SEO Planning 101 Get To Know All About Off-Page SEO And SERP


While launching a website on the internet, the main motive of any organization or blogging site or any sole entrepreneur is to make people aware of their product or services. It could be within a specific location or all around the globe! You will get that desired result only when your webpage Off-Page SEO is visible among the search results for a particular query on a browser. 

Seeing your webpage within the first page of a search result can give you the highest level of satisfaction. It is because several studies have proven that links on the first page of a Google result receive the maximum traffic.

Now, the question is how you can achieve a position on the first page along with a higher ranking on that page. The answer to this question is SEO planning

Understanding More About SEO

Top Local SEO Agencies and their experts know best that there are two types of traffic that you can get on your webpage, one is paid traffic, and the other one is organic traffic. And, SEO mainly looks into organic traffic.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization deals with all the techniques that one should adopt to obtain a higher position on the search results organically, and not by making any payments. That includes a great deal of maintaining the best quality of content on your website.

Though there are two types of SEO – on-page and off-page, here we are going to learn about some of the off-page SEO techniques.

You can check the ranking position of your website in SERP checkers like What’s My SERP and then imply the SEO techniques mentioned below and check the difference in your ranking position.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO Strategy includes all those activities that you indulge in outside your website to bring more traffic to your webpage. These could be link building, content marketing, social media engagement, influencer outreach, etc.

Some Of The Most Effective Off-Page SEO Techniques To Follow In 2020

  • Creating share-worthy content
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Create high-quality content pieces that other blogs or sites will want to share. The more your content will be shared, the more will be its reach. It will also help you to get backlinks for other blogs that you mention your page.

  • Linking other pages to your content

Include links to other relevant websites in your page, which may help your audience. If you mention a page on your site, that page will also want to return the favor by backlinking your page in their content.

  • Social media marketing

Nowadays, everybody is on social media. So, promoting your page on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. can bring a lot of engagement to your website. Along with traffic, you will also get backlinks.

  • Guest writing and answering questions

You can write as a guest author on any popular blog or can answer questions relevant to your product and services on sites like Quora. Further, mentioning your sites on these sites and blogs can give your site quite an exposure.

  • Infographics, images, and video submission

Creating interesting infographics, images, and videos with your product or services and uploading them on popular sites. YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Flick, etc. are a great way to direct traffic to your website.

  • Social bookmarking, directory submission, and article submission

You can also go for social bookmarking, directory submission by selecting the proper category. You can also submit articles with high-quality content in any article submission directory, which has a high PR. Participating in the same community forum discussions can also get you many strong backlinks. Use forums like Flickr, bbPress, etc.

  • Influencer marketing
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Lastly, if you think that your business has enough potential and the contents you create are of high-quality, then you should definitely opt for influencer marketing. Contact an influencer who is willing to promote your product, and ask them to mention it in their videos or blogs. This kind of promotion will help you to get a lot of engagements.

Following, if not all but at least a few of these off-page SEO techniques will definitely improve your search engine ranking position or SERP.

Here is an ultimate free SERP checker tool, WhatsMySERP, which will not only help you to check your site’s ranking, but also show you the top 100 Google search results for any keyword. You can have at least ten free checks every day using this tool.

Also, you can use the daily WMS SERP Tracker to get regular updates about your site’s ranking position. This update will also help you to understand whether the techniques that you are adopting are yielding a fruitful result or not. 

This SERP checker by WMS also provides full local SEO support and WMS SERP API facility, which will give you more accurate results based on locations.


Though we have talked only about off-page SEO techniques in this article, you should always remember that only strong on-page techniques will eventually help you to get desired results. 

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