Best Android TV Box for Streaming 2020

android tv box

Do you often get bored while watching a normal TV due to inadequate or absence of stuff, or static satellite registration?

Well, I was in your shoes as well until I found out a perfect means to escape this bothersome circumstance.


Now, I know I’ll never be stuck for choice for things to watch because I know two or three things concerning Android TV boxes, so some intelligent TVs that let me easily flow content to my TV, and enable me to download apps from Google Playstore.

Therefore, when viewing a regular TV really bores you and you are searching for something which will bring that excess bit of fun, then my review is for you.

Like I said previously, I have huge experience with many types of Android TV box, thus, I will like to work with my experience using these devices that will help you make the ideal choice.

Even though there’s plenty of alternatives available nowadays, you should not have a problem picking the best Android TV box provided you read the review throughout.

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Android TV Box Buyers Guide

We understand that choosing an android TV box can be confusing and we often get asked what the difference between all the boxes are.

We have created this in-depth review, which we hope will inform you and help you make the best decision when purchasing an Android TV box.

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What is the difference between all of your Android boxes?

All Android tv boxes run on the latest version of the Android operating system.

The difference between the boxes is in the hardware, Much like all Samsung phones run on the same operating system but some have faster chips etc  that affect the performance of the phone.

We will be looking at a range of boxes that cater to all budgets. It is important to note that even the most affordable of Android TV boxes has 2GB of RAM which is considered quite quick.

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Best Android TV Boxes  Amazon



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Having Analyzed an Amazon TV box Before, I expected a Great Deal from this TV Too and boy was I impressed.

This T box in Amazon appears like an extremely large Flashdrive having an HDMI connector hanging around the sides.

As soon as it’s OS 5.0 Lollipop is not really current, its own 802.11ac Wi-Fi guarantees an extremely dependable streaming and quick downloads. Additionally, it applies an 8GB ROM and 1GB of Memory.



While seeing the menu on the Screen, it’s observable that the chip has made the Stick very quickly as everything I attempted loaded fast.

The Stick also offers a wonderful Voice helper – Alexa that may let you know that the weather report, information and some other helpful details.

Interestingly, you could even control Alexa to bypass your movies or even rewind them and she’s doing it happily.

I had a great deal of fun playing this attribute really.

The flame TV stick additionally supports the Dolby Digital also With the ideal audio systems, I really loved it.

The video playback is also notable as I attempted to play an assortment of movies on it played with the 480p and 720p flawlessly although it lagged a bit when enjoying 4K using it.



The only feature I dislike about the Stick is the 8 GB storage can’t be increased so there’s a limitation to what you are able to save at one time.

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Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player
Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player

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Amazon is a business most of us know due to their excellence and uniqueness. But, I wasn’t really sure of what to anticipate from their Amazon Fire Streaming Media Player, As I did not really know the business for a terrific producer of apparatus.

Surprisingly, I could not feel the high image quality that this apparatus delivered, which left me hopeful of becoming amazed further, about the Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player, I really enjoyed watching movies in 4K and 1080p Ultra HD.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa


This Android TV box includes the amazing Amazon Alexa on the remote which can make life much simpler.

With this voice control feature, you will have the ability to command your TV box in an enjoyable manner.

You will only need to mention the words and Alexa will follow you.

Alexa is able to execute some typical everyday tasks any wise voice helper ought to be able to perform like placing reminders, cracking dreadful jokes and answering inquiries.

In addition, I have discovered that Alexa can fascinate you visually than studying outside as she informs the weather by revealing it to you personally.

You may prefer the recently launched Amazon Fire TV Cube which has a few more controls than the older model in our review.


Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player

Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player

The TV box includes more than 10,000 apps, a lot of matches and you’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of films and TV shows. You may literally never run out of interesting things to see.

Another wonderful feature of the Amazon Fire is a cable isn’t a requirement since you’re able to watch live stations of your choice.


This Streaming Media Participant has an extremely fantastic processing capacity that guarantees excellent speed and performance that surpasses a whole lot of other Android TV boxes on the market.


Using a 2GB RAM and an 8GB storage, then I managed to save local contents onto it. Surprisingly, the storage could be upgraded to as large as 200 gigabytes, that’s nearly the same amount of space as on my laptop’s hard drive!


Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player


The port of the gadget is also very fine as I Found as soon as I switched it on, I discovered my favourite videos onto the home screen, this saved me the stress of attempting to hunt around for my finest videos.

The entire fire TV encounter becomes far more interesting when you’ve got a prime subscription because you may enjoy unlimited access to this prime video. With the subscription, you’ll find a pass to observe tens of thousands of movies and series.

You’ll also have access to a good deal of quality stations and you won’t have the requirement to subscribe to some other movie or station supplier.

Personally, the sole Negative attributes I discovered about this merchandise from the short time I Ran it through a few tests is that this TV Box will market Amazon content broadly that may be annoying sometimes.

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Additionally, the Remote doesn’t arrive with Volume controls to the TV which usually means you Have to have your TV remote on standby if you would like to decrease or increase the quantity.

