Best 14 Facebook Messenger Alternatives

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Best 14 Facebook Messenger Alternatives

Facebook Messenger is a texting and messaging application created by Facebook. It is completely free to use and I personally find it both helpful and frustrating at the same time.

But you must have a Facebook account in order to use this service.

The video calling feature in Facebook Messenger allows you to have decent quality face to face conversations with your loved ones (or anyone). It is fast and easy to make video calls anywhere in the world.

Check out the rest of the features and functions being offered by the Facebook Messenger; know when people have seen messages, make HD video calls, share snapshots and videos, live video calls, choose from thousands of stickers to make the conversation colorful, record voice messages, chat with your favorite groups, and much more.

But is it the very best messaging app? What if you don’t have nor want a Facebook account? Or maybe you’re account has been blocked and Facebook doesn’t like you any more 😉

If you are looking for some really nice Facebook Messenger alternatives, then check out our list of some genuine Facebook Messenger alternatives that maybe even better than the social media giant’s software.


1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a cross-platform communication application that except live video calling offers all types of communication and chatting services to its users, and they do it all completely ad-free and free as in you don’t pay for anything.

Personally, this is my favorite Messenger alternative and I use it a LOT!

Using this application you can enjoy real-time messaging and voice calling applications. I tend to use the latter pretty often.

You just push a button, speak into your phone, and when you release the button your voice message is automatically sent. WAY is easier and faster than texting!

And you can even do face-to-face live chat as well. It’s pretty simple as long as you have a connection strong enough and fast enough for the video data transfer.

WhatsApp has gain popularity because of its group creation system. Here the users can create groups that are similar to the Facebook group pages, only you don’t have to “friend” anyone to use this.

If you are looking for an instant messaging application for exchanging messages without having to pay for a single SMS data transfer or even for the audio and video calls, then the WhatsApp the best choice for making free calls and sending free messages. Works on Android and iPhone.

This is due to the fact that all you need is an internet connection. So a free wi-fi hot spot is good enough to use any of the features. You do NOT need to have a cellular data plan. An internet connection of any kind is good enough. This really is my personal favorite and I highly recommend you use it.

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2. Line

Here comes another “best in class” communication application that is going to make your communication life easy and more professional.

Either use it for holding interviews or meetings or use it simply as a mean for communication with your friends and beloved ones, LINE is there to deliver its services in all these sections.

The best about this application is the availability of endless avatars and games that will make your communication with your friends even more colorful and full entertainment.

What is more special in this application is that you can use this application for making calls to international landline and mobile numbers at very affordable rates.

Moreover, all type of communication from LINE to LINE is totally free without any limitation. You can send free one on one and group text to friends anytime, anywhere.

From my experience, Line is huge in Asia, not so much in the west though.

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3. Skype

skype websiteSkype is a partial free calling and messaging application using which you can make free calls and send free messages to your friends and family members. If you want to make calls to landline and mobile numbers then Skype also has a system for that.

In fact, if you need a way to use SMS, video chat, etc… for business, then this is really what you should be using. I use SMS messages to increase sales for my marketing business. And with Skype’s video chat and ability to call an actual landline, it really is the best app listed here for any sort of business looking for VOIP services.

Now it is very easy and simple to start a chat or call with your other Skype friends. The international call rates for Skype are also very low and affordable.

If you want to enjoy more subsidized call rates for international landline and mobile numbers then you are advised to get the subscription of the country where you make the calls frequently. The subscribed users of Skype even get more economical rates.

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Some of the features and functions of the Skype are free calls and chatting from Skype to Skype, group video calls system, instant messaging, call phone numbers, file attachment system and much more.

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4. KakaoTalk Messenger

With millions of regular users across the globe, this multiplatform messenger is leading over the most of the renowned messenger and VoIP applications and software.

Up to some extent, free chatting, free video & voice calls are part of this application. You can even use dreamscene video wallpaper.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the multimedia messaging as well that is considered to be must-have part of any VoIP and messaging application.

In the chatting section, you will enjoy one to one chatting and even with an unlimited number of friends at the same time and across the globe.

The multimedia messaging system will make you able to send each and everything like photos, notes, voice messages, location and much more.

KakaoTalk Messenger is also one of the best ways to make the calls and messages around the clock around the world.

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5. HipChat

Well, the best about this communication application is that it will make you able to make a private group chat, video chat and message to any of your friend using HipChat.

This app is basically designed for the teams and group-based friends but at the same time can be used by the individuals for personal reasons as well.

Use HipChat and enjoy the supercharge real-time collaboration with your friends. The chatting here is also supported by chat rooms where you will be able to enjoy the services of screen sharing and file sharing.

From desktop PCs to smartphones, HipChat is available for almost all platforms so don’t worry about missing any part of communication at all.

The best about HipChat is that various other leading communication application is integrated into it so there are no compatibility issues with other applications at all.

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6. WeChat

WeChat is the name of a popular, better and user-friendly communication application. It is simple enough that anyone can use easily and versatile enough to deliver you the industry level features and functions.

This free to use messaging and calling application will allow you to easily connect with friends and family across the globe.

This all in one communication application is offering its services in SMS, MMS, voice calling, video calling, photo sharing and game playing. You can play games with your friends as well.

