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Blackmart Alpha is an independent market for Android applications just like the Google Play Store.

All that you find on Google Play Store will be surely available at the independent application platform of Blackmart Alpha.

The difference between Blackmart Alpha and Google Play Store is that in Blackmart Alpha there is no need to have an account or any other formalities as there is no registration.

From normal applications to games and APK, Blackmart Alpha is a great source for all of them.

However, it is not the only platform that is being used for that purpose. Below are those applications that can be used in place of Blackmart Alpha.

1. Android Pit

Android Pit is the best dose for the Android smartphone users. Android Pit is a place where the Android users can find tons of applications.

The amazing thing about Android Pit is that it doesn’t deal in applications only. In fact, Android Pit is a means for getting suggestions and deals too.

Android Pit is a great source of getting apps in education, personalization, lifestyle, music & audio, entertainment, travel & local and much more.

2. AppBrain

AppBrain is the platform for almost all of those applications that you have or will see at the Google Play Store platform. AppBrain is an independent app store where Android handset users can discover new applications as well as news and alerts of upcoming releases.

You can also manage your apps and sharing your apps with others is also very simple and easy. For those of you who want to get their apps published, you can do the same here as many of the other platforms.

3. 1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market is a platform to find the applications of Google Play Store and its own developed applications as well. 1Mobile Market is the platform of almost 800,000 applications that are almost free and can be accessed directly from their Android handset.

If it is not enough then no issue. Millions of the games, wallpapers, and photos are the part of this unique app store.

4. SlideMe

SlideMe is a free and paid application platform that is widely regarded as one of the perfect alternatives to the Google Play Store. SlideMe is the app market of free and paid applications that are being contributed at this store by the thousands of independent app developers.

In addition to exploring for apps, developers can also get their apps published here.

5. Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the largest collection of Android applications that are available for all Android smartphones.

At present, Google Play Store has the record of being the largest platform of the Android applications. Android users can explore millions of free and paid applications and games here.

They are only required to have an account first, but your Google account is always free.

6. Aptoide

aptoidAptoide is an independent medium for getting Android applications. The services of Aptoide can be access by two means; either by way of visiting the official website or installing its own all-in-one application where there are tons of applications are listed.

Best of all these, Aptoide even lets the developers get their applications published here.

7. Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store is an exclusive app store for Kindle tablets apps and Android applications. With the passage of time, the market of Amazon App Store is increasing gradually.

This store was launched by Amazon to create some competition with Google Play Store.

However, still it is far away from the Google Play Store but can be used as an alternative to Blackmart Alpha.

8. GetJar

GetJar is one of the greatest and open app store for the Android operating systems that is the market of nearly one million applications that are almost for free.

The available applications at GetJar are regarding social & messaging, finance, productivity, entertainment, education, health, sports, travel, business, shopping and much more.

Games and video wallpapers are also available here. “GetJar is the biggest open appstore in the world, currently listing 959196+ apps with more than 3M downloads per day.”

9. Fossdroid

An independent Android app store that was launched with the aim of providing free and open source application for Android operating systems is none other but Fossdroid.

Fossdroid is one of the largest app store for Android operating systems only where there are apps ranging from games, system, science & education to theming, reading, writing, security, finance and much more.

10. F-Droid

F-Droid is an independent app directory for Android operating systems. Based on the system of FOSS, free and open source system, F-Droid is the great resource for finding Android applications that are , or almost are free.

There are no restrictions on getting any application; only you and a wide market of Android application where the users will find almost all applications.

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