Best Battery Saver Apps – The 13 You NEED!

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13 of the Best Battery Saver Apps

Before we discuss some of these awesome battery saver apps, we just want to make sure that you know something about your phone’s battery and how it uses power.

One of the biggest culprits on running your phone battery down is brightness. If you can dim the light a bit, your phone’s battery will last quite a bit longer.

Some phones have an auto-brightness feature; if you select this option, it adjusts the light on your display according to how much ambient light there is around you, thus saving energy.

Here are some other tips for saving battery power without an app:

  • Turn down the frequency when you are going to sync data.
  • Try not to use your phone in the cold – this is a big battery stopper. Always aim for room temperature as any extreme temperature, cold or hot, can adversely affect the battery.
  • Some apps still have bugs and can drain your battery. If you think your battery is losing steam quickly, go check the apps you’ve used recently to see which one is using up the most data and maybe find another alternative to that app.
  • Getting tons of messages (which lights up your display) while your phone is locked is another problem. Your phone should have a “notifications” setting which you can set to “do not display” while your phone is locked.
  • As each phone iteration makes it to the market, new advanced features that you have been waiting for can also be the reason your phone shuts down after five hours.

These manual solutions will help your battery to a point, but there are also apps that make it even better.

And now here are our picks with a quick review for each app…


For Android

1. Amplify Battery Extender

Amplify Battery Extender -RootThis root app detects and stops wakelocks. Wakelocks control the power state of your phone; they can prevent the screen from dimming or even turning off and can stop the keyboard light from turning off as well – all of which eat up your battery power.

Use this battery saver app to gain control over other apps, alarms and more features that can drain your battery.

You can select the recommended settings for easy battery saving, or you can customize your phone and instruct each service, alarm or wakelock how often it can awaken and how long it can stay awake.

Measures time lost and time gained. Supports over 20 languages. FREE.

2. Servicely

Servicely battery appThis root app stops the programs running in the background of your Android device.

You choose which services to enable or disable.

So the Servicely battery saver app can halt all your apps or just certain apps from syncing every couple of minutes.

This comes in handy if you are getting gaming notifications or you have services that auto restart.

Servicely is great to use with apps that detect wakelocks because it packs a powerful punch when used this way.

You configure the options yourself and is a great battery checker for home use. It contains ads, but the latest version lets you get rid of them for free.

The regular version is FREE; the PRO version is $3.49.

3. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery SaverThe Avast Battery Saver app has been upgraded with the fixes that the users wanted.

Get 20% extra battery power just by using this app.

You can turn this battery saver app on or off, depending on what else you are doing.

When you turn it on, the app tells you how much battery power you have left and tells you what you need to do to help the battery.

You can choose to use manual settings or preset battery saver settings.

Avast Battery saver also notifies you when an app or service is really draining your battery so you can turn it off, even from your locked screen.

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Use the app’s five profiles to customize and save the settings you want.

An emergency profile lets you get the last tiny bit of power out of your battery – great if you are caught in a storm and have to call someone or you need to make an important reservation before your phone dies.

This is a great battery saver app.

4. Power Clean (Optimize Cleaner)

Over 130 million people use the Power Clean Battery Saver app. This app is popular because it saves battery life but also increases the performance of the battery.

This battery saver app finds other apps that drain the battery like movie apps and allows you to turn them off with one tap.

This app also cools off a hot CPU, clears the cache space, finds and cleans residual files, cleans the memory to give your phone a power boost, gets rid of old APK files on your phone that you are not using, finds and gets rid of viruses with its anti-virus protection, monitors the health of the hardware and frees up RAM.

The app is also well-supported with superb and caring technical assistance. If you tell them about a problem, they fix it!

Very robust app. FREE.

5. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery SaverThis company claims that over 600 million people use the DU Battery Saver App to retrieve up to 80% more battery power.

This popular battery saver app allows you to manage apps that use a lot of energy.

When your battery gets too low, you can help the device by starting the power saver feature.

It detects when your display, sound, Wifi or Bluetooth are using up too much power so you can turn them off.

This app finds the “junk” on your phone and gets rid of it. It tells you exactly which apps and services are killing your battery.

You can also use your device in several different modes – sleep, work, class and custom. You can engage a super-long standby mode to save even more battery power.

The app provides your phone with a security code or pattern so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

Keep your phone secure with DU Battery Saver’s ability to scan Wi-Fi systems with its Wi-Fi Security Inspection feature.

