mSpy Android & iOS Tracking App Review

mSpy Review

What is mSpy?

Launched in 2010, mSpy has grown to one of the most popular and well-known monitoring software programs in the world. It’s reliable, easy to set up, and works on jailbroken & non-jailbroken Android and iOS devices.

Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes. The app runs in background mode and is invisible to the phone user, so your kids will never know that you are keeping an eye on them.

There are a lot of tracking devices for android phones nowadays and there is a constant increase in the popularity of the OS and the number of people who are using it.

mSpy app

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This is because Android phones are built with exceptional innovative technology which gives developers more freedom to create ever more useful applications.

Moreover, it even has the capability of monitoring other phones with just the right application or android phone tracking software such as mSpy.

First of all, for those who haven’t heard about mSpy, it is more known to be a digital surveillance software that can be installed in any android or smartphone that you want.

It has the capability of monitoring or checking the call history, SMS messages, Snapchat messages, WhatsApp messages,  GPS location, e-mail and many more through any web browser of your choice.

You can even monitor Skype messages and WhatsApp messengers on any iPhone or Android Phone another nice new awaited feature is actual call recording, Now you have the opportunity to listen in on phone conversations.

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How mSpy works?

mSpy is a popular cell phone monitoring app that allows you to track your child’s phone activity, set time limits and block apps.

By installing the app on your child’s smartphone, you can see exactly what they are doing and who they are talking to online.

The mSpy app is available for Android and iOS devices.

The mSpy monitoring app works by tracking all activity in the background of the monitored phone including call history, messages, emails, contacts, photos, videos, GPS locations, browsing history and more.

Have a look at this article to learn more about how it works.


The mSpy application is very easy to install to any android phone or smartphone.

You don’t even have to worry because it invisibly works or runs in the background on the particular android or smartphone where it has been installed.

Then, all of the important data that you would wish to retrieve from that phone will be transferred to your secured mSpy account.

You can change the settings of your account through the control panel online.

The mSpy app will really come in handy and can be used by pretty much anyone and is great for moms, dads, finding cheating spouses, you name it.

mSpy app can even be used for tracking or monitoring the location of your children if they accidentally get lost in the supermarket, or are skipping class so that you can easily find them.

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mSpy Demo

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mSpy is compatible with almost every phone available nowadays such as Symbian phones, iPhone, smartphones and android phones with any existing phone brands.

For those who are running a business, they will most likely provide mobile phones for their employees so that they are able to contact them whenever they want to.

However, there are some employees who don’t use those company-owned mobile phones appropriately.

Also, some employers are quite doubtful on how their employees will use their phone.

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  • To solve these kinds of problems, mSpy will really be of great use.
  • Employers can easily install mSpy on every mobile phone that they will provide for their employees and easily monitor them online or track a vehicle
  • Parents can also easily install mSpy to monitor their child’s activity online, making sure they are safe and not talking to strangers.



By doing this, the employers or the person who has been given the responsibility of monitoring those mobile phones can easily check what the employees are exactly doing with the issued phones.

Include mSpy with a standard security awareness training and your company should be able to eradicate most security and theft issues.

In addition, this will finally prevent the abusive use of company-owned phones being issued to employees which commonly happen nowadays and it will eliminate those doubts for a worry-free and less stress working environment.

The mSpy is guaranteed to be 100% secure thus, it prevents possible third-party interception which may alter the status of the phone which is being monitored.

In conclusion, the mSpy is really a great innovative phone tracking software which has great uses such as locating children and monitoring the phone usage of employees.

mSpy is a background smartphone appliance that secretly records and logs SMS messages, Call history, calendar tasks and memos; bugs meeting rooms or anything surroundings; tracks GPS locations of the phone in actual time and displays all routes on a convenient map.

The operating system installs directly into the phone you desire to spy on.

Nevertheless, physical access to the device is only needed for the initial download.

All settings may be adjusted remotely anytime online right from your web Control Panel.

After the installation step is achieved, as soon as in 20 minutes, all data, even those disappeared or deleted, are uploaded to your private Control Panel account which is accessible from any PC or phone browser.

Directly after making a purchase, you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions for installation and setting up.

NB: The target phone (the smartphone you wish to spy on) must have access to the Internet, and be compatible with mSpy Check if your mobile device is supported.

Please note, mSpy works on a range of platforms including iPhone and even the old and new BlackBerry phones!

