5 Essential tips to consider when designing Web UI

Web UI

A website is an interface through which you can showcase what your brand is all about. Having a good and user-friendly user interface on your website is an excellent determinant of whether people visiting the site will want to engage with you or not. Creating a good experience for your web visitors is solely your responsibility. Moreover, it helps in strengthening your brand in the online world. Thinking strictly about your user is the ultimate key to creating and ensuring a successful UX (user experience).

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  1. Know your users better. 

Knowing your users well means you will know of their preference, which will allow you to create a perfect interface. It includes exploring your demographic and similarly getting to know the requirements needed to accomplish their goals. Major considerations also include understanding what your users need. Go deeper and find out their requirements: this helps in finding a foundation design of your UI.

2. How will people use the UI?

Designing a UI comes after knowing how the users will navigate it. With the increase of touch-screen devices, it’s imperative to think of how people will use your site before designing it. Users indirectly or directly use the interfaces in a lot of varying ways. It becomes easier to know what type of design you will create after gauging the audience you attract. A better understanding will inspire a more suitable user interface.

3. Give feedback to users on your site. 

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Ensure that whenever a user performs any action on your webpage, they receive a relevant outcome. For example, in cases of online purchases and checkouts, ensure a confirmation page indicates the completion of the process. If you fail to give your users feedback, it may frustrate them about not knowing what will happen next. Feedbacks makes a user aware of what is going on and keeps them in the know. The most crucial thing about feedback is that it must be fast and more real-time.

4. Make sure your user interfaces are learnable easily.

A human brain can withhold 5 to 7 pieces of info at a single given time. Why is this relevant? If you make something complicated, it will be harder for a person to teach them, leading to a negative attitude towards it. To avoid losing users on your website, you will need to break down the process of navigating your UI. You will have encouraged your users to revisit your site multiple times and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed.

5. Simplify decision making for your users.

Some websites overwhelm their users with choices, which in turn, clouds their decision-making. Do not bundle your user interface with a lot of options because you will end up frustrating them even more due to the numerous pressure they get. Banners and pop-ups are some of the content that may make a user lose psyche in your site. Use them relevantly and only when need be. Lay down your navigation menus and the content simply and most conveniently.


Designing the user interface is more about learning the type of design you will use than actually designing it. Take your time and apply all the above tips to create a fantastic UI.


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