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Two Types of Security System Apps: Proprietary &

When it comes to building an app, most security companies go one of either two ways. Below I go over each option.

Proprietary apps: These are the kind of apps that companies have created specifically for their use. Companies like Galaxy Protection often have their own apps developed as they are often more secure, are coded in a way that tailors to each company’s specific needs and they can easily add additional modifications as the needs arise. apps: Alarm allows companies to invest into their infrastructure rather than the technologies they may know nothing about or are not well prepared to deal with or maintain. So companies can use the platform to create apps that are some what tailored to their needs, but the company isn’t responsible to update or maintain the servers or code.

Home Security Apps

Vivint Sky App

Your Sky app is basically a home automation and security app. There are a lot of things that you can control and use this app for when it comes to maintaining your home whether you are present or far from where you live.

You can control the temperature of your home from anywhere which is great if you’re traveling for a while but left the heater up. Or you can turn your lights on and off even when you are not home. This is great for making people think you’re still at home when you’re not.

You can even control your TV to really trick any would-be burglars into thinking you;re right there.

Galaxy Protection

This app is a little different than the Sky app in that it is a propitiatory app that is mostly used for businesses rather than home security.

Yes, you can still see what’s going on at your work site using the app. But there are also 24 hour guards watching too so that if anything happens at all, the authorities can be notified right then and there.

So if you owned a car dealership and someone was trying to steal your cars, the guards on duty would see what’s going on even though you may not. In this way they can all the police and have the theft stopped before it’s successful.

Another benefit of having 24 hour security is that there are always other problems that come up, like fires or broken water pipes. Using the company for 24 hour protection means if anything at all is out of the ordinary, problems can be reported and immediately fixed. App

Although doesn’t offer 24 guards to watch your belongings, it is still a great app for home security. You can use the app with any home automation equipment you already have and it’s the basis of many other company’s apps, so you may already be using some software that can be tied right in.

Home security is getting technical as time goes on. The list of advancements is huge and expect more cool stuff to be coming out soon. And when it does you’ll find all the information you need to decide whether to buy or not right here on

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