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Modern Mac OS is clutter-free. You can easily view or show hidden files on Mac using keyboard shortcuts too. To your surprise, a few keystrokes are enough to reveal hidden files on your Mac. Also, if you want to do the opposite, i.e., hide those files, then you can do it too.

We will learn about How to hide files on Mac & show hidden files in Mac Shortcut too.

So, would you like to know the fastest possible way to hide/show hidden files, Mac? Here you go!

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3 Ways to Show Hidden Files Mac – Anyone can do!

Before you proceed to show hidden files on Mac, let us tell you that you should do it with a purpose.

Moreover, make sure you’re not imposing any serious damage to your system by unveiling them. In a nutshell, proceed with caution. After all, these files must contain some sensitive information you want to protect.

  1. View Hidden Files on Mac using Finder

Frankly, you don’t have to stress much to show hidden files on your Mac. In fact, it is doable in 3 simple steps to view hidden files Mac using Finder. Here it is:

  • Open your Macintosh HD Folder in your Finder App
  • Press Command + Shift + Period (.)
  • Your hidden files will be shown.
keyboard shortcut to view hidden files
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Besides viewing your hidden files using these steps, you can also apply these steps for Document & App folders. However, if you’re looking for something from the ~/Library folder, follow this:

  • Open Finder
  • Hold on to the Alt key & click Go at the top of your screen.
  • Click on Library & you can view hidden folders.

It’s always a good idea to keep these simple tips in your back pocket if you’re using Mac.

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  1. Reveal Hidden Files on Mac via Terminal Commands

We’ll share how to show hidden files Mac terminal here. If you don’t know, Terminal is your Mac command-line interface you have as default in your Mac OS. In other words, Terminal for Mac is cmd for Windows.

If you don’t want to follow complex steps, Terminal is legit to show hidden files Mac shortcut. Moreover, it’s best for beginners. Additionally, it will not let you perform more steps than you used with Step #1 above.

Here is what you have to do with your Terminal to show hidden files on your PC.

  • Open Terminal
  • Enter this: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true [Press Return] killall Finder
show hidden files mac terminal command
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This will reveal your hidden files. To hide them again, change true with false in the second step, as mentioned above.

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  1. Access Hidden Files via Mac File Manager

Do you know how to find a file path in Mac? Let’s see.

You can use easy-breezy Apps like DCommander & Forklift. They’re like your native Mac OS apps & function similarly as Finder extensions. Both of these apps are amazing to use if you’re not friendly with the ~/Library folder.

DCommander & Forklift work well to make hidden files visible & vice versa. You can assign shortcuts or click buttons within the app. It’s an incredible experience overall.

So, what should you use? We suggest you go for Forklift if you’re looking for a Mac application that looks & works similar to Finder. Here’s how you can show hidden files using Forklift:

  • Firstly, Click View
  • Secondly, Select View Options from the dropdown menu
  • Finally, check the box beside Show Hidden Files & you’re sorted!

Similarly, you can perform these steps with DCommander with a Show System Files command. The only difference is you have to add it manually in the app’s toolbar. So, you got the point clear. That’s it.

Can you imagine viewing hidden files this easily on Mac?

Just because you know how to play hide & seek with hidden files, it doesn’t mean you can put your files privacy at risk. Be careful with what you do & ensure that you’re not doing any harm to sensitive files/folders.

In case if you don’t know how to hide files, we’re sharing a quick overview. Have a look.

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How to hide files on Mac? Do this to hide hidden files again.

Are you someone who wants to keep some files or folders private? We all have some reasons to secure files with a password or hide them. Obviously, you did it with a purpose. Here’s how you can hide files on your Mac.

  1. Navigate to your Mac Finder.
  2. Click the key combination Command + Shift + Period (.)

So, your hidden files will disappear instantly. Also, if you’re a long-time Mac user, then you must be familiar with this shortcut.

As you’ve seen, you can use the same key combination to toggle between hiding & show hidden files on Mac. So simple it is!

Believe it or not, keyboard shortcuts are the easiest tricks we all love to implement. What do you think?

Moreover, if you want to grab more of such tips, stay tuned with us. Meanwhile, we’re prepping some awesome stuff for you.

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