The Best Cooking Apps of 2020

The Best Cooking Apps for Chefs and Home Cooks!Best Cooking Apps

A huge thank you to the app developers who have filled the app market with many useful apps that help to such a great extent with our daily lives. Whether you want to get some helpful cooking tips, organization tips, or daily weather updates, there are always apps that are available for all of these situations and needs. Similarly, if your goal to become an expert inside the kitchen, you can once again get help from apps. There are many cooking apps that are available for all of the platforms including iOS and Android. If you looking for the best cooking apps, keep reading this article.

Here are our favorite cooking apps… 

Food Network in the Kitchen

This is one of the top cooking apps that comes with thousands of recipes and new recipes get added on a regular basis. As suggested by the name,

this app does exactly that. It provides you with the biggest Chefs of the Kitchen from different networks directly on your mobile device with over 80k recipes to choose from. Available on both of the platforms, iOS and Android, this cooking app comes with numerous videos and photos as well from several different food network and television show chefs. An option is also available to search by ingredients or by a chef. The converter in this app is another handy feature that allows users to convert the volume of weight of items into something that is understandable. Great for WiFi apps for things like WiFi-enabled food thermometers.


Kitchen Stories

This free cooking app is available for both Android and iOS. It can be claimed that Kitchen Stories as one of the best cooking apps that are currently available. It contains numerous recipes and new recipes are added every day. Therefore, you can be assured of getting new recipes every day. Along with photos and text in the app, there are very clear videos that can help you even more with an easy cooking process. You can filter the recipes by country also so you can make sure you prepare a certain country’s recipe on a certain special day and be ready for it with its reminder app feature.

Kitchen Stories app

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Would you like to make cooking a lot easier? If so, download this app. It makes cooking nothing but fun. There are numerous recipes contained in this app that can be used to impress your family and friends. With all of this, BigOven even allows you to add a snapshot of your own recipes so others can see them. Another powerful feature of BigOven is its social feature where you are able to see what your family and friends are preparing in live time. The app has a ton of other helpful guides as well. Anything from “How long does bacon last?” to “Making your own sauerkraut.” This app is incredible and is a real partner for those who love spending time in the kitchen preparing their favorite recipes.

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Easy Vegetarian

Are you a vegetarian? If so, this is an app you should definitely check out. Green Kitchen is the best cooking app for vegetarians that features a huge library of vegetarian recipes. However, it is a premium app only available on iOS. It comes with very clear instructions so you can easily understand it. There are also photos available for additional help. There are gluten-free options available as well as vegetarian recipes. So for figure-conscious people, this is the ideal app.

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This is definitely one of the best cooking apps ever and can really be useful in the kitchen. The Yummly app contains numerous recipes that can be searched to find the one you are searching for using its outstanding search engine. Another great feature of this app is you can further customize the search engine according to your needs and over time it will learn your food habits and start to recommend recipes to you which are relevant to your lifestyle. You can save the ingredients and recipes inside of the in-app shopping list so you can use the list for your shopping. The app is available for both iOs and Android.

Yummly app

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Deliciously Ella

Here is another great cooking app on our list that is ideal if you are searching for delicious dishes while also keeping your health in check. This cooking app contains delicious dessert and meal recipes that keep gluten under control and are also appropriate if you are looking for something such as a detox eating plan. The app is available for both iOS and Android and comes with easy to understand and clear recipes as well as photos to make it easy to prepare meals quickly and easily.



This app is very useful if you are cooking expert already and would like to showcase your creations to your family, friends, and others. Download CookPad to your mobile device and upload your recipes and photos of what you have just cooked. People can comment and you can also see what people have uploaded and shared. The reasons are sorted in multiple categories and a profile is created in the app for you. If you are confident enough in your ingredients and recipes, then start to share your recipes and allows others to try them.

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cookpad app

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Forks Over Knives

Does this name sound familiar to you? It should since it is the name of a popular move on healthy eating. The app’s developers have created an app with the same name. The focus is on healthy eating. However, all of the recipes are truly mouth-watering and it proves that healthy eating doesn’t have to mean eating boring meals. It comes with over 200 recipes with all of them focusing on plant-based and whole-food meals. If healthy eating is something you think you need to stay fit then you should try out this app. I used Blackmart Alpha to download this particular app.

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Is cooking something new for you? If so, don’t worry. SideChef is ideal for you and has 16 thousand recipes that all come with step by step processes, clear instructions, and photos, voice commands, and videos. With all of this, the app provides you with plenty of opportunities to make adjustments to the serving size of the recipes which will automatically convert all of the ingredients for you. After your preparation is all done, you can take photos and share them with the SideChef community so others can appreciate your masterpieces. This app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.


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The final cooking app in our app more resembles a social media platform. It works in the style of Pinterest in that allows you to share your recipes as you are also getting a feed of different recipes from other chefs also. The Youmiam app is very useful in that help you every step along the way if you like to cook. This is a free app that is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

And that’s our list of the best cooking apps for pretty much anyone who loves or wants to learn to cook. If you’re using a different cooking app, let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll add it to our list!

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