16 Best Movie & TV Apps for Android

TV Apps for Android

The best movie &  TV apps for Android all free…

Time to cut your cable subscription, stream live TV & watch your favorite movies & tv shows right in the palm of your hand!

One of the best features of using your smartphone or tablet is that they are portable entertainment boxes you can take wherever you go.

Along with all hundreds of things you can do with your smartphone, you can also watch live TV channels or keep up with the news on the go with Android TV apps.

Many free streaming services offer apps to view TV on mobile devices. Google Play Store is loaded with apps for streaming live Television channels and TvFix Streaming Device.

A Lot of Us automatically associate the Phrase Movie Together with the Title of YouTube.

Mobdro and ShowBox are excellent streaming video & TV apps that offer users the chance to observe a whole variety of content including entertainment, news, and music videos, as well as recommended videos based on your own choices.

Many popular TV stations do Livestream straight on Youtube. If you’re looking for Movies & TV shows you should check out the ShowBox App.

You can find a free subscription to your favourite stations to keep tabs on what’s fresh, create playlists, watch across various devices, add comments, and share with friends.

Users may also use a Chromecast-enabled app Like AllCast or even MegaCast to flow content.

You can do it from your mobile device or PC into a TV or audio system and control the playback of Internet-streamed content, or mirror articles in the Google Chrome browser in the screen of an Android apparatus.

The following free TV apps can also use Android tv box and smart TVs, for truly awesome viewing experience!

Note: Some of the apps need to access content from your supported TV content provider.

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Kodi - android home theatre app
Kodi – Android Home Theatre App

Kodi is a hugely popular app that acts as a software media player and central location hub. It has a graphical user interface that’s fairly easy to navigate.

Once you have set up Kodi it enables users to conveniently view videos as well as photos, podcasts, and music options.

It’s important to know that this app doesn’t offer actual content, so you’ll need to provide your own content, find stream links or download modules.

Alternatively, you can install a third-party video plugin like  Exodus on Kodi for free content from official content provider websites, with an unlimited choice of TV channels, shows, and movies.



If you are a fan of a few of the most popular ABC shows out there, this could be an excellent option for you.

This ABC app allows you to stream complete episodes from a huge variety of content like TV shows like Dancing with the Stars, Modern Family, and Gray’s Anatomy, as well as light entertainment such as Jimmy Kimmel.

You can see classics such as Ugly Betty or Body of Proof, or even Binge-watch complete seasons of something new with ABC’s Original content.

Live TV is also offered including the latest news or mainstream events such as the Oscars (accessible with engaging TV providers only).



SPB TV is a free application Which Allows you to watch more than 200 TV stations in multiple languages.

The interface is very user-friendly, from which you can quickly scroll through the channel list and mark a few as favorites for faster access.

It is unquestionably one of the best choices for you to flow online TV onto your mobile device or stream on to your TV screen using Chromecast

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With the NBC app, you can freely watch your local NBC station live as Well as a selection of TV episodes, such as the latest ones for a new series.

Use the username and password from the TV provider, and in case you don’t own a content provider, you will still be able to unlock new episodes eight days after their TV airings.

You can also utilize Chromecast to throw Content from your smartphone or tablet to a TV as well.

Content includes classics like Battlestar Galactica and Knight Rider though to reveals that include That is Us, Chicago Justice, and others.



HBO Now is the free app form the renowned TV channel. With HBO Now you Have access to every one of HBO’s original series directly from the smartphone.

Intuitive and easy to use app that will provide you access to all of your favorite HBO TV episodes and series with an easy tap.

You are able to check the service free for 30 days and after that, you will have to pay $14.99 a month if you would like to continue with the tv service.



Just as its title suggests, this one is targeted at history enthusiasts And offers history series clips and episodes.

It is free to use, but you can also access more content if your TV supplier is supported.

Characteristics of this app comprise a customized favorite displays watchlist, and there’s a wealth of content using new material being frequently added.

Only Some of the many shows on offer will be The Curse of Oak Island, Ice Road Truckers, Vikings, Ozzy, and Jack’s World Detour, Ax Men, and Large Easy Motors. Among the highlights of this History app is access to exclusive show clips that have not been seen on TV before.



If you enjoy Asian string and novels, this is the best form of application.