Finally, I discovered that this box also needs a separate adapter to connect to your router.

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Best Android TV Box  (Streaming)


SkyStream TWO Streaming Media Player
SkyStream TWO Streaming Media Player

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I was super excited to test this box as the SkyStream One was an excellent android TV box & It took some time for SkyStream to release this new box.

The SkyStream Two box includes several remarkable features, and that I believe my opinion concerning the manufacturer radically altered after I used this product and I would consider it to be up there with one of the best Android TV boxes on the market.

The android TV box Has an android version of 7.1.2 Nougat, therefore it had a huge assortment of applications that let me flow effortlessly.

I managed to watch unique shows online without needing to cover any cable supplier.

Along with streaming, I was also able to download and then set up hundreds of apps in the Google play store, which I found really intriguing.

One of the amazing features that made me adore the Skystream two is that link for your TV is completely straightforward.

All I had to have was an HDMI cable as soon as it had been attached, I had access to unlimited contents out of CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC and plenty of other excellent channels, besides viewing TV shows and fascinating films.


SkyStream TWO Streaming Media Player
SkyStream TWO Streaming Media Player


Moreover, together with all the 3GB RAM of this SkyStream TWO, I’d A great gaming experience with this TV, and if you’re a gamer like me, this really is something which may catch your attention.

In any case, on account of this 3GB RAM, I managed to see 4K UHD movies that considerably improved my TV watching experience.

The very first time I used this gadget, I was wowed with its incredible picture quality.

With this particular apparatus, you can get to utilize Youtube, Netflix, and other excellent streaming solutions.

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Naturally, whenever I imagined how a streaming media player looked like, I always pictured a rectangular or flat square in my head, but I was extremely surprised when I saw the Nvidia’s traditional design, which is a beautiful combination of lines crisscrossing and unique angles.

The Nvidia Shield looks so much different than every other android boxes I have seen, I just could not wait to unbox it and run my tests.


The Nvidia Shield TV has amazing 4K HDR graphics and voice command function, which made me get a lot of quality from this device.

The Nvidia Shield TV is really easy to set up. All I had to do was plug it, then set it up with a google account, which was easy to do with the aid of my android phone.

In addition, this apparatus comes with the 7.0 Nougat OS which enables me to navigate and access apps easier and faster.

Another feature I really admired in this product is the Shield 5.0 update which replaced the last Hub app and the Amazon video app that gave me unlimited access to lots of movies and TV shows.

As we all know, Netflix is one of the best providers of video streaming services today and in as much as it supports Ultra High Definition video playback, not all devices are given the privilege to be able to view Netflix but Nvidia is given the permission to play Netflix contents.

Another good feature of the Shield TV is its 3GB RAM which basically makes games run smoothly.

The only problem I have with the Nvidia TV is that the universal remote may not work with it because the device doesn’t have an IR receiver.


The Nvidia Shield TV Streaming Media Player can perform as a gaming system that allows you to play both android games and games that are with qualities of the personal computer.

The Nvidia Shield also allows you to play games with an entirely new gamepad which according to the manufacturers have about 60 hours of battery life.

I really haven’t used the pad 60 hours straight so I can’t really say if it really lasts that long because the controller turns itself off after some time in order to conserve power.


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I enjoy testing new things, Maybe that was why I could not wait to get my hands with this TV box. The Minix Neo U9 is an android TV box using a 64-bit Quad-core 1.5GHz chip.

This box also includes a 2GB RAM and an android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS that enables you to download and install apps and games in your Google APP store.

The Minix Neo U1 is a device Which Allows you to surf the Online And enjoy streaming free of buffering provided there’s a great online connection.

It’s a 4k ultra HD movie which plays at 60 frames per minute. Its video quality is very clear and I was able to see videos of 1080p with no difficulties.



Moreover, the Minix Neo Is a really quiet apparatus.

It makes no sound whatsoever while running I had been in time wondering when I had been using an Android TV box from my experience, many Android TV boxes have a tendency to generate some noises if using it and it may ruin the whole experience of utilizing the media flow participant.

Additionally, the Minix Neo assists in conserving electricity Prices since it goes into power-saving mode if you don’t use it after a very long moment.

It includes an external antenna which beats all its counterparts with inner wifi receptors.

Truth be told, viewing the Antennas first time almost set me off because I have always favoured my TV boxes without observable receptors but with my own experience with it, I couldn’t help but marvel in its wireless connectivity functionality.

Finally, the item was made in a manner in which the use is extremely simple to grasp and the majority of the characteristics to take little if any opportunity to learn.

I had no difficulty getting used to the characteristics of this device whatsoever as the port was designed to suit everyone.



After analyzing A while I had problems connecting it with devices using the Bluetooth.

Without using an outside antenna, the apparatus loses connection whenever they Are approximately 2 feet beside the box.

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This defeats the entire Bluetooth Empowered experience they’re attempting to sell, and the Minix doesn’t Flow Youtube and Amazon Prime in HD.

This turned me off a whole lot but Perhaps a few other folks will not mind.

