14 Best Live Weather Wallpaper Apps – 2020 Update

Live Weather Wallpaper Apps

14 Live Weather Wallpapers and Backgrounds for the Budding Meteorologist

Live weather wallpaper on your smartphone is one of the best live wallpapers to have for either Android or iOS.

Gone are the days of taking a chance on the weather for next week’s big social event.

People rely on the thousands of available Live Weather Wallpaper applications to make their big plans.

If you own an Android smartphone, you can have daily local weather, future forecasts and even world weather as live background wallpaper.

Technology has even changed the way we deal with the weather. People are much more knowledgeable about weather patterns, shifting storm centres when a hurricane forms and what happens when a warm front meets a cold front.

Within each person using a live weather wallpaper app, lies a nascent meteorologist.

Another cool way for making wallpapers is by removing the background of an image and adding a custom backdrop.

Weather scene wallpapers of stunning sunrises or sunsets, lightning storms or other dynamic climates also come with many of these live weather wallpaper backgrounds.

Live Weather Wallpaper applications aren’t the same as regular wallpaper changing apps where the wallpaper changes automatically after a system-set amount of time or according to a setting made by the user.

These cool phone wallpapers change the display when the real-time weather conditions in your local area change.

When your region is cloudy, your weather wallpaper app on your smartphone will show you clouds.

On a sunny day, your Android smartphone displays the sun.

Technology has brought instant weather to you via new technology and your smartphone.

In addition, the Live Wallpaper apps tell the real-time temperature of your area.

The more advanced live weather smartphone apps can even give you forecasts for the next several days, information and data about future temperatures, moon phases and much more.

You can even compare the weather in different world locations with just a click. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Weather Sky Live Wallpaper

Weather Sky Live Wallpaper for Android smartphones tells you exactly what the weather is where you are.

As the weather goes from sunny to cloudy because a storm is about to arrive, the app shows you the exact weather on your phone that you are seeing in the sky.

This app receives its weather information from World Weather Online, which gives data on temperature, wind speed, when storms are coming, etc.

What took meteorologists hours and hours to determine can now be predicted by computers in a few seconds.

The feature that puts this app as one of the best is that it examines real weather in real-time.

What you see is what you get on your smartphone. Enter the hours when you want to get an update on the weather.

Check out the 32-day or night models that use all-sky elements (such as rain, wind speed, sun, snow, etc.) to determine your exact weather.




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2. 3D Weather Live Wallpaper APK

3D Weather Live Wallpaper is a terrific application. It works by the changing of weather patterns; night/day, lightning/thunder, sun/rain, etc.

Enjoy the weather live wallpaper images of a starry night, threatening grey rain clouds, clear blue cloudless skies, and brilliant days of sun.

3D Weather Live Wallpaper immediately gives you what you need to know.

It also provides you with a great display of whatever weather is occurring at the moment.



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3. Amber Weather

Amber Weather is a  Live Weather Wallpaper app that combines 3D images and the real weather to create beautiful weather backdrops on your screen.

It shows you the current temperature, animated weather scenes and many more things.

You can view a forecast for the current day or for an entire week.

The image on your phone changes to show you when the moon or the sun changes as well as sunrise and sunset images.

To get the most out of Amber, always have your GPS system turned on and all your connections activated.

This app provides gorgeous images and gives you interactive options. You can use the clock or countdown features to view wonderful particle light explosions.

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You can also customize the background that you put on your device with this app’s terrific animations.

Amber Weather Live Wallpaper is very beautiful and interactive. Tap on the clock or countdowns to see light particle bursts.

You can also customize your device’s background with this app by selecting its unique animations.

Make sure your GPS system is activated and all your connections are on.

Amber Weather App



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4. Weather Live Wallpaper 1

Weather Live Wallpaper is not like the other live weather apps.

This one shows you a picture of the predicted weather for a given area – either where you are or any city that you specify.

What you’ll like about this app is that it not only shows the temperature and changes the wallpaper when the real weather changes but it also displays the stars, the moon and the sun.

The app updates positions constantly so it also displays the phases of the moon.

Weather Live Wallpaper 1 is a great app for Android smartphones.

Weather Live



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5. Weather live wallpaper 2

The Weather Live Wallpaper 2 functions in the same manner as other live weather wallpaper apps, but this app is supposed to be one of the best and most accurate at presenting the changing weather. It works with real-time weather and shows the changes automatically, but it also provides live weather wallpapers on your locked screen or your desktop.

You can select from three different wallpapers if you don’t like changing your wallpaper all the time. Select from over 6,000 cities and the correct weather wallpaper for that city shows up.



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6. Real weather wallpaper

As soon as you download Real weather wallpaper APK, it automatically puts up the weather wallpaper, then displays specific information about the wallpaper.

This app displays the weather for today and tomorrow on the main screen of your Android smartphone. Select your city from the app’s list or enter the name of the city you want manually.

You can also list the city’s coordinates. With this app, you will be able to read information such as the temperature, the wind speed, humidity and barometric pressure.

Real weather wallpaper APK is supposed to be one of the best and most detailed weather wallpaper apps for Android devices.

Real weather wallpaper



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7. Weather Live Free

True Weather – Live Weather Wallpaper

The Weather Live Free app automatically changes wallpaper when real-time weather changes.

This app for Android smartphones shows you the weather. You can adjust the scrolling text and backgrounds displayed for different cities according to the weather at that time.

Weather Live Free not only changes the wallpapers according to real-time weather, but it also gives you very high-level weather data like the exact minute of the sunrise and the sunset.

