Choosing the Right Cell Phone for the Elderly

choose the right smartphone for the elderly

How do you decide on the phone that’s best for you?

Cell phones are a staple in today’s society. But the phones available today can be next to impossible to use if you have limited use of your hands or a vision or hearing impairment. So how do you choose one that’s right for you?

Many cell phone companies have begun manufacturing and marketing cell phones specifically geared toward the disabled and the elderly. Finding the phone that works best for you is just a process of simple trial and error.

The first thing you’ll need to do is research. Get online and Google cell phones for the disabled and the elderly. Read through the results and narrow your list of possible choices. You can do this fairly easily with just a look at the web page the product offers. If the web pages well designed, easy-to-use and looks professional, the company is probably reputable.

If the page has poor spelling and grammar and is not very informative, steer clear of the company. There are also several review sites like Upcoming Phones which feature news and reviews of the latest smartphones.

Next, visit a cell phone store or The Connection Center at most Wal-Mart Supercenters. The associates at any of these places will be trained to help you find the phone that is best for you. If they don’t have what you need, they can source it for you from one of their other stores. To see how to connect a ps4 to pc or mac to your cell, check out this article source: Thewiredshopper.  Try out the phones that the stores have on display by punching the numbers, seeing if the screen is big enough and finding out if you can open and close it.

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If you don’t want to purchase a phone in the store, order it over the phone or online. Whether you buy a phone in the store or directly from the company, you will have a 30-day trial period in which to try out the phone in real life situations and see if it is truly the best fit for you. If not, start the process again.

Some of the cell phones available for the disabled and elderly are:

Jitterbug Dial. Some of the features of this simple, no-frills phone include 24-hour operator assistance, a powerful speaker, a large, bright screen and a large, backlit keypad.

Jitterbug OneTouch. The keypad on this phone features only three buttons – a 911 key, a personalized direct dial key and an operator key. The phone also features an earpiece cushion, a powerful speaker and a large, well-lit screen.

Verizon Wireless Coupe. This phone features a simplified navigation menu, large keypad and screen, a dedicated 911 key and three ICE (In Case of Emergency) keys, making it simpler than ever to get a hold of your contacts.

Evaluate all your choices. Don’t be intimidated by all the gadgetry that comes on today’s cell phones and don’t settle for a phone that isn’t a perfect fit for you.

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