5 Of The Best WiFi Adapters For Your Computer

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There are some items that are technology-focused that are more important in your home than your computer and a good Internet connection.

Regardless of how budget-friendly or expensive your computer may be, maintaining a solid Internet connection is a vital portion of staying connected to what is going on in the world.

If you have a computer that is missing a built-in WiFi connection, with many older machines that don’t, there is an extensive range of USB Wi-Fi adapters to choose from online.

Whether you are browsing the Web, playing games or streaming Netflix, there are a number of adapters to choose from.

Here is a list showing the best wifi adapter for your needs and the more popular models to choose from.

1. The Net-Dyn USB Wireless AC1200 WiFi Adapter

The Net-Dyn USB Wireless AC1200 WiFi AdapterCompatible with Mac and Windows computers, the Net-Dyn dual-band USB wireless WiFi adapter is one of the better choices to add WiFi to your computer, with 5GHz and 2.4GHz capabilities, the Net-Dyn is able to cover and reach up to 100 yards, while at the same time offering one of the fastest connection speeds.

This adapter can reach a speed of up to 300Mbps, along with the 802.11n connectivity that guarantees a purchase that is future-proofed.

Supported by the WLAN routers, this offers WPA or WPA2 or WEP connectivity options, that means the Net-Dyn will work with any of the Internet providers based all over the U.S.



2. The Panda PAU06 Wireless

Released in the year 2014, this adapter has maintained a 4.2 star rating on Amazon, due to its stellar performance and attractive price tag.

Upgrading computers to a future-friendly 802.11n standard translates into a maximum data-rate which can reach 300Mbps on a connection.

In addition, the backward compatibility with an 802.11g on the 2.4GHz band maintains stable connections with your Internet service provider.

You can find a good wifi compatibility chart here https://www.tech21century.com/eero-vs-netgear-orbi-wifi-mesh-comparison/

Using a low-power technology, the Panda works silently in the background, without taking up much of your battery on your laptop.

In addition to the battery, the WPS button works on quickly connecting a computer and the PAU06. The Panda can be used with Mac OS and Windows 10, along with several Linux systems.

The security standards are state-of-the-art which offers peace-of-mind through the 128bit WEP, WPA and the WPA encryption standards.

Asus USB-AC68 wifi adapter contents of box3. The Asus USB-AC68

With the unique dual-winged design, this is rated as one of the better WiFi adapters currently on the market.

It features external, foldable antennas that provides an enhanced reception when it comes to laptops when open along with easy portability and transportation when closed.

The Asus provides exceptional speed and range using a powerful 3X4 MIMO multiple-out and multiple-in, antenna technologies.

The dual 3-position external antennas pair to the internal antenna that offers a versatile long-range connectivity.

It works off 2.4GHz and the 5GHz band, the Asus can tackle all types of bandwidth-intensive tasks.

TRENDnet TEW 809UB wifi adaptor4. The TRENDnet TEW 809UB

The 4-antenna design of the TEW 809UB adapter, might appear to be too much for certain buyers, yet it has so much to offer.

This powerful antenna provides high-end features like beamforming technology which excels when it comes to handling various Internet users which are all connected simultaneously without having to worry about an interference in network performance.

These antennas can be adjusted independently, meaning you can move each one around, to increase the range in your workplace or home.

This adapter is more than capable of offering speeds of 1300Mbs on the 802.11ac standard and up to 600Mbs on an 802.11n standard.

While it may look like a router, the range that it offers is a rival to a few routers, meaning you are guaranteed on over 100 yards in distance before the signal degrades.

5. The TP-Link T1U

Released in the later part of 2015, this USB adapter is one of the more compact choices, at just the right price.

This 5GHz-only option, the TP-Link omits a 2.4GHz band, yet still offers a speed of up to 433Mbps, using the future-proofed 802.11ac standard.

In addition, the T1U omits a faster USB 3.0 transfer speed that is commonly featured in the options that are more expensive, yet the main focus is more on the data-transmission speeds.

This smaller dongle means there is minimal hits to a range, which means staying close to a wired modem/router or a wireless will provide maximum performance.

And there you have it, Team Touchdroid’s top 5 picks for the best wifi adapters for your computer.

If you have one that’s not on the list and think it rocks, let us know in the comments below and we will grab it and see how that one does as well.