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Matricom is a fairly reputable company, perhaps, that was the reason behind my eagerness to test this TV box from them.

Running on Android 7.1 Nougat OS, the Matricom G-box Q3 comes with the new AmLogic S905 processor and the Mali-450 Octo Quad- Core graphics processor. With the two fast processors, I was able to zap through apps quickly.

The 2 GB RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage the Matricom possess also makes it amazing.

You also have the option of adding an additional 32 gigabyte of storage with an SD card so there is virtually enough space for you to save your favorite songs locally.

I didn’t bother to use an external SD card since its internal space contained all I wanted to put on it.




Furthermore, setting up the G-Box Q3 was quite easy for me as all I needed was HDMI cable to connect it to my TV.

During the first set up of the device, you’ll be walked through virtually everything so you really won’t miss your steps.

Additionally, the device comes with a launcher that was specially designed for Matricoms.

On its menu, you will find Themes, Music, Apps and other things that might be of interest to you and all you have to do is just click.

The device also updates itself automatically although you can also check if there are newer updates in the settings too.




On the G-box, Kodi is not installed on it from the manufacturer but there is a Kodi icon on the start screen which allowed me to install and uninstall the Kodi as I liked.

Another feature I really love is the fact that it has 2 USB ports that allow you to connect accessories to it easily.

You can connect your gamepads, your Mouse, your external storage to it.

I tested different video formats like the 720p and the 1080p on it and it performed beautifully well but sadly, it failed to play 4K effortlessly.

Within the first 15 seconds of playing 4K, you will notice a break in the overall experience; the audio does not match the video and video freezing.

Coupled with the 4K issue, this box only has 2.0 USB ports so they are not really fast and you might not enjoy the speed of connecting other accessories.

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4. Zidoo Z9S

Zidoo Z9S TV Box
Zidoo Z9S TV Box

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The Zidoo Z9S TV Box is a beautifully designed, elegant box with the top made of a smooth white plastic which is driven by a Quad-Core processor, with 4K and 2GB RAM, which I think you will like.


Zidoo Z9S TV Box
Zidoo Z9S TV Box


The Zidoo Z9s has an android version of 7.1 which performs superbly.

The box is already rooted and you will be able to run key mapping applications on it.

It also allows you to download lots of apps on the google play store without having to bother about lagging or hanging of the device.

Its user-friendly interface allowed me to find the contents they enjoy the most as you can browse the web, stream your music and videos in a matter of seconds.


Zidoo Z9S TV Box
Zidoo Z9S TV Box


You can also enjoy 4K streaming on the Zidoo, the really good thing about this device is that it can stream youtube in 4K as almost all the Android TV boxes cannot Stream Youtube in 4K.

Compared to the 2.0 USB ports some other devices come with, the box comes with a 3.0 USB port which gives you the advantage of running activities faster with them if you need to.

Additionally, Kodi does not come pre-installed on the Zidoo H6 which gives you the freedom to install and uninstall as you wish.

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5. Rveal Media TV [Out Of Stock]


The Rveal Media TV tuner is an Android TV box that will never bore you.

You will never have to pay for any cable or satellite with this device as once you pay once, you will enjoy one of the best collections of live channels like Cartoon Network, CNN, NBC, Fox, CBS, ESPN, Food Network and my personal favorite- Comedy Central.

Access to premium networks HBO, Epix, TMC and showtime. Channels from around the world are not also exempted from the package.

Rveal Media is very easy to set up. I only needed to connect the device through the HDMI port. Immediately I turned it on, I started enjoying seamless content via streaming provided you have an internet connection.

The Quad-core processor that powers this device means that when you are streaming a video of high quality like 1080p you will not have to endure lagging or buffering provided you have a good internet connection.

Because the Rveal Media runs the Android OS 7.1 Nougat, the device allowed me to download and install virtually any app on the google play store.

With hundreds of thousands of apps at my fingertips, I could basically turn my TV into a somewhat large Tablet. Making video calls on my TV was made possible with the Rveal Media and it is nothing short of awesomeness.



This fantastic Android TV box also features an Air mouse, a keyboard and a voice command.

With the air mouse, I was able to click and move around my TV easily while the keyboard allowed me to search everything I wanted to search for on the web or across the hundreds of applications in real-time.

Finally, the manufacturers of this gadget give customers a certain level of assurance on the quality of their product as they have a warranty on the product.

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There’s no doubt that SkyStream put out an amazing Android TV box with the SkyStream Two.

If I had one thing to fault them for it’s that it is a little pricey. I would have liked to see the box at closer to the $160-$170 price range rather than the $200 price range.

That being said, you’re getting a lot of support and hand-holding for that price, so it’s not all bad.

The performance of the box is excellent and I can’t overstate how easy it is to find and watch content using the SkyStream Media Center.

If you’ve already got a SkyStream One, upgrading to the SkyStream Two isn’t going to give you that much better of an experience.

That’s not a knock on the Two, but a testament to how good the SkyStream One was.

If you’re looking for an amazing new TV box, then either the SkyStream Two OR NVIDIA Shield is highly recommended.


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