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mSpy Cost

mSpy has three different plans to suit your budget:

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The basic version can be purchased for $26.99 per month or as little as $14 per month if you get an annual subscription.If you want to buy mSpy now, order through this promo link to get 15 percent off.


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Why mSpy is Best?

  • Accessibility: customers are able to access the watched phone activity 24/7, from the WEB
  • Value: the mSpy app represents good value for money
  • Power: mSpy is the most powerful app Plus, Is extremely easy to use
  • Simplicity: the solution is super-fast and easy enough to get used by beginners and veterans alike.

mSpy can also be used to track lost or stolen android phone

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What phones does mSpy work on?

All phones and mobile devices running the Symbian, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry operating systems are fully compatible with mSpy.

Such as Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Google, LG, MEIZU, Acer, Philips and more.

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How To Install mSpy on Android

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Two-Step mSpy Android Phone Installation

The video is about mSpy software which can be easily installed to any android phone, smartphone and almost any mobile phone in today’s generation.

mSpy app has the capability of monitoring mobile phones where this software is installed.

With this advanced software, you will be able to monitor your children’s location or monitor the phone usage of a certain employee and many more.

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The video will teach how to install the mSpy to an android phone. Actually, it only involves 2 steps. (please view from PC)

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Step 1 is to simply use the android phone, where you want to install mSpy, go to the mSpy website or URL and a window will appear which will ask you to proceed with the download and then another window will appear which will ask you if you want to install the software.

Just press install and wait for 30 to 60 seconds for it to finish then click finish. You are now done with the 1st step.

Step 2 is to simply connect that android phone to your account on mSpy so that you will see it on your dashboard.

In your dashboard, you can easily do anything that you want to monitor on that particular android phone such as viewing messages, viewing photos from that phone and many more.


A great feature of mSpy is that you can record audio which can be heard near the android phone such as conversations.

What’s great about TheOneSpy android spy software is that a person doesn’t even know that it is installed in their android phone and you are monitoring them because it runs invisibly in the background of that particular android phone.

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mSpy Features

Undetectable / Hidden Icon

You can rest assured. Once installed or set up, the mSpy app works in the absolutely stealth mode and is completely undetectable to the end-user.

Full Remote Control

With mSpy installed on the target device, you won’t need physical access to the phone any longer.

To fine-tune all reports, simply log into your mSpy Control Panel, enter the phone’s IMEI code and assign chosen options as to when to record surroundings, send logs and so on.

Changes can be done anytime without disrupting the service and completely behind the scenes by the end-user.

Call logs

A chronological call log of all incoming and outgoing calls is sent wirelessly to your mSpy Control Panel in real-time.

The report shows the time, length of action, number of calls made, and phone number or contact name if it is on the phone’s address book.


All incoming and outgoing emails can be read in your mSpy Control Panel.

The email history will display time, contact address, and the contact name (if the sender’s/recipient’s email address is on the phone address book).

SMS messages

The SMS records will include the phone number contacted, date, time, and the text itself; and whether the message was incoming or outgoing. This can be accessed within your personal Control Panel.

Address Book

The tapped android phone’s inbuilt address book is fully accessible and when a new name is entered for either an SMS/Call number or some email address, these details are at once transmitted and showed in your private Control Panel.

Install without Cable, PC

Install mSpy anywhere and anytime easily by downloading the app via the phone’s browser.

It will take you only 1-2 minutes at most. No need to worry about computer access and cables. But for fans of the old school, there is still an option: the app can be downloaded onto your blackberries via PC.

Ease of Use

Following our comprehensive step-by-step installation manuals for each of the operating systems the mSpy systems software operates on, this app is indeed easy to install.

The configurations are simple and can get tweaked remotely later if necessary. Besides, they provide 24/7 support on the site should you have any questions.

Upgrades and Updates

They seem to be working hard to add new features all the time for your use on a permanent basis. With every subscription updated, you will get all new features available for free. No hidden tricks so that’s pretty cool I thought.

Cell ID Tracking

If GPS is beyond reach, their system will still be able to track the phone user’s location using cell phone towers by first retrieving the list of cell ids yours is close to, then finding these in the database and resolving them to a latitude/longitude that was recorded when your cell id was added to the database when GPS was available another nice touch I thought.

Spy Call, Bugging and Surveillance device

If you choose to bug meeting rooms or whatsoever surroundings and environment and record all conversations happening around the device, easily set recording time in your mSpy Control panel. It is that simple.

