Ten lesser-known facts about World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Everyone loves to play games that fascinate them and takes them to a new world. And the World of Warcraft is one such game that makes the players want to play them more and it can be addictive. On top of that, the possibility to use WoW Classic Gold to proceed ahead in the game is an added advantage. The game of World of Warcraft is basically developed by the blizzard entertainment. It is the fourth game as part of the Warcraft fantasy universe franchise. The Warcraft includes fantasy, steampunk and science fiction. It is set in the World of Azeroth. The game is one of the best games with over 10 million players. And this game was the highest-grossing video game in the World.

Ten lesser-known facts about World of Warcraft

The game of Warcraft has become a household name, and almost all of the youngsters are glued into the game, and people have become so fascinated by the game that they are not worried about the consequences. These are some of the lesser-known facts about the World of Warcraft:

  • The rise and fall of the game is a great spectacle in itself

One of the most important facts is the rise and fall of the game. In the beginning, the game had very few players and viewers. But later it rose to such a level that almost all of the population began to follow this game. Almost 10 million people started to play this game. Later its growth lagged, and the blizzard entertainment had to cut its ties with the partners -Shanghai.

  • In real life, the Azeroth is about 80 square miles 

According to the World of Warcraft, Azeroth is a huge city, and it has around 8 million population. But in real life even if there was a place called Azeroth, it would hardly be 80 square miles, which is very less than the city of London. And it can barely hold a population of 8 million. 

  • It took around 5.5 million lines of code to create the World of Warcraft

The World of war craft’s company took almost 5.5 million lines of the code which means it comes around 99,000 pages on the total. Now when we take upon great writers like Tolstoy, he has written around 1273 pages. But it took him so many years. For writing the game of Warcraft, it took 51 programmers and five years to complete the coding of the game. 

  • The World of Warcraft has educational importance 

When you come into the World of the WarCraft game, you get to know different kinds of people and society. The game lets us understand the different aspects of the people and the game has become educationally important, and it has become part of the sociology subject. 

  • Your World of Warcraft character can give insights about your behaviour.

The character you choose in the game lets others know what you are in real life. For instance, if you are choosing the character of the tanks, then you will be able to handle stress in life no matter what they are. And different studies suggest that people only choose those characters that give them a positive result.

  • The players who play the World of war games choose the most attractive characters.

Most of the players who play the game choose the good looking characters as their character. This makes the player believe that he/she is better in their looks. Especially, female players look for good looking character. 

  • The World of Warcraft games had many raids that help you in being more capable of doing hard jobs.

In the game, there are raids that take place often in the game. And if you are successful in doing those raids, then you are capable of working hard in your real-life job. Many employees feel that the more raids you do, the smarter you get.

  • The corrupted blood incident is the most important but lesser-known fact

Due to the programming error, there was an incident that changed the way people viewed this game. This is the corrupt blood incident. And people got so addicted to the game, and even the disease spread to the pets too. 

  • By playing the game of World of Warcraft the cognitive functions of the elderly people improve.

The game of World of Warcraft is not only good for youngsters, but also it helps in sharpening the brain of the elderly people. There were certain studies conducted which showed that most elderly had the best cognitive functions. 

  • The game has its negative consequences as well

There were so many instances where people became so addicted to the game that they lost their focus on life and ended up losing their lives.

Hence, these are the ten lesser-known facts about the World Of Warcraft.

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