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How to remove password from PDF? 4 Ways to Unlock PDFs

by Naseem Kaloo
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How to remove password from PDF is a point of concern for many people.

However, it’s a hack to remove the password & access the desired PDF file. 

Essential documents like Bank Statements, Postpaid Bills, etc. are protected by passwords. Besides this, any document containing personal & sensitive details is safeguarded by passwords. 

So, what should be your take on this? Should you keep or remove passwords?

However, it is quite tricky to remember all those passwords along with your social media profile passwords, app passcodes, and so on. You’re protecting your files, intending to add a layer of security. But the receiving person may have hundreds of files like yours. 

It would be a great mess for them to enter a password every time while accessing your file.

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Key Highlights
  • PDF files are password-protected to add security.
  • You can assign passwords for PDFs to authorized persons.
  • If you don’t have passwords to open PDF, we’re here with numerous ways to unlock PDFs.

So, all you can do is remove the password while sending such important files to authoritative persons. Let’s not forget that to remove the password; you should know the password beforehand.

Do you remember changing the password on Facebook? (By the way, the procedure is similar in all social media!)

You’ll have to enter your existing password and then enter & re-enter a new password. The same process is followed here. So, would you like to know them?

Let’s confess – Our four methods to remove password from PDF online are tried and tested. Additionally, you don’t need to be technology-friendly to implement them. So, Go ahead.

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How to remove password from PDF while using Google chrome?

This is the easiest & most popular method to remove a password from a PDF file. So, you’ll only need one thing & here it is.

However, the essential requirement is to have a Google Chrome browser installed in your system. So, let’s proceed. You’re all set to unlock password protection from any PDF file then.

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Follow the steps below & you’ll remove PDF password successfully online.

  1. Open your PDF file in Google Chrome.
  • Don’t know how to do it? Right-click PDF file > Select Open > Google Chrome.
  • If you cannot see Chrome as a default option, click other & look out for Chrome as an option in the program list. As you find it, click Open.
  1. If it is the first time you’ve opened this PDF file, you’ll have to enter a password. So, you know that password is mandatory here.
  2. Enter the password & your PDF file will be unlocked. Next, you’ll have to give a print command. Press Ctrl + P. Alternatively; you may click on the Print Screen button on your keyboard. So, you just took a screenshot.
  3. Save this file in your system in PDF form.
  4. As you can see, the file you opened with Chrome is now stored in your local system as a PDF without password protection.
  5. Open the downloaded file once & you’ll no longer have to enter any password.

Tada! This method works successfully for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. So, it’s a piece of good news for you!

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Undo password for PDFs in Mac without using Safari

You don’t necessarily repeat the method mentioned above all the time. If you’re using Mac OS, here is the alternative way you should try instead of using Safari.

Have a closer look at the steps below & follow them one by one:

  1. Firstly, download the desired PDF file on your Mac.
  2. Secondly, search for the currently downloaded file. Head over to Finder > search your file > Double-Click PDF > Preview.
  3. Enter the password to open your PDF file here.
  4. If you’ve unlocked PDF, look at the navigation menu on the top. Click on File > Export as PDF > Edit File Name> Move to desired destination > click on Save.
  5. Finally, a duplicate version of your PDF file is created & can be accessed any time you want.

Do you want to download Free PDF password remover, Mac? Go for PDFelement for Mac

Withdraw password protection from PDF after opening

Here’s the stepwise guide for Removing Password from PDF using Adobe Reader.

If you’re using Adobe Acrobat DC, you can still use Google Chrome to remove your password. Well, if you want your Adobe Acrobat DC app to do it for you, be ready to purchase its full version to unlock many such fantastic features.

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You’ve got monthly & yearly subscription plans. Hence, you can only remove pdf password using Adobe Reader if you’ve purchased its complete version.

Meanwhile, let us guide you with the steps to follow once you purchase Adobe Reader Premium:

  1. Open PDF file using Adobe Reader.
  2. Enter the password
  3. As the file opens, hit the lock icon on the left panel.
  4. Go to Security Settings > Permission Details.
  5. Click on Security > change Security Settings with No Security > Click OK. This will remove your existing PDF password.
  6. Save the file by clicking File > Save or Ctrl + S.

Once you do this for any password-protected PDF file, your Adobe Acrobat DC will never ask for a password again.

It’s also great to know that you don’t have to enter a password all the time!

Delete the PDF file’s password on mobile

Your Android phone will require a third-party application from the Google Play store to remove the password from PDF in your smartphone. If you own an iPhone, you should view out for a similar app at the Apple Store. So, now you know when to do what.

You may download iLovePDF Mobile App for this. 

It’s effortless for anyone to remove password security & use PDF files as desired using this application. So, are you ready to follow some quick steps?

Here are the steps to follow after downloading iLovePDF:

  1. Signup iLovePDF using your Google Account.
  2. View Home screen > Tap on Unlock
  3. Tap on the Upload icon & you’ll have to upload the file you wish to unlock. It allows you to add files from your smartphone, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  4. Click on Unlock PDF as your file uploads. The password restriction will be permanently removed from that particular PDF file.

Everything works fine until you have the password in the first place.

What happens if you don’t remember the password? 

Will you ever be able to access PDF files without a password?

We’ve got the solution to this too!

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What to do if you forgot PDF password?

Do you want to find the simplest way to unlock PDF online without entering a password? Use Small PDF – A popular PDF Unlock Tool Online. Therefore, your PDF unlocking problems will be solved at once.

You can remove a new password from PDF with drag and drop without entering the registration or sign-up hassles. So easy.

  1. Go to Small PDF
  2. Drag and drop the locked PDF file you’ve willing to remove the password from. So convenient it is!
  3. Now, Click on Unlock PDF
  4. Hit Download

You can follow these steps endlessly to remove passwords from multiple PDF too.

That’s all, folks! So, DID YOU FIND YOUR SOLUTION?

Wrapping it up

Did you find a suitable way to unlock PDF? We’ve shown useful ways for beginners & professionals. It’s beneficial for non-technical persons too. Even if you’re removing PDF password for the first time, you can still do it smoothly.

So, what do you think about this?

Let us tell you; we’re here with this blog to help PDF file owners to get away from the troubles of re-entering passwords. We’re not encouraging unauthorized file access in anyways. 

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We’re also delighted to acknowledge that we’re coming up with such hacks that’ll ease your lives. So, stay tuned.

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