GPS Location Tracking

GPS tracking keeps you in the know of the activities of your employees, family, or elderly people.

View the current whereabouts or location on a convenient map in your Control Panel or check detailed path over which someone or something travel history in a specified period of time.


Each photo taken on the phone after mSpy has been installed is logged and uploaded to your personal Control Panel for your review.

You will access even deleted pictures, That was very handy for me as I deleted photos accidentally so I could easily locate on my control panel


Every video shot with the phone after mSpy has been set up is logged and the video is uploaded to your personal Control Panel for your review and again it’s great to have this.

You will access even deleted video files. Just be sure you really want to see these, sometimes both parents and spouses are VERY shocked at what they’ll see!


Every event made on the objective cell phone is secretly logged and uploaded into your personal Control Panel for you.


Every memo entry on the phone is logged and viewable

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Getting Started With mSpy App:

If this is the tool/software you have been looking for your android phone, You will receive an e-mail containing a pre-generated password to your personal Control Panel. You can change the password anytime in the Panel settings.

Step 1 Log into your Control Panel and do all installation steps from the wizard.

Upon log-in, you will see the Wizard prompts you to choose the operating system the target phone (the smartphone you wish to spy on) runs and install the app. mSpy installs in minutes, so you won’t be bothering with the device for long. Note, you should reboot the phone after installing mSpy.

Step 2 The wizard will show you the combination code that you should dial on the phone you wish to spy on.

Having installed Mspy on the target phone (the smartphone you wish to spy on) and rebooted it, dial the unique combination code from the wizard and reboot the phone again.

Step 3 View logs online.

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With all settings configured, wait just a couple of minutes for the first logs to show up. Now all activities on the phone are logged and available 24/7 in your secure mSpy account.

  • Cell phones have become an understandable compulsion for all of us. It is a basic necessity that keeps you connected to anybody around you.
  • The excess use of these cell phones by kids is growing a cause of concern to the family.
  • Cell spy is systems software that can answer all the issues that parents broadly speaking have; it helps you control phone calls your kids to receive and make.
  • Cell spy is software that helps you tap phone calls, text messages etc from a phone the second you install it in the objective mobile.
  • It works wherever in the world without the cell user having the slightest clue about his or her phone being monitored.
  • Apart from just monitoring phone calls or messages, you can track the accurate position of the person at a given instant.
  • All the images, videos, call logs etc can also be supervised by parents.

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What Tracking Android Phones Can Achieve

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Once you have mSpy and eager to use it, During your initial setup, you will specify which activities you desire monitored, such as:

  • Incoming and outgoing text messages
  • User location
  • Call logs
  • And much, much more

After this information is recorded and straight away sent wirelessly to your secure internet Control Panel where you only log in with your preferred username and secret password to view the phone’s behaviour in real-time, using a web browser on whatever computer, android smartphone or mobile device running a web browser to view this information.

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With mSpy running on a mobile device that you own, you will be able to determine where your children are located, who they are communicating with, or even if they are using the device while behind the wheel of a vehicle, a troubling habit that without exception parent wants to know about and eliminate.

Another way that mSpy can be very useful for is if you’re running a business and have employees who use your mobile devices, mSpy will enable you to see exactly what they are doing with your device, and even more importantly, what your employee is doing with your time.

If your employees are disclosing sensitive and classified company information or making private calls on your dime, even if they delete their phone logs you will know.

mSpy doesn’t depend on the phone’s internal logging system and once an action is performed on the phone, this information is automatically sent to your web-based Control Panel and is catalogued, rendering the act of erasing one’s footprint on the phone and giving you a total picture of what’s happening on your device and on your time.

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How Do Android Tracking Apps Work?

Phone theft is on the increase even as the use of cell phones continues to spread. this is bound to increase largely especially considering the fact that there is a global economic meltdown in some of the major superpower countries including poor states.

With this in mind, people are looking for ways to put food on their table. they will resort to theft, mugging and other social evils just to feed their families.

It could be understood what they are doing but it is against the law. back to our topic, it is now possible for one to track their cell phones if they get stolen or lost.

If one tries to track their cell phones using the police, the investigations may take longer and you may end up paying way more than the cost of the phone, unless there is highly classified information on that cell phone.

Otherwise, using investigators will just frustrate you. it would just be cheaper to get your contacts slowly and keep them safe.