This app can show you rain patterns and other extremely detailed information with its radar weather details.

Weather Live Free



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8. True Weather LWP

True Weather LWP works on Android smartphones and tablet devices, displaying the day or the night. Like the other applications, True Weather LWP automatically changes the wallpaper on the device as the weather of the area you selected changes.

One of the best qualities of this live weather application is its full HD quality animated live wallpaper. True Weather LWP displays the current weather at your location. You can also select from four different animated wallpapers: summer, spring, winter and fall.

This app also gives you exact animations of sunset and sunrise, forecasts of six or 10 days, moon phases and much more.

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9. Weather XL PRO

Weather XL Pro

Weather XL PRO was the first live weather wallpaper app for both iOS and Android devices.

Generally, it displays the weather and temperature in the status bar, but also provides live wallpaper that changes automatically as the current weather conditions in your area change.

Simply download Weather XL PRO and start seeing the live weather condition animations immediately.

Weather XL PRO continuously updates the weather; gives you a fast and beautiful application; provides detailed weather forecasts including fog, UV index and storm data; presents high and low historical values; gives you satellite data animations and radar maps as well as smartphone and tablet optimizations; has a weather notification and much more.

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10. YoWindow Weather

Like the other live wallpaper apps for smartphones, YoWindow Weather displays live scenes of the actual weather where you are. If the environment is cloudy, then the wallpaper will display clouds and if it is raining then your device will show the rain. Sunsets and sunrises displayed on your smartphone appear exactly at the same time as in real life.

In addition to these features and functions, the best thing about this application is that you can scroll the time forward and find out what the weather will be like throughout the day.

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Download this application to get all-weather data immediately. View the current weather, today’s forecast and for several days ahead if you so desire.

YoWindow Weather provides state-of-the-art landscape changes depending on the screen size.

YoWindow Weather



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11. Weather Now Forecast & Widgets

The Weather Now live weather app takes your weather experience up a notch with one of the best, most beautiful and most convenient weather applications. There’s a cost for the Weather Now app, but you can check it out free for a three-day trial period. Weather Now combines live weather wallpapers to animate your local weather with the time of day and season on any custom background and also provides a full set of weather widgets.

The best thing about the Weather Now live, weather app is that it has some original features and functions that other live weather apps don’t have. In addition to the live weather wallpaper, Weather Now provides automatic wallpaper changes with easy-to-use settings, a slideshow, alerts, special 3D earth views, special reports, and many more things that you should explore. Get a 2-day or 15-day forecast with enough detailed information to plan your special event on a nice-weather day.

Weather Now Forecasts & Widgets



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12. Default Dynamic 3.0 GO Weather

Weather X Dynamic

The DEFAULT DYNAMIC 3.0 GO WEATHER live weather wallpaper application for Android smartphones automatically changes the wallpaper according to the temperature or weather condition of your local area. The current version of DEFAULT DYNAMIC 3.0 GO WEATHER displays dynamic backgrounds of eight weather conditions: rain, fog, thunder, snow, sun, clouds, overcast and fog.

DEFAULT DYNAMIC 3.0 GO WEATHER is the upgraded version of the Go Weather EX app. To use this new application, you will first have to download GO Weather EX on your smartphone. Then you will be able to change and apply the dynamic themes of DEFAULT DYNAMIC 3.0 GO WEATHER.

Weather X Dynamics



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13. GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

The GO Weather application gives you great current and future weather data, as well as live wallpapers and handy widgets. You can use this application to easily check the current and future weather information. The GO Weather app also provides detailed real-time weather reports including real-time weather status and temperature.

Get detailed weather forecasts hourly or daily including weather predictions, high and low temperatures, wind speed, precipitation and much more. GO Weather informs Android users with real-time weather alerts and warnings. You can even share the current weather data with your friends on social media.



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14. Weather Clock Widget for Android

The Weather & Clock Widget app works with Android devices to give detailed current weather data and weather forecasts for most world locations with canvas prints & photo tiles – wallpics.

The app finds your address automatically, provides your temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, tells you the current weather conditions, humidity, barometric pressure, the distance of visibility, precipitation, UV index, dew point, the direction of the wind and its speed. You can also view an hourly forecast or up to 10 days.

This app gives you the time of the sunrise and sunset when you provide a city zip code.

View the moon phases for your current hour or over five days. Works with 27 languages.

The Weather & Clock Widget tool gives you great widgets and lets you select portrait or landscape mode.

The widgets include a current time clock, calendar events, the date, and battery information.



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So there you have it, our list of the best live weather apps available on the internet today.

Whether you’re using Android or an iPhone, you’ll find a super cool live app to make your phone look amazing!

Let us know which you chose in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!



Q: What is a live weather wallpaper?

A: A live weather wallpaper is a type of wallpaper that displays the current weather conditions, such as temperature, precipitation, wind, and cloudiness, on the background of your device.

Q: Why use a live weather wallpaper?

A: You may use a live weather wallpaper if you want a realistic and dynamic view of the weather on your device or to stay updated with the weather changes without opening a separate app.

Q: How to get a live weather wallpaper?

A: You can get a live weather wallpaper from various sources, such as websites, apps, or software that offer live weather wallpapers for different devices, platforms, and locations.

Q: Is using a live weather wallpaper safe and easy?

A: Using a live weather wallpaper is safe and easy if you download it from a trusted and reputable source, and grant the necessary permissions to access your location and internet connection.

Q: What are some of the best live weather wallpaper sources?

A: Some of the best live weather wallpaper sources are Zoom Earth, Weather Live Wallpapers, WallpaperSafari, and Webeeky. 

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