9 Helpful Mobile Apps to Keep Your Workspace Organized and Clean

Mobile Apps to Keep Your Workspace Organized and Clean

Keeping a clean and organized workplace is essential, as it is vital if you want to be a productive online worker. 

If you want to keep your workspace organized and clean, some apps can help you achieve that. It will be easier to streamline your cleaning routine (or lack thereof) on your smartphone and other devices.

Here are the nine best mobile apps that will help keep your workspace organized and clean. 

1. Cleaning Checklist

This easy-to-use app allows you to take control or place as many or as little rooms that you need to get done in your cleaning routine. This is a hassle-free way for you to keep track of the things that still need to finish.

The apps also allow you to organize your cleaning tasks better with its simple checklist. 

At Maid Sailors Hoboken Cleaning Service, we also tell our clients to use the Cleaning Checklist to delegate tasks.

Doing so, lets them be effective in managing their chores. Plus, the app enables you to check off your tasks as you go.

Do you want a colleague to help you out with a couple of chores? You can send them a checklist that they can go through. 

2. Do!

This to-do checklist is simple, easy, and ready to view in a moment’s notice. 

Do! provides you with almost the same look and feel of a to-do list on paper, along with the pen and paper sound effects. You can also add tasks and view them via your device’s Today widget with ease.

To organize your to-do list better, you can also use a color-coding system that allows you to keep track of tasks. 

This app is free to download for iOS devices that have in-app purchases. You can also buy the premium option for $1.99, allowing you to remove apps and get unlimited task groups. 

3. Tody

This app works for both iOs and Android, allowing users to manage household cleaning tasks. Tody also motivates you to make cleaning fun. This inspires you to do some cleaning tasks that you’re likely to avoid. 

Tody allows you to focus on every task according to need instead of giving deadlines. Moreover, it lets you set due dates and constant reminders. 

Moreover, it sends you motivational notifications throughout the day. They even offer the chance for you to claim credit for your actions. 

This app allows you to stay on track with your cleaning tasks, especially with less frequent cleaning tasks that are often forgotten. 

4. ChoreRelief

This is one of the best apps to use if you’re looking for house cleaners. With it, you can look for contractors, painters, cleaning services, and so much more. 

With ChoreRelief, this will help you save the money and hassle of looking for the perfect service out there. 

5. BrightNest

If you find yourself lost when it comes to cleaning talk, then here’s an app for you. 

With BrightNest, you can find several helpful videos and articles on how you should clean your space. 

As soon as you download it, this app will ask you a couple of critical questions. When you’re done, the app will curate videos and articles based on your needs. 

Usually, these topics are tagged under useful categories, which you can choose to see, read, or tackle the same issue in your workplace. 

6. Chore Checklist

Boost your productivity and become an organizational guru with Chore Checklist!

It features many views and a simple way to re-arrange, edit, or snooze particular tasks. You can also upgrade to the app’s premium version, which allows you to sync on all devices. 

But if you want to try it out and see if it work for you, you can download the LITE version. 

7. Unfilth Your Habitat

This is a paid app that’s available on both Android and iOS users. If you feel unmotivated, or feel a little lazy to clean, then this app is perfect for you. 

Just a word of warning, though: This app contains profanity.

Unfilth Your Habitat also has options that give you 20 minutes of work, followed by a 10-minute break. This handy app allows you to break more significant tasks into smaller ones using a timer. 

Completing specific tasks allow you to earn trophy rewards as well. 

8. Done

If you want to have a clean workspace, then you need to start adopting healthy habits. 

Do you want to sort out your office desk clutter after the end of the day? This app lets you track those habits so that you can keep your workspace organized and clean every single day. 

Because this app serves as a habit tracker, you can enter a particular habit that you want to achieve. You can set parameters on how often you wish to complete it. 

Usually, the Done App will help you track your progress, reminding you if you miss anything. You can also look at specific trends to see the areas that you need to improve upon. 

You can download this app for free in iOS devices with in-app purchases.

9. Handy

Handy is another app that you can use to look for professional cleaning services. It allows you to hire house cleaners on a bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly basis. 

You can also change and schedule bookings with ease if you’re looking for the right services that you need at the moment. 

You can also schedule your bookings in advance, cancel or reschedule.

All you need to do is to download the app and provide them with essential information. This includes your space’s floor area and the items in your house that needs cleaning. 

Besides getting in touch with professional house cleaning services, you can also tip them using a couple of clicks. 

Over to You

Finding the right app that works best for you might take some time. But if you think that a particular app isn’t a good fit for you, you can always try out the next one. 

Or if you think that you can’t cope with all the cleaning, you can always hire professionals to do it for you.

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