But now, It is possible to track your stolen phone easily. this is all because of a new invention of mobile phone tracking software.

mSpy uses both programming systems and gsm systems. the software intimates the sim card details with the IMEI/serial number of your handset.

This would mean that your cell phone handset is identified by the sim card that is registered with it.

If your sim card is replaced, the software is able to detect and it will prompt gsm systems to send a text message to another number (that you had registered with during the installation).

The text contains a detail of the new SIM card, including the cell phone number. So you can call up the person and tell them that they have your cell phone.

You can prove it to them by giving them the exact make and model.

You can also tell them that you are keeping track of the phone wherever it goes, so they should not even think of getting rid of it because all you want is your phone back.

Look for creative ways of instilling fear on the person with your cell phone so that you can get it back.

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mSpy Tracking Software For Smart Phones

Cell Phone Spy Software such as mSpy is ideal for tracking software for smartphones. The software can be set up on the phone that one wishes to have under surveillance.

The background software spies on the target phone and how it is being used by furtively recording and logging messages, calls, memos and appointments.

In addition, the software can bug the room where the target phone is being used.

mSpy also has a GPS tracker and can display the whereabouts of the user and the phone on a map. One can adjust the settings of the application online from the web Control Panel.

Within 20 minutes or less, all the data from the targeted smartphone will be uploaded to the private account of the user of the application.

There a few simple requirements needed for the successful installation of the software in the target device. The user needs to have physical access to the target phone (or get a phone for someone as a gift first then install the software before they receive a new cell phone).

This is only during the installation process. The target phone needs to have Internet access. The mobile device also needs to be mSpy supported.

Uses of this android application software vary with the needs of the client. Some clients want to track their employees to see if they are abusing company resources.

For instance, he may want to find out if the employees are using company smartphones for business purposes or personal purposes during office hours as you will see on my video on this site.

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mSpy Control Panel

The mSpy Control Panel is a Web-based user interface that allows you to monitor phone usage, track the phone’s location, and remotely control their phone. The interface is straightforward and easy to use.

mSpy - Web Based Dashboard
mSpy  Web-Based Dashboard

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mSpy Ethics & Privacy

Monitoring is done with high regards to company ethics such as privacy.

Before the advent of this application, employers would not be sure whether the employees were making and receiving business calls or personal calls during the working hours.

Taking and making personal calls would lower the output of the employees. The profit would subsequently reduce or the company would suffer major losses.

There are other company resources to be considered. This includes company vehicles.

An employer may want to know if the vehicles are running the required errands or are being used for non-business related purposes.

Using the GPS tracking system of mSpy, the employer will be able to see exactly where the driver has been with the company vehicle just by going to there PC and looking at there mSpy dashboard.

Another reason why an employer should utilize this software is in cases whereby he suspects that an employee is leaking sensitive material to competitors or the public.

This can seriously harm the image of the business or render it defenceless against its competitors. The software can aid such an employer pinpoint the traitor and fire him before too much damage is caused.

Parents can also use this application software to protect their children from the dangers that the Internet may pose.

There are many dangerous individuals on the Internet that children and young adults could be communicating with. With mSpy, parents are able to know the exact location of the child and who they are communicating with.

In addition to this, parents can be able to know when their children are using while driving.

This can go a long way in preventing the numerous accidents that occur when individuals are too busy using their mobile devices to mind the road.

Disclaimer: mSpy is designed for monitoring your children, employees or others on a phone that you own or have permission to monitor

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mSpy Review – Conclusion

mSpy has everything you need from mobile monitoring software.

It offers a long list of features, including the ability to track websites visited, calls made and received, messages sent and received and keystrokes typed, and even block any app or website.

It has a user-friendly Web-based control panel and excellent customer service.

The app interface is very easy to use and works on all major operating systems.


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Alternatives to mSpy

A great alternative app to mSpy is SpyFone – which allows you to monitor & track ANY phone. When users are ready to start monitoring their kid’s or employee’s smartphone – all they need to do is go through three simple steps: buy the application, install it and log in. It will not break the bank and is very easy to use.


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  1. I was excited about the GPS tracking and other features that I bought a 6-month subscription for installation. It’s absolutely brilliant the number of features, I only realized after purchasing premium that it can track like FB, Tinder, WhatsApp to name but a few, a superb number of features to use. It’s definitely worth the investment. I have recommended mSpy to a few of my friends.

    All the best!

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