In addition to making free calls from WeChat to other WeChat users, you can enjoy the calling at landline and mobile numbers as well at very economical rates.

Multimedia messaging is not a big deal here, WeChat allows its users to create group chats with up to five hundred people and group calls up to nine people simultaneously.

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7. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a real-time conversation application for keeping in touch with friends all the time.

This real-time communication application allows its users to start a free voice or video calls and hops on a conversation with one person or even a group.

You can share your files and pictures with them as well.

Messaging here is simply outclassed that is best for one on one conversation or group chatting with the whole gang.

The inclusion of emojis, photos, gifs, wallpapers and maps will make the chatting even more colorful and remarkable.

As Google Hangouts is available for almost all devices so you can sync the chatting from device to device and keep the conversations going wherever you are.

Anytime you can turn your chatting into free video conversation with just one tap. These are the advantages of using this communication application.

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8. GroupMe

groupme appGroupMe is basically a group text messaging application for almost all smartphone devices. When it comes to one on one and group chatting then GroupMe is simply the best alternative of the Facebook Messenger.

Despite the fact, it is offering free group messaging but still, it is like a private chatting where you will be provided a private chat room for your group.

You can add as many friends into the group as you want and it will be free without any limitations or restrictions at all.

By way of this, you can freely coordinate and communicate with your workers and team members all the time. You can use it for simply chatting with your friends as well from your smartphone or desktop application of GroupMe.

If you want to send a message to anyone in your contact then simply add that in GroupMe and start sending SMS.

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9. ooVoo

ooVoo is free to use video calling and instant messaging application that is fully compatible with almost all devices. ooVoo will make you able to use it either for one on one communication or chat to call with up to twelve people for free anytime and anywhere.

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Currently, it has millions of regular users across the globe so it is everywhere and you can expect the global conversation by way of this application. It’s free to download on BlackMart Alpha.

Check out what you can do by using this application; highest quality group video calling, talk up to 12 people at a time, calling option on landline and mobile numbers, text messaging, live YouTube streaming with friends, leave a message for friends, send video messages, and much more.

In short, this alternative of Facebook will also make your communication life very simple.

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10. X-Lite

X-Lite is an SIP-based video and voice calling and messaging application whose presence is almost in all countries of the world. X-Lite is there to make you able seamlessly transition from a traditional phone environment into the world of VoIP.

In addition to offering its own great communication services, X-Lite is loaded with the best and most popular software features including voices and video calls, messaging and presence.

Whether you are having a simple voice conversation with a business associate or an in-depth discussion with your friend over video, you will get both solutions when using X-Lite.

In order to use X-Lite, you are required to follow anyone condition from the two conditions that either you have a SIP-enabled IP PBX or access to an internet service provider.

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11. Zinc

zinc app websiteZinc, previously known as Cotap is a secure mobile communicating application that is basically used for enterprise messaging, voice and video for workers.

By using this application you will be able to join text messaging, voice calling, video calling, one-click group chatting & calling, location sharing, walkie talkie, and much more.

Zinc is widely available for desktop and Android mobile devices. It is designed for IT control and management and aimed to be secure, compliant and easy to administer. Use Zinc and keep everyone in the loop and increase accountability.

Use it for making groups for departments, projects, office locations or anything your team needs to coordinate around.

You can also see when message is delivered and who’s seen them in real-time. With video calling and VoIP system from desktop to mobile, you can enjoy face to face conversations wherever you are.

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12. iMessage

iMessage is a messaging service by Apple for its iDevices users. iMessage is a little different from the default messaging and SMS service of Apple. iMessage are texts, photos or videos that you send to iOS devices and Mac over Wi-Fi or cellular data networks.

These messages appear in blue text bubbles. Anytime the iDevices users can turn simple messages into iMessage setting and vice versa. iMessage is a way to share anything even documents and photos with other iOS and Mac users by way of Wi-Fi or internet access. It can even be used as a simple reminder app.

You can say it the alternative of the standard SMS and MMS messaging of iOS. All iMessage messages are encrypted and can be tracked using delivery receipts.

If the receiver will read the message, the notification for reading the message will appear as seen in the messaging area.

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13. Viber

viber websiteHere comes another messaging and calling application by the name of Viber that will make you able to enjoy free calling, messaging and picture sharing with any Viber user. It can be accessed from any desktop and mobile operating system.

By using this application the users can exchange images, audio and video messages for free. All type of activities from Viber to Viber users are totally free, however, there are some charges for calling at international and local landline and mobile numbers.

There is no registration and invitations required at all. It will instantly integrate with your own contact list.

If you are using the best quality Wi-Fi or 3G internet connection, you will be able to enjoy the best mobile calls. In short, Viber is also the best option that you can use as an alternative to the messenger.

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14. Blackberry Messenger (Now Closed Since May 31st)

The name suggests that this app is a messaging application for the BlackBerry OS, but in fact, it is also available for the iOS, Windows Phone and Android smartphones as well.

It is just like Facebook Messenger that you can use as a mean for communication and conversation.

The best about Blackberry Messenger is its privacy and security where all of your conversations will remain safe and secure.

It will make you able to chat and share with speed and control the speed and privacy at the same time. These two new features of the Blackberry Messenger will give you more control.

You can now set a timer to control how long contacts can view messages and pictures shared by you and anytime you can retract messages to remove from BBM chat.


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