relaxation, with over 50 million downloads and over 700,000 5-star reviews. Additionally, they have been honored to be an Apple BEST OF 2018 award winner, Apple’s App of the Year 2017, Google Play Editor’s Choice 2018. In addition to all this, it is named by the Center for Humane Technology as “the world’s happiest app.”

It has a lot of options to serve you even better. The app provides guided sessions ranging in time from 3 to 25 minutes. And with topics from calming anxiety to gratitude to mindfulness at work—as well as sleep sounds, nature sounds, and breathing exercises—you can really choose your focus. “There are new meditations every day, progress trackers, and seven-day and 21-day programs for beginners. It is one of the most favorite among the 10 best meditation app.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play.

10 best meditation app
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3. Insight Timer

This app has many of the most experienced mindfulness teachers on it, and allows you the freedom to pick and choose depending on how long you have to practice, what style you’d like (e.g., body scan, loving-kindness, anxiety/stress-reducing, etc.), or just set a timer and sit without guidance. In addition to the variety of guided meditations, the app has a tracker that allows you to chart your progress and earn badges that keep you coming back for more.

More meditation is practiced on Insight Timer than anywhere else, and the app has 10 or more free guided meditations added every day. Additionally, browse thousands of meditations to begin building a simple daily habit, jump into discussion groups and community features, and use the music tracks and ambient sounds to calm your Mind and promote sleep.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play.

10 best meditation app
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4. Aura Meditation App

Aura has life coaching, nature sounds, stories, and music, all personalized based on the mood you select when you open the app. Additionally, there’s also an option to track your moods and review patterns in how you feel. Also, you can set reminders to breathe and take breaks for mindfulness. Undoubtedly, It is the best app for sleep.

Aura’s coaches share diverse perspectives, voices, and teachings so that you always find coaching that resonates with you. Thus, with thousands of empowering & resonating audio tracks, Aura has just what you need every day and continually learns what works for you.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play

5.10 Percent Happier Meditation

Based on the popular book by ABC news anchor Dan Harris, this app will teach you the how-to behind meditating, in a fun, easy, and accessible way. It’s suited for anyone, but especially those who think they’re “not the meditation type” and can’t find the time to practice meditation.

You’ll be lead through short on-the-go meditations designed to be lis10ed to whenever you can fit them in (like during your commute). Try to see how many consecutive “Mindful Days” you rack up: with time, these moments of calm will come second nature. It is one of the most popular among the 10 best meditation app.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play

6. Sattva

Sattva is a mindfulness app that draws its mediations from ancient Vedic principles. In addition to 6-minute-plus guided meditations, the app features “sacred sounds, chants, mantras and music by Sanskrit scholars.”

It believes “Meditation Has Ancient Roots – So Does Sattva.” Discover, explore, immerse, and unwind with Sattva, where ancient meets modern in the palm of your hand – to inspire you to meditate every day. Moreover, Sattva is perfect for anyone looking to get more in touch with the history and origin of meditation. Thus, this is another most popular among the 10 best meditation app.


  • Guided Meditations, Chants, Mantras, Music

    A rare collection of Guided Meditations, Ancient Chants, Vedic Mantras, and Blissful Music to enhance your meditation journey.

    Meditation Timer, Tracker, and Stats

    When, Where, How Long of your meditation journey – see your progress via Stats on a Calendar, Map, Chart, and Graph!


    Your App, Your Way – Personalize your dashboard to include favorite and most used features using the ‘Widgets’ icon.


    Mudras are hand positions or gestures that facilitate the flow of energy in the body and release blocked energy. They can easily be incorporated into your yoga and meditation practice and have an abundance of benefits.

    Meditation Community

    Lis10 to your friends’ playlists, motivate, and inspire each other through Group Meditations, Challenges, and integrated Live Video Events.

    Collections & Playlists

    Lastly, Sattva curated lists depending on your Mood, Desire, or Time of Day, either played in sequence or created from your favorites.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play

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7. YogaGlo Meditation App

With over 4,000 classes on-demand, you can experience the benefits of your practice at home or on the go, on any device. You can even download your favorite classes, so they’re always available to you. Thus, the Glo Community is an intimate, non-judgemental platform connecting real people for real conversations about health and wellbeingbeing. Hence, from wellness tips to class sharing to teacher Q&A—our community is self-care; everything is shared.

In addition to all this, it also provides the perfect mix of knowledge and support to help you progress in Mind, body, and heart. Moreover, you can customize your workout by choosing the length, teacher, and level you want and a variety of topics and focal points that can help you zero in on specific meditation goals.

Cost: Free 7-day trial/ $22.99 per month after trial

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play.

8. Inscape

Inscape is a meditation studio in New York City. The Inscape app is an extension of the zen room where teachers guide you through mindfulness practices. The main focus of the app is to help you reduce stress and anxiety and get better sleep. The meditations, music, and breathing exercises available show up as recommendations that are based on your goals.  These are the time of the day, and your familiarity with meditating. Moreover, it’s a tailored experience, and even the names of the playlists feel hyper-personalized.

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play

9. Buddhify

Buddhify offers over 200 meditations to help. From issues like anxiety, stress, sleep, pain, and tough emotions, and you can pick from multiple teachers. The voice and style resonate with you. However, the big perk of buddhify is that has mindfulness exercises that you can do anywhere. Hence, it is helpful for those who are super-specific (for traveling, at work, waking up, eating, and spending time online).

Buddhify is the only meditation app whose designs fit into a busy modern lifestyle. It is famous for its beauty and incredible value for money. Thus a lot of people love it around the world.

Cost: $4.99, plus in-app purchases

Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play

image credit: buddhify.com

10. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an initiative by a psychologist to encourage mindfulness practice as a pillar of wellness, much like daily exercise, good sleep, and healthy eating.  In addition to other features, the app is a simple 10-minute daily meditation. These are broken into categories by age (7 – 9, 10 – 12, 13 – 15, 16 – 18, and adults). Also, there are specific programs for group use in the classroom and at work. Hence, this stands out from the other 10 best meditation app.


Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play


Meditation can actually improve sleep and lessen anxiety. Take out some time off your busy schedule for yourself. Help yourself with these apps. These apps do help. It has catered to million, you could be the next!

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