How to Protect your Eyes from the Daily Use of Mobile Device

Mobile Device

Do you spend most of your time engaging in your Mobile Device?

Technology(Mobile Device) is now a significant part of daily routine such as communication, doing a research paper in school, sending reports to your boss, entertainment, and businesses.

Often, we do not seem to notice that we have been engaging too much that it risks the health of the sense of sight (eye). According to research, the excessive use of the mobile phone will lead to vision loss, sore eyes, dry eyes, and vision-related headaches. Apart from the expensive process of eye surgery, the human eyes are very delicate and can result in complete blindness if not properly treated.

As much as mobile devices are essential in daily living, we cannot replace our sense of vision once it is damaged. Therefore, let us go through different ways to protect our eyes.

Adjust the Brightness Accordingly

Adjust the screen brightness from high to medium, and if possible, to a much more comfortable level. The exposure to too much contrast and brightness on the phone screen will cause direct damage to the eyes. For that reason, it is advised to adjust the brightness to medium level at best.

Though we find it hard to read the text when exposed under the Sun, it is best to refrain from using it while walking under the Sun. Moreover, when you minimize using a mobile phone on the street, you will safely arrive at your destination.

The effect of blue-light 

Gadgets produce blue-light as well, and a study has also revealed that too much blue-light exposure will harm cells that are light-sensitive in the retina, while blue-light directly penetrates the retina. It is important, if you want to consider having a protective screen film or tempered glass specially designed to reinforce and minimize blue-light exposure to help ease eye strain. 

Please note to adjust the brightness of your mobile screen that is appropriate to your visual acuity, not too low and eventually not too high. Allow your eyes to identify the perfect glare that fits your vision.

Take Breaks when 

Another helpful tip is to take a break. Take your eyes off the screen monitor. Spend at least 20 seconds looking-away for every 20 minutes spent on your gadget. Then stare at something in the distance for 20 seconds. 

Put the cellphone down and get a sip of coffee or tea. Or you can walk around quickly and do something else to relax your eyesight.

What are the other ways to rest your eyes?

The market has made mobile devices affordable for the general public. And because of that, the business has changed its course on its product. Let us take the movie and TV series as an example. With the help of the streaming apps, it is now possible to watch your favorite shows at the palm of your hands.

While this seems to be convenient, this exposes us to using mobile devices more often. On the lighter note, you may still enjoy watching the shows from your favorite channels provided by your Freesat box on television. It is because television has a huge screen display and you can watch it from a distance. This will allow your eyesight to rest from a direct exposure on mobile devices.

Adjust the Text Size When Necessary

When you are having a hard time reading the smaller texts, there is an option to enlarge the font size on your device. When you do this, you will not have to focus too much attention to your sense of sight that can cause headaches.

The text font needs to be three times the smallest size from a typical viewing angle you can read. And a black print with a white background is the right match for relaxed reading, yet, you can also use the customized font features and styles, as long as it comfortably matches your viewing. Staring at those tiny fonts will lead to a variety of eye problems, including blurred vision, migraine, swollen eyes, stress, and dry eyes. Magnifying your screen text fonts helps to keep your eye on the track.

Remember to Blink when use Mobile Device

Blink and blink more often. 

When you blink regularly, you help your eyes maintain moisture, repel irritating particles and keep fresh all day long. It serves as a natural shield from unnecessary exposure, such as dust particles and sunlight linked to environmental elements. The regular blinking of fifteen times in a minute is advisable to come up to more clear eyesight. 

Correct the Distance with Mobile Device

How close are you supposed to hold your phone?

There was a misconception about the right distance in handling cellular phones. Many people tend to stick closer to their cell phones, which are not eye-healthy. Give your eyes a rest by keeping your device at a distance enough to read the prints and images. Calculate the distance and ensure that the eye is safe and protected from the blue lights and screen radiation.

Final View

Often I heard from others that they just cannot put their devices down. This causes sleep deprivation, lack of toilet break, and it increases procrastination.

There are many methods on how to protect your eyes from the direct exposure to harmful light coming out of the device screen. When necessary, spend more time with the nature, with your family, and doing what you love on your off days.

We can buy another mobile phone when it breaks, but we can never get another chance to see the world when the sense of sight is damaged.

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