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You’ve got countless options to convert MKV to MP4 online for free. Still, you may think about which tool should you go with?

Also, we know your major concerns. Many users often end up with low-quality or distorted quality videos while converting from MKV to MP4. Don’t worry! We won’t let this happen to you ever. Also, we’ve checked out numerous ones before publishing this blog. So, you get honest reviews only.

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When do you need MKV to MP4 converter?

You may be looking out for an MKV to MP4 converter for many possible reasons. Maybe you’ve received a file from your friend in MKV format & you must convert it to MP4 to view.

Moreover, it is possible that you’ve downloaded a movie in MKV format & now you want to watch it after converting to MP4. Whatever your reason is, the only solution is to find & use the best MLV to MP4 converter.

We are here with handpicked, tried & tested Video converter options to ease your life. So, are you ready to explore them out?

Before we jump over some excellent ways to Convert MKV to MP4 files, let’s have a quick overview. We’ll share a few tips on converting MKV videos to MP4 without compromising on quality.

Here you go!

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How to convert MKV Videos to MP4 faster & without losing quality?

MKV is a legit format for high-quality movies & TV episodes; it is still not supported by many modern devices. So, you need to hunt for a good MKV to MP4 video converter that does the job well.

We’re sharing an instance of Wondershare Video Converter. It will help you out in converting MKV to MP4 in amazing quality instantly.

Follow the steps below to download high-quality MP4 videos converted from MKV files.

  1. Add your MKV file to Wondershare.

Download & run Wondershare. Add MKV files to the folder & a pop-up window will appear. Click on the desired MKV file you want to convert to MP4. Hit on Open for loading the MKV codec file.

  1. Select desired output format (MP4 here)

Go to Video > MP4. Select the same resource, which ensures you’ll convert this video without losing quality.

  1. Initiate conversion from MKV to MP4

Click on Start All button that you see at the bottom-right of your screen. It will start converting your file to MP4. As the app finishes converting your video, go to the Finish tab & grab your MP4 in original resolution. So, it’s this simple.

The awesomeness of Wondershare isn’t limited to this. Besides downloading high-quality MP4, you can also convert MKV to MP4 in batches. Additionally, you can convert Remux MKV videos into MP4 format in few steps only. Isn’t it convenient?

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Which are the best options to Convert MKV to MP4 Mac?

There are two ways to convert MKV to MP4.

  1. Wondershare

First things first, you can use Wondershare itself for Mac & Windows both. You’ll be excited to explore its lossless conversion capabilities. Moreover, it supports the conversion of MOV, MP4, VOB, and a whopping number of 1000+ media formats.

So, if you own a Mac with OS X 10.6 or the latest versions, you can easily perform conversions. Make MKV display possible to view on iPhone, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc. by converting it into MP4.

  1. MacX Video Converter Pro

Secondly, if you want to try something other than Wondershare, go for MacX Video Converter Pro. It’s an all-rounder tool to achieve extraordinary compatibility of formats like MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, etc. Moreover, it supports 320+ audio & video formats.

Thus, you enjoy QuickTime and iTunes besides editing videos through iMovie and Final Cut Pro. In a nutshell, it is your dream converter for Mac. But, its only drawback is its expensiveness. It gets out of reach of normal users because of its high prices. Otherwise, it’s a win!

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5 Best MKV to MP4 Converters Online Free

  1. Free Convert

Do you want to download the best quality MP4 files? Go for Free Convert. It’s not just free; it’s secure too.

Free Convert
Image Source: Google
  • Click Choose Files & upload your MKV file.
  • Now, click Convert to MP4 & the conversion will begin.
  • As the status changes to Done, click on the Download MP4 button & your file is ready!

In other words, no matter what your purpose is, Free Convert never disappoints.

  1. Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert is one of the best online converters for MKV to MP4. It is extremely user-friendly. You can also set some output preferences like Video codec, audio codec, audio bitrates, etc.

cloud convert - MKV to MP4
Image Source: Google

On the contrary, you have several options to upload MKV files. You may either pick it from URL, Dropbox, Google Drive, your PC, and OneDrive. How convenient it is!

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You’re only three steps away from converting your MKV to MP4 with Cloud Convert. Check out the following steps:

  • Firstly, Click Select File & use the dropdown to select the desired location to upload the MKV file.
  • Hit the Settings icon right beside Convert to a dropdown list. Pick your output preferences & click on Okay from the bottom.
  • Make sure you’ve selected MP4 & it’s done!
  • Lastly, your MKV is converted into MP4 in minutes.

 In short, it takes a few steps to get your MP4 video file. Play and enjoy it!

  1. Convertio

Not only Convertio lets you convert MKV to MP4 files online but also helps you to be accessible anytime. In a nutshell, you can also add its extension to your Chrome for easy accessibility.

Convertio - Convert MKV to MP4 file online
Image Source: Google

Here are the steps to follow with Convertio:

  • At first, you’ll have to choose files (MKV here). However, the maximum size limit is 100MB if you don’t want to create an account.
  • Upload or Drag & Drop MKV video to convert to the MP4 version.
  • Convert the file by changing the output format. Select the desired one from 37 file formats supported here.
  • Define/Customize settings like resolution, quality, aspect ratio, etc.
  • Finally, your MP4 video is ready to download and use as you finish editing.

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  1. Free File Convert

Have you heard about this extremely feasible file conversion tool? Free File Convert is an online and complimentary tool to convert MKV files to MP4. Just select the source from where you want to upload the file, select the output format, and it’s ready!

Free File Convert
Image Source: Google

Follow these easy steps below:

  • Input file from URL, cloud, or your computer. The acceptable file size is 300MB.
  • Next, select the format to convert your file from the dropdown list. Besides MP4, you’ve got an extensive list of extensions to convert your MKV file.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the site & click on Convert.

So, your MP4 file is ready to download & play. Isn’t it simple?

  1. Convert Files

As the name suggests, Convert Files is a hassle-free MKV to MP4 video converter online. It is totally free. This means you don’t have to worry about pricing plans after free usage is over. Just upload your MKV file & convert it into MP4.

Convert Files
Image Source: Google

Let us help you out with its steps:

  • Initially, Click Browse > Local File > Upload your MKV file
  • Select the desired output format from the Output Format dropdown list. Go for MP4 in this case, as we’re here to convert MKV to an MP4 file.
  • Look for Send a download link to my Email. It is optional. If you want to access this copy later, you can send an email with the download link so you can access it anytime.
  • Finally, click convert & your MKV file will be translated into MP4.

That’s all, folks!

We hope that you find this blog useful. Don’t forget to share your experience with these file converters. We love to hear your feedback!

So, which one will you use today?

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