Best Stud Finder App for Android and iOS Devices

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Best Stud Finder Apps for Any Handyman (Android and iOS)

Most people need to find wall studs when they want to hang a flat screen TV, a very heavy painting, mirror or wall hanging. It is more secure to attach the item to the stud, which is a piece of wood behind the dry wall that frames the wall.

Most studs are placed 16 or 24 inches apart. Once you find the first one, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the rest, usually…

And finding that first one on a wall that is completely flat and gives no indication where the studs may be can be quite difficult, even frustrating.

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So what do you do rather than knocking holes in the wall to find that first stud?

Stud finders work in a few different ways. Most are simply metal detectors that find the metal nails used to hang your wall’s sheetrock.

Others, like the Walabot listed below have even better technology and actually use different ways to “see” behind the wall, allowing them to see not just metal objects, but even things like PVC pipes, covered electrical boxes and so on that couldn’t be found with ordinary metal detecting apps.

Physical stud finders are either magnetic or electric. But with all the advances in technology, you don’t even need to buy a stud finder (or detector) anymore.

You can just use an app and your smartphone instead.

Best stud finder apps for Android

Walabot DIY

This is by far the very best stud finder app available today. And of course there is a reason for this. This particular app is the ONLY app listed that is not free.

And yes, that makes it different in the way that this app does a LOT more than just find studs.

And it can afford to be constantly updated and made better because it is a paid app. But that’s okay, because this thing is like an x-ray machine that sees through walls.

It not only finds studs, but pretty much anything that’s behind your walls, including wood and PVC. Meaning, not just metallic objects like the rest of the listed apps do.

Stud Detector App

This great stud finder app for Android devices helps you find wall studs by using a combination of magnetic and compass tools in your phone to locate the metal screws or nails holding up the stud.

This is a very easy app to use.

You can customize the screen on your smartphone and the app gives you feedback on your search.

Now has screen orientation setting and supports 12 languages.

FREE from Google Play.

Real Metal Detector with sound

This easy-to-use stud finder app becomes a real metal detector on your Android device.

This app helps your device’s metal sensor find nails and screws to locate the wall studs.

When you are close to metal in the wall stud, the magnetic field measurement will go up.

This app even has sound to let you know when you find the metal you are looking for.

FREE from Google Play.

Stud Detector by Guylyhey

Great stud finder app for finding wall studs. Uses the magnetometer sensor in your device to find nails, screws, and any other kind of metal fasteners holding the wooden stud to your drywall, plasterboard or sheetrock panel.

Offers stability and three-level detection indicators.

Ten different sensitivity levels allow you to work with all thicknesses of materials.

No banner ads either!

FREE from Google Play.

Metal Detector

Find electrical wires, pipes and metal connectors like nails, screws etc. behind walls.

Beeps when you find the metal you are looking for – can turn this feature on/off. Requires a magnetic sensor on your device.

Just turn this stud finder app on, move your device around and the magnetic field will increase as you get close to your metal target.

FREE from Google Play.


This great stud finder+ app gives you 24 tools! Its magnetic field detector is all you need to find the metal fasteners that connect those wood studs to your drywall, plasterboard or sheetrock.

Additionally, you will also have other tools such as: compass, unit converter, heart rate monitor, leveler, altimeter, measuring tool, mirror, metronome, timer and more.

FREE from Google Play.

All Tools

An amazing 46 tools are yours with this app that includes a stud finder.

Find your wall studs easily with the app’s very accurate metal detector algorithm using two analog and two digital meters.

Beyond that, turn your phone into a very handy little tool with things like: barcode reader, leveler, mirror, heart monitor, clipboard, temperature, atmospheric pressure, counter, scribbler, color detector, seismometer, find speed of moving object, motion cam, text-to-speech and much, much more.

Free from Google Play.

Metal Detector EMF

Working with your smartphone, this app can detect metal up to 30 cm away, giving results in analog and digital format.

Can detect hidden electrical wires in wall and any other metal objects. Can also be used as a body scanner looking for all things metal.

Your phone needs a magnetometer. Even boasts the ability to find “ghosts” by measuring their electromagnetic fields – fun for a party game.

Free from Google Play.

EMF Detector

This app finds electromagnetic fields and metals. Careful with some people who may think a new electromagnetic field signifies the presence of a “spirit being.”

The EMF Detector app is very accurate and can even determine the H field, which is derived from the measurement of the electromagnetic field.

You can use either uTesla or Gauss measurements.

This app uses your phone’s magnetic sensor, so make sure you have one.

Measure magnetism, electromagnetism and the geomagnetic field all with this amazing app.

FREE from Google Play.

Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector

Simple app that uses your phone’s electromagnetic sensor/compass to detect ferromagnetic metal objects (cannot find gold, copper, etc.)

Transfer the information to a CSV file to make interesting charts. A compass-type arrow points in the direction of the metal.

You can remove the Ads, force the screen to stay on and view historical charts. Supports four languages and provides a tutorial when first started.

FREE from Google Play and Blackmark Alpha.

Best stud finder apps for iOS

Stud Find app

This app works with a magnetic field and converts your iPhone, iPad or iPod into a stud finder to help you locate the metal screws or nails in the wall studs.

Make sure your device has a magnetometer. Multiple ads in product’s front page were removed.

Supports 17 languages.


Wall Stud Finder app

This popular app helps you find wall studs. Its automatic sensor, detection button and other options make this a great choice if you have a job that requires you to locate wall studs.

Easy-to-follow instructions.

$$ from iTUNES.

Metal Detector

Possibly the best metal detector for your iOS device yet! Finds the metal you are looking for in a matter of minutes.



Support iOS phone and iPAD with 13 tools. Includes: ruler, protractor, bubble leveler, compass, altimeter and a teslameter.

The teslameter uses the magnetometer in your device to detect magnetic fields. Find nails and screws attaching the wooden stud to your drywall with this tool.



Very accurate measurement of electromagnetic fields. Uses the magnetometer in your phone or tablet.

Can record measurements for later analysis. Special gauge shows strength of magnetic field.

Diagram of real-time 3-D measurement of electromagnetic field. Access in-app buttons for technical support.

Has sound signal option.

Free from iTUNES.

Hand-Held Metal Detector

Works with iPHONE, iPAD, iTOUCH. This metal scanner works with your device to locate metal anywhere.

FREE for a limited time from iTUNES.

Smart Metal Detector

App that works with your smartphone’s magnetic sensor to detect metal anywhere. Just download the app and start moving your phone around.

3-Dimensional colored lines display the strength of the electromagnetic field.

Your device will vibrate and emit sounds as you get closer to the target metal.

You can change these indicators in the settings menu. FREE from iTUNES.

And that’s it for our list of the best stud finder apps for both Android and iOS. There’s 17 in all, so you should be able to find something that will serve you well.