The Best Organization Apps for Android for 2020

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The Best Android Apps for Organization

This is a very common question among smartphone users, mainly because that is what technology is supposed to do: help us stay organized. Right?

However, it is often difficult to find a good organization system. Some systems look great to the user. The buttons are inviting, the set up appeals to our visual needs, and everything seems in order as an organization app should. But then it breaks down and your information is floating around, or certain “to-do” items fall off the list, or even worse entire documents are gone.

Other apps for getting organized will never let you down and hold all your information safely and securely. As is, there are those that may have your information safe and sound but getting to it is a real drag. The user interface is boring and uninviting and there is no motivation to look at your checklist or upcoming projects because it has the app has the appeal of a file cabinet.

But do not fret one bit as there are a few very dedicated companies, developers, and artists that have created very good applications that can suit almost anybody’s style from the businessman to the musician and everyone looking to file away their “stuff” to a magical location.

I decided to keep these suggestions to a minimum based on my own experience of trying many other apps and only finding myself less organized and more focused on the app. These are the best apps I have used to stay organized.

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Organization Apps for Note Taking

The real beauty of organization is that it is now almost exclusively cloud-based and therefore you can have laptop programs or full web page versions of an organization software right on your smartphone itself. What this is means is that you can type up notes on your computer and access them from your phone at any time. The best programs and apps marriage this concept especially those dealing with a more comprehensive note-taking experience. These I would call the heavy hitters in the organization world but they do not own the exclusive rights. But I have used these and several, several more apps that deal with tidying up your life. I have a long history of trying the newest software to tighten the ship and these I have found the most useful.


This app is currently one of the best comprehensive note-taking and document storing software available. 10s of millions of downloads, 4.7 stars out of 5 with over 300,000 people rating the app. This is a good one.



Another quality note-taking app with a more user-friendly interface than Evernote… a little less business-like but still with features like tags, text notes, picture notes, voice notes and sharing streams.  Has a solid 4.0 rating.


Note Everything

Millions of downloads and high customization have this app bringing in 4.5 stars along with the capability to have paint notes… so you can draw up a map or sketch by hand and save it is as a note.

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Best To-Do List Apps


This is a lesser-known, but amazing to-do list app. Only a few 100 installs, yet this is going to be the next great to-do list app. The ease of use and interface blow the rest out of the water and the simplicity makes sure you are concentrating on your tasks and not spending hours inputting them. 4.6 stars Enjoy!



Much more well known than TinyList, Wunderlist provides similar ease of use and functionality and may be more up your alley depending on your personality. The look is less colorful and more business-like in some ways, though still enjoyable. 4.1 stars and worth a look.


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Your Everyday Organizers and Notetakers

More geared toward those not in school or taking classes, or who do not take incredibly comprehensive notes but instead want to organize their daily information more efficiently, while still having easy access and user-friendly ways to get at the information. What I am talking about here is organizing your own personal notes, links to websites, pictures, directions, restaurants, etc into one easy to use and easy to look at program.


Designed to keep you on top of your to-do list, tasks and calendar events with no hassle. With intuitive drag and drop of tasks, swiping to mark to-do’s as complete, and shaking your device to remove completed from your to-do list – you can stay organized and enjoy every minute of it. The app has over 25M downloads.

If you’re a bit forgetful, don’t forget to take a look at our list of reminder apps, no more forgetting meetings or your anniversary!

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Business Organizers

If you’re an entrepreneur, there are also some great organizational apps for you too. The first is roster apps to keep track of all of your employee’s attendance. These apps save you a lot of time as far as keeping track of hours worked, amounts to be paid and so on. You can even use them to track just your own hours. There are a big list of roster apps here if you want to test them all.

The next type of app is the inventory app. These apps help you manage all the things in your business. You can use them to track large inventories of goods, or simply list what you have in your office so you always have a record. What you do with these apps is totally up to you.

When it comes to managing your goods and stock, you need to ensure that you are utilizing technology. This is so that you can keep a track of what is moving in and what is going out. After all, inventory management can be a complicated and time-intensive task if not done correctly. Using technology to manage these processes is imperative. Spreadsheets are somewhat old-hat when it comes to tracking your stock. After all, spreadsheets can be prone to error. You need to make sure that you are using a stock management system that complies with your business needs. If you don’t use technology, well, you are not minimizing financial risks that are associated with this process.

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Inventory Tracker

Store management has never been easier. You can ensure that your smartphone is armed with all of the tools that it needs. Inventory tracker comes at a small fee. But, you can get a free version if funds are limited. Either way, having an app in place to ensure that your inventory is managed is necessary. You can ensure that you are keeping an eye on goods coming in and out. What is more, you can synchronise your spreadsheets with the app for a more robust overview of your moving lines. This is imperative for business. You can then analyse what stock is making money and what stock is bleeding the company dry. You can make a detailed analysis of your business by using this kind of app.

 SOS Inventory

For those among us that what apps to detail their goods and stock, SOS Inventory can be of benefit to your company. You can look at your sales and your orders. But, you can also ensure that you are detailing the necessary information of your stock. So, barcodes and serial numbers can be specified within the app. This makes sales management easier to handle as well as the ability to search files faster. If you have stock across a broad range of locations, you can make sure that you are aware of their location and how they are being handled. You can ensure that you are creating packing slips ready for dispatch. All from a handy app. There is an ongoing monthly fee for this app, but it can prove to be beneficial.

Retail Inventory

Apps need to be useful for them to be effective. With this in mind, you need to ensure that your apps are meeting the needs of your business. This app allows you to scan barcodes. This can help you determine what you have left in your storeroom without the need for manual input. This can help you reduce the risk of human input. But, you can also make sure that you are linking this with your tills for a more robust means of monitoring moving lines. This not beneficial for e-commerce industries. But, for those with traditional bricks and mortar retail outlet, this can be a positive app in your working arsenal.


Despite the amusing name, this app can be beneficial for those who have e-commerce ventures. You can capture orders and payment from the app. What is more, you can track and detail your inventory too. This app can be used for customer management so that you can meet or exceed deadlines.

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