9 Best Camera Apps to Take Your Hiking Photos to the Next Level

Best Camera Apps to Take Your Hiking Photos to the Next Level

There are several hiking essentials that you shouldn’t forget to have when you set out on your journey.

You bring a sturdy backpack wherein you place your food and water. You’ll also need reliable hiking poles and a rain jacket to protect you if the weather turns.

You also would take your phone to take photos of the views you see on your hike. It might not be essential, but pictures are still the only thing you can take back after a hike.

Since pictures are the only thing you can take, you should make the most out of the photos that you take and get high-quality images.

Aside from getting a better phone with a great camera, you can also invest in camera apps to improve your hiking photos. There are several to choose from, but these nine camera apps are worth a try:

1. A Better Camera

A Better Camera is a camera app that offers plenty of ways to better your image quality. It has features like different focusing options, HDR images, panorama shots, night mode, group portraits, and sequence shots.

A Better Camera aims to reduce the number of camera apps that you have on your phone.

This app has both a free option and a paid version. But the paid version isn’t even that expensive at $0.99.

If you think that you want to pay for a cheap camera app, consider A Better Camera.

2. Snapseed

One of the best photo editing apps available in the market right now is Snapseed.

If you’re going to be focusing on editing your photos, Snapseed is the one you should install. It’s excellent both for Android phones and iPhones.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photo editing app user, you will find that Snapseed is easy to use.

It has almost 30 tools and filters that you can use to change up your photo’s feel and look. Aside from filters, it has many other presets and capabilities that allow you to change up your pictures in many specific ways if you want to do so.

The best part is that this excellent app is FREE!

3. Open Camera

Open Camera is another camera app that you might want to install on your phone for Android users.

Open Camera is a great app that doesn’t take up too much space on your phone so that it won’t be too intensive in usage for your phone. At the same time, it provides extra features that make for a better result when you take photos.

It helps expose the best features in your camera. It also has a unique feature where it helps stabilize the photos you take to look so shaky anymore.

Another useful feature to Open Camera is that it’s open-source and features no third-party ads so that you won’t feel bombarded. Also, it’s another free camera app!

4. Pixlr

Another photo editing app that you might want to consider is Pixlr. It’s an excellent alternative to having to edit your photos on Photoshop.

The Pixlr Photo Editor has a clean interface that makes it easy to get right into editing your photos. They have hundreds of features, tools, and options that allow you to improve your photos.

It’s excellent for beginners who don’t want to do anything too complicated when editing the photos.

You can also set favorites in the app. So if you find a preset that works for you, you can favorite it and save it for future use.

5. Camera+2

For iOS users, Camera+ 2 is an excellent camera replacement app that is like your camera but better. This camera app is a relaunch of the previous Camera+ app, and there are many features that you’re going to enjoy.

You can go as straightforward or as complicated as you’d want. With its user-friendly interface, you won’t have a tough time tweaking your camera options on this app.

6. Darkr

You’d want a simple camera app if you’re a particular fan of black and white photos is Darkr.

Darkr simulates the darkroom experience and helps you create higher-quality black-and-white images.

Perhaps you’re the type of person who sticks to a theme on their Instagram. If you like monochrome photos, you can use Darkr and tweak it to your satisfaction.

7. Instagram

Of course, everyone already knows of Instagram. It’s probably one of the main reasons people are paying more attention to their taking photos.

There are plenty of camera or photo-editing features available in the app itself that you should try out.

You can upload photos that you took and edit it on the app, or you can use the Instagram camera to take the image and then edit it there.

8. Candy Camera

For lovers of taking selfies, Candy Camera is the app for you.

Candy Camera has many filters that you can put on your photos right as you’re taking them. You can even decorate the finished product with some stickers to add that playful effect.

9. Vector Camera

Vector Camera is a camera app, and its specific specialty is, obviously, live vectorization. If this is a photo style that you find particularly appealing, you should get this open-source and free app for yourself.

Hiking photos are your only souvenirs when you reach the most remote places around the world on your hike. Thus, you want to take the time to ensure that your photos can capture the majesty as much as possible. Hopefully, these camera apps will help you achieve that. Install them right before a trip and play around with their features and master them to get the best hiking photos.

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