14 Best Reminder App for Android

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14 Best Reminder Apps for Android which can come in very handy!

A reminder app for Android is for those of us who have a tendency to forget things like an anniversary (ouch!), birthday, when to take our pills or medication, or even to just to run to the store and get some milk.

For whatever reason you need a reminder to get that task done that you keep forgetting, We will help you find the best reminder app for Android so you can save some time and get those errands finished quickly.

Below are fourteen of the best Android reminder app we could find. Most we have used ourselves are quite familiar with, so if you need any help or have a question, be sure to use the comments.

Combine these with the best weather app for Android and you have everything you need right at your fingertips.


1. To Do Reminder App

To Do Reminder App

Forgetting things too early or facing the issue of short term memory loss?

Don’t worry we have an application for Android smartphones that will make sure you are up to date and connected with your necessary to do tasks at all the times.

By using this application, you won’t be required to remember all those things that you have to do because each and every detail will be nicely controlled by this application.

With just a few clicks it will do it all for you. You are only required to set a task in the reminder list which just takes a few seconds.

Some key features of To Do Reminder app that are worth mentioning here to motivate you are that it is very easy to install and use, and it’s super quick to add any tasks you need reminding of.  Here are a few more…

  • Quickly set reminders, literally seconds
  • Customize each reminder to remind you in a few minutes, or daily, weekly, yearly, whatever time period you need
  • You can choose Notifications or Alarms for any reminder
  • You can use any sound or even music you want as the reminder sound
  • No need to type at all if you have speech-to-text
  • Synchronize birthdays and anniversaries using Facebook, Phonebook, Google Calendar, or add them manually
  • Go the extra step and set the alert to automatically post birthday wishes on your friends Facebook wall or send them Wishes by Gmail, SMS, WhatsApp
  • Save all your reminders to your smartphones SDCard, as mail attachments or upload to Drive using the Backup & Restore feature
  • Use the handy app widget to see all of your notification right on your home screen.


2. Just Reminder App

just reminder app for Android

Just Reminder app is yet another simple reminder application for the Android smartphone user.

Once installed, this application is going to remind you of everything at the time specified by you.

By way of this application, you can easily set tasks reminders, phone call reminders, to-do list, birthday reminders, bill reminders, anniversary reminders and much more.

  • Can set ToDo / Task Reminders, Phone Call Reminders, Birthday Reminders, Anniversary Reminders and
  • Quickly & easily set Bill Reminders
  • Works with speech to text so no typing is needed
  • You can choose any repeat mode like by the minute, hour, day, year, anything you’d like
  • Customize your reminders with any images, ring tones on your device or even speech alarms
  • Can send birthday or anniversary wishes and cards to friends and family on Facebook

Whatever you have in mind about reminders and to-do list settings, they are all available in Just Reminder.

Your work with Just Reminder will become even easier when you employ its feature of customizable repeating intervals that will repeat every few minutes, hours and even specific days and weeks.

You can even customize each reminder with an image of your choice, or by using a particular ring tone.


3. DUE – Reminders & Timers

Due — Reminders, Countdown Timers is an application for iDevices making the iPhone and iPad users able to keep all of their important reminders stored at a centralized place.

The beautiful design of this application will allow you only to focus on your reminders.

The main advantages of using this application are that it repeatedly reminds you of items that are still due, and it will keep going on until you act on them.

So, don’t think about forgetting anything when using this application. It is fast and efficient and there is no requirement for the creation of an account and no start and end systems.

You can make the priorities on your own by way of using the customized functions of Due — Reminders, Countdown Timers.

This application is fully optimized for all models of iPhone and supports Apple Watch as well.


4. Fantastical 2 for iPhone

Fantastical 2 is the elegant combination of calendar and reminder system for the iDevices only. It works great just like it looks great.

If you are planning to replace iPhone’s stock calendar app, then Fantastical 2 will be surely the best replacement.

Simply install and launch this application and see what you have got to manage your work.

The main highlighted features and functions of Fantastical 2 is to see the events and date reminders in the main list, add reminders directly from the reminders list, easily switch between events and reminders, set dates, set times, set geofences, create reminders by way of your voice, set shortcut voice commands and much more.

The exceptional about Fantastical 2 is that in addition to setting the event and reminder of something you can even add the map of that location as well.


5. Wunderlist

Here comes one of the easiest and simplest ways to make the to-do list and set the reminders of your important events.

It will assist you to get the work dome.

Whatever is in your mind – either it is about the planning of a birthday or setting the reminder of any upcoming meeting or event – this application will make you able to set the reminders for your multiple projects and get all done on the right time set by you.

It will allow you to organize and share your lists and reminders even with others as well.

From small to large, all tasks can be best planned by using this robust application.

No matter whether your lists are work-related or just for fun, you will never miss a deadline again after using Wunderlist.

You can share the list with others in case of collaborative projects as well.

Wunderlist download for smartphones

6. Evernote

Evernote is basically a note-taking application but works as a reminder as well.

This application is going to help you with all of your projects by making you able to increase the productivity level.

Whatever your purpose is, you can use this application considering multiple projects performing the application.

Use this to create a project or to make a to-do list or simply set a reminder.

It can be anything that you want, and once you create it, it will remain accessible wherever you go, forever.