DU Battery Saver offers 3-stage charging and provides exact information on how much your battery is charged.

For iOS

6. Battery Life – check runtimes

This battery saver app monitors how your battery is used and how much energy is consumed and then shows the runtimes of different features you are using to see which is draining the battery the most. You can check talk and audio time, Wifi, LTE browsing and video to name a few.

You can also take a look at the data details of your battery.

This app provides a customizable Today Widget. The user interface is great and this battery saver app supports over 15 languages.

Requires 9.0 iOS. FREE. Or purchase the PRO version to get rid of all ads.

7. Battery Health – Monitor Stats

Battery Health - Monitor StatsThis Battery Health battery saver app was awarded Apple’s “MacGem” status for best battery health app.

Use it to understand exactly what services or apps are wearing down your iOS device’s battery. This app lets you check the total runtimes of the features you are using.

Understand how much energy 3D Touch, your reminder apps, the volume button, the flashlight and the GPS system (and more) are consuming.

Battery Health also tells you about your current charge level, number of times it has been charged, battery capacity, storage, CPU data and how the network is functioning for an overall look at the health of your battery.

This app also provides a “Tips” section so you have all the information you need at your fingertips to monitor your battery health. FREE.

8. iBattery Saver and Info

The iBattery battery saver app gives you the exact information about your iOS device’s battery.

You can view the total memory stats, including inactive memory and used memory.

This app requires no Internet connection so you can always use it to check on your battery no matter where you are. It has a wonderful, easy-to-use user interface and is completely ad free!

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PRICE: $1.99.

9. Battery Life – Atomic

Battery Life - Atomic

The Battery Life – Atomic app manages your iOS device by providing battery usage statistics, how much RAM your device is using and how much disk space you have left.

This app also provides tips on how to keep your battery power from quickly draining.

Discover total runtimes for each app or service, how much disk space is left on your device and more.

This app runs on the Apple Watch too, so you can check all the battery stats on your iPhone from your smartwatch.


For Android and iOS

10. Battery Care

Check your device’s level of battery charge with this Battery Care battery saver app. This app gives you some ideas on how to securely extend the device’s battery life.

It also provides you with very detailed battery usage data so you can see what is using up your battery’s energy and tells you how you can reduce it.

Display your current battery percentage right on your device with this app that supports several languages.

PRICE: $1.99.

11. Greenify for Android Greenify for iOS

GreenifyThe very popular Greenify battery saver app indicates which apps wake up your smartphone the most often and can hibernate them if that is what you want.

The company claims that you can actually keep your battery running the same way it did the day you bought it.

Winner of Lifehacker’s best Android app in 2013, this app works with rooted and non-rooted devices, though it has the most functionality with a rooted device.

Even though Greenify battery saver app needs to be able to run in the background to use its auto-hibernation feature, the CPU and battery consumption is almost zero.

FREE. (There is an optional version where you can donate $2.99 toward development.)

12. Battery Doctor

Over 100 million users are thrilled with The Battery Doctor battery saver app and its great user-friendly interface that supports 28 languages. With just one tap, you can stop the energy-guzzling apps and get the most out of your battery.

View your battery’s usage with each app type. Use Battery Doctor’s 3-stage charging feature that permits you to charge your device in the most efficient and effective way.

This app lets you know exactly how much battery time is left; includes several power-saving modes; lets you control the display brightness, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth and GPS; and stops apps from running even when the screen is off.

The Battery Doctor also allows you to schedule power-saving profiles so you can have them switch on or off while you are sleeping or when you know you are going to be busy. FREE.

13. Battery HD Pro for Android Battery HD+ for iOS

For Android. The Battery HD PRO battery saver app has a great user interface that lets you customize the way you use it according to your type of device.

You have the option of using a notification bar, widgets, charge alerts and usage charts to be able to view everything about your phone at any time.

With one finger tap, you can find out the number of hours you have left for an app you are using. PRICE $3.98.

For iOS. The Battery HD+ battery saver app helps you find out quickly out how much energy you have left to do your favorite things like talking, watching videos, listening to music or browsing the Internet. Use the Today widget to check your phone’s battery.

When charging your device, the app lets you know when you can remove your phone from charging.

This app support over 12 languages.


So those are our picks for the best battery saver apps. We hope they come in handy and can help you save some power.

And let us know which app you choose and how well it’s working for you. Or if you find a new one, let us know in the comments below and we will do a review of that app too.

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