5 must-have apps for a long journey

apps for a long journey

The best part about going on a journey is the excitement to finally get the relaxation you need, or basically just getting your business done. Irrespective of what one is traveling for, there are many challenges when it comes to long travels. Long flights often get me weary and jetlag or a long road trip often gets me car-sick and tired. On such occasions, your phone, iPad, or laptop could be your life saver with its stack of addictive games, apps- social media as a whole. Traveling for such a significant distance could truly exhaust you particularly if you are not an ardent reader who might use the opportunity to enjoy books or appreciate the passing view. All things considered,  hotels and tickets reserved, the guide is purchased, and very much thumbed some time before you arrive and your cell phone is ready for a new invasion of travel applications. There are a few games that could without much of a stretch keep you connected for quite a long time. We have selected 5 such apps that will rock your world while on the move.

1. LoungeBuddy

There’s no scarcity of apps for travel jumbling up the Android and Apple app stores nowadays. I’ve spent enough of my time sticking around in air terminals to realize that it essentially sucks. I typically fly with low budget airlines and long delays and horrible connection,  filthy seats, costly Wi-Fi, and awful food are a depressing norm for such trips. The main places that offer any break are lounges. However, without registration, or business-class ticket, I’m not prone to roam around and inquire as to whether they’d prefer to give me access. 

LoungeBuddy eases the stress from such back and forth movements. In the wake of entering your Mastercard, participations, airline status, the app indicates to you which lounges you can access at any air terminal. In any event, for individuals like me who don’t have any of those things, the application despite everything tells you about any free lounges or ones you can buy a day pass for. It’s smooth, simple to utilize, and free!. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

2. Any game apps

If you don’t really get dizzy when looking down while driving, a good game app is going to be a godsend for you. It also depends on what type of road trip you’re going to have. If you’re going to go through not-too remote areas, then it’s completely fine to have internet-based games since you’ll have an easy connection. But, if you’re going to go through places that are extremely remote and have a hard time finding a connection, then it’s best to have offline games.

Let’s look at the options. For online games, the most fun you’re probably going to have are the live dealer casino apps, where you can catch on all betting stats, games as well as place bets in real-time. Why? Because it’s basically dozens of games in one application and is actually quite a popular choice for a road-trip. So popular in fact that some casinos are even deliberately promising free stuff for those who can prove they’re on a road trip.

With offline games, it’s a bit different. But there is one “game library” that has all the 8-bit games you can imagine. Mario, Donkey Kong, Football you name it. Oh and the Dogfight app is an amazing choice too.

3. AirHelp

If at any point you’ve ever suffered through the agony of a delayed or canceled flight or been prevented from boarding due to an overbooked flight, AirHelp is definitely a perfect solution to this problem. EU and US laws both accommodate remuneration in such cases, in spite of the fact that the details vary. It’s a confusing procedure, however, and evidently less than 1% of travelers qualified for compensation ever get it. 

The process is made simple by this app and it’s something you can do in minutes while you wait around at the terminal. Simply enter your flight data and a couple of insights concerning the problem, and the organization deals with the rest. If the case is effective, they take 25% of the payout and you get the rest. You likewise get a referral reward for any other person on your flight that you send the organization’s way. 

4. Subway Surfers

This is a running game that has gotten very well known since Temple Run hit mobile app stores. If you are exhausted with Temple Run and need to lay your hands rather fingers on something comparable, look no further because Subway Surfers is an incredible alternative. The player needs to run on tram tracks and gather coins and various types of power-ups in transit. In this perpetual running game, the player needs to be careful with the testy monitor and a canine. There is day by day, and week by week challenges, which bring heaps of advantages. This is an exceptionally addictive game and accessible to download for free on the apps stores. And it is available for both Apple and Android devices.

5. Whatsapp Messenger apps

Whatsapp messenger is just one of the many social apps that everyone needs on a trip. It’s totally free and you get to talk to family and friends without any additional charges. This is one of the apps I basically can do without. Traveling internationally for business, studies, or for vacation is already costly as it is, thus reducing extra charges from calls by using WhatsApp is the only best alternative. All you need is a working internet connection and you are good to go! The app is available for Android, iOS, Nokia, and Blackberry devices and can be downloaded from the app stores.

Besides these incredible apps, it is safe to say that WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook come in handy on long trips.

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