The Viki is powered by the community of fans and the material is interpreted into over 150 languages.

Viki offers quite different articles, specializes in oriental shows and movies.

The material is a mix of live TV with on-demand service and includes the original audio. Subtitles can be found in a number of languages for almost every program.



If you have kids, or maybe are just a big kid yourself, the Cartoon Network app is a good option.

A nice complement to this app is the opportunity to see some episodes until they have aired on TV.

There is plenty else to Pick from with offerings such as The Wonderful World of Gumball, Clarence, Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans Proceed to name Only a few.

Seeing full-length episodes does not require a login, and you can Watch episodes which are not marked with a key straight away.

Alternatively, by providing your TV provider info, you might even watch episodes using a secret.

An additional feature is the option of a custom mix personalized video depending on the ratings you have given so far.



Crackle provides a record of great movies and collection from Sony Pictures.

They upgrade its catalogue each month and you can see the contents at no price.

Obviously, for this reason, users will visit a few ads during the exhibition program. Crackle’s original series will also be available at no cost.



ShowBox App
ShowBox App

Show Box is an application for Android to watch movies and series via streaming free.

An alternative to Popcorn Time and paid services like Netflix and HBO

Contrary to the other apps so far this one Isn’t accessible through the Google Play Store.

Alternatively, you’ll need to use the download link supplied below and download the latest app APK for Showbox.

Complete instructions for how to do this are available below, and once you’ve finished the moderately easy procedure, you can quickly watch a wide variety of movies & TV shows, all with no obligations or subscription fees. Additional content has been added all of the time, and it is always great to understand, as this is arguably the best tv app for Android along-side Kodi!



Though Wondershare is a media player, You May Also add channel Lists to help in the application.

The listing has to be downloaded (a document in .xml) and imported into the app.

Additionally, you may also send videos and music from the smartphone to your TV over WiFi.

The application works well, no crashes, but not all channels are available 24 hours a day.


12. MOBDRO🔥 Hot Fav

Again, this one Isn’t accessible from the Play Store but you can download it like an apk.

Mobdro provides totally free video streaming that is sourced from throughout the internet.

You can locate content from TV stations around the world in many languages and on many subjects like sports, movies and much more.

If you want to recommend a video or share it with a buddy you can do this with just one click.

Mobdro has a Fantastic interface and also features bookmarks so that you can easily organize and filter your streams.

An upcoming feature which will be available with a superior version is the capability of downloading streams and watching them offline at your convenience.



Ustream is a mix of live tv and YouTube. It is ideal for sports enthusiasts, but also for those who are trying to find some initial transmission.

It permits you to follow applications of different kinds in categories, all readily accessible.

Additionally, it offers the option to upload your own videos and discuss them with others.



This Play Store app Features TV episode HD streaming of many popular CBS shows, only the day when they first air.

CBS features a primetime schedule as well as personalized playlists that you can continue watching across devices.

Content includes many favorites such as The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, and these vibrant’Carpool Karaoke’ minutes in the Late Late Show with James Corden.

Though the free CBS app has lots to offer, you can get even more Using a paid subscription.

You are able to try out CBS All Access free and pay only $5.99 a month then, and this will get you access to thousands of more episodes in addition to live TV events like the Grammys.

As an alternative, you can upgrade to a payment of $9.99 monthly to the CBS All Access Commercial Free plan.



Popcorn Time regularly scours the web to Discover a catalogue of content And streams films and TV shows in HD (such as subtitles) to various devices.

The app can also install Mac and Windows apparatus. You’ll require a decent Internet connection to see specific content as many times as you need, all for free without any download time.

Download Version 3.6.4 for Android


16. IMDb Movies & TV Apps

No, it does not let you view TV channels from the android. But, It supplies a huge database where you can search for updated info on TV series and films.

You can understand the blockbusters of recent decades or those coming in the next months, have a peek at the throw of Game of Thrones, understand the plots of any TV series ever aired, watching photos and remain current on the latest television news.



All these Free TV apps will help you to keep up with all of your preferred films and TV shows when you can not be in front of your TV.

When It’s The latest news, cop shows, mild entertainment, comedies, or an activity Movie to get your teeth into, there’s something for everybody with an Enormous assortment of articles available.

If you use an Android TV apps that You think is well worth a mention, tell us about that also in the comments section below. cheers!

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