DreamScene Video Wallpaper 2020 Download

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If you are getting bored using static wallpapers and want to make your desktop colorful and keep it moving all the time with floating items and colorful things, then you must use the DreamScene Video Wallpaper.

DreamScene Video Wallpaper is the solution for the dynamic desktop screen to transform it with the HD moving wallpapers.

DreamScene Video Wallpaper provides the system of getting animated and dancing items on the main screen.

It is a way to enhance the beauty of the desktop by setting the playing videos as a desktop background wallpaper.

DreamScene Video Wallpaper is much similar to the wallpaper feature of the Windows Vista Ultimate and now available for most of the versions of Windows operating systems.


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In addition to simply using or via using the video wallpaper of DreamScene the users of Windows operating systems can even use the video loops as well as setting the presentations or creating their own DVD menu.

Here is how you can download and install the DreamScene Video Wallpaper in order to make the video content as a desktop background.


Step 1: Download DreamScene Video Wallpaper from here

Step 2: Install it by following the step by step instructions just like normal installation procedure

Step 3: Open the DreamScene Video Wallpaper from the desktop or main menu

Step 4: You can also download the new video wallpaper as well by simply clicking on the Download DreamScene Wallpapers!

Step 5: In the same manner, you can add own video wallpaper from the system as well by clicking on the Plus Green Icon to browse video wallpaper from the system and set as the desktop video wallpaper

Step 6: In the display properties option selects the appropriate format for display as you like most. This is just like the setting of static wallpaper. You can also set the timer for the change of video wallpaper after the set interval of time.


DreamScene Video Wallpaper even lets the users set dozens of video wallpapers and set the timer for each display.

If talk about the quality then DreamScene easily support the all type of formats from simple SD to HD.

It makes it possible for the PC that it is consuming minimal memory in case of usage of video wallpaper. Simply use DreamScene Video Wallpaper and make the desktop more colorful and interesting by decorating it with your favorite videos.


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