All of your data will be saved and organized in proper order by this application so that you can search for anything easily and get that in seconds.

Whatever you will maintain by using this application can be shared wither others as well.


7. Simplest Reminder

It is the simplest reminder setting application just like its name that will make you able to create a simple reminder in a few steps and a few seconds.

Don’t forget anything next time because this application is going to remind you again and again until that work will be done.

You can use this application for both Android smartphones and tablets.

It will notify you at the appropriate time set by you. It is very easy to set a reminder by using this application.

Simplest Reminder is available in two editions that are Simplest Reminder Free and Simplest Reminder Pro.

The Pro version of Simplest Reminder will deliver you more features in the shape of custom interval reminders system, popup dialogue, custom snooze duration, recurring reminders, etc. However, the Free version of Simplest Reminder is also very outclassed and enough to meet your basic reminder requirements.


8. Any.DO

Any.do helps you accomplish anything by matching up your own errands, work projects, and shared tasks, so you have an obvious way of pushing ahead.

With Any.do you can deal with your own objectives, your family errands, and your group’s tasks in one spot.

Build your group’s profitability with shared ventures, records, and errands. Include connections, subtasks and discussions to get this show on the road.

Utilize the notice focus to ensure you know when the critical stuff happens.

Some features and functions of the Any.DO are set daily planner, share & delegate with other, upload files and attach all important documents, sync data across all devices, add notes to tasks, list management system, pass comments and much more.

Using this application to add a reminder and get reminded at the right time or place. It will also allow you to customize your repeating tasks as well.


9. Reminders – Task reminder app

Reminders – Task reminder app is the best way to organize and set a reminder for your important tasks.

It will also make you able to create repetitive tasks easily. Add once and choose how often you want to get the tasks repeated.

It is an ultimate and hassle-free reminder application for Android smartphones only.

It will let you see exactly what you need to do at the right time so that you can stay productive all the time.

Having Reminders – Task reminder app in the mobile device means a source of freedom to control your day.

The inspired design of this app will always keep you motivated to be organized and set reminders for all of your life’s events no matter how big or small.

The reminders can be set according to location as well.

Reminders – Task reminder app also has the system of custom reminder repetition patterns as well.


10. aCalendar – Android Calendar

aCalendar is a calendar-based reminder application best known for its smooth interface.

Based on the intuitive navigation system design to deliver smooth transitions between day, week and month view, aCalendar is an application that provides its users with the agenda view and widget system.

You can even get the year view by using this application as well. To maintain your interest with this application, this app has almost forty right colours per calendar.

Google Calendar management is also integrated into this application that’s why most of the Android users prefer this reminder application.

Some extra features that are the part of aCalendar are built in public holidays reminder; configurable optional holidays embed system, color themes to make the interface outclass, tasks management and much more.

aCalendar is simply one of the best calendar and reminder applications for your Android smartphones.


11. BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder is the name of an easy to use to-do list maker and reminder setting app for smartphone users.

This simplest and user-friendly application is particularly design for those users who want to set up tasks super quickly.

This app is armed with a lot of settings and customized features, and you can easily adapt it according to your specific requirements.

It will keep you organized and make you get tasks done at the right time.

The repeating tasks feature of BZ Reminder will allow you to control easily all the tasks that are on the to-do list.

Call reminder is the unique feature of this application that will notify you of missed calls and keeps reminding you until you cancel.

BZ Reminder is a must-have application for those busy professionals who have to deal simultaneously with a lot of tasks and events.


12. Life Reminders

Life Reminders is another application that truly concentrates on the basic demonstration of helping you to remember stuff when you instruct it to.

This one is somewhat clever on the grounds that it can really play out certain errands for you. For example, in the event that you need to call somebody at 11:00 AM, the application will remind you, and you can tap on the warning to put the call right then.

It has a decent arrangement of elements, and late redesigns have just seemed to improve the application.

Presently with Life Reminders, you effectively make an update for your everyday assignments and cancel them.

At the point when the time comes, Life Reminders will remind you.

Life Reminders generally supports four types of date and time-based reminders that are call reminders, task reminders, message reminders and email reminders.

So, for the first time, there is a reminder application whose focus is on your other activity as well.


13. Today Calendar

Today Calendar is yet another calendar-based reminder application delivering two services of calendar and reminder at the same time.

Most of the features and functions in this application have been derived from the stock Android calendar.

It has also collected the sources from the other calendars available on the Google Play Store as well.

Most of the features in this application are getting slightly modified and rebuilt from the ground up to enhance productivity and performance.

It is for organizing the agenda incredibly easy. The month view system in this application has been redesigned to provide an all in one new view.

The latest version of Today Calendar combines both the month and agenda views of the stock calendar to allow the users to plan and organize their agenda from a single view.


14. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an all in one calendar and reminder application by the Google for smartphone users to set the reminders, add events and easily keep track of important events at a centralized place.

Most of the benefits of this application will be enjoyed by the Gmail users when they will get the events from Gmail directly added in this application.

You can use this application for adding your personal goals as well, and it will schedule a time for them automatically.

The to-do system in Google Calendar will let you use reminders to create and view to-dos alongside your events.

The latest version of Google Calendar has a new schedule view where you can see your schedule at a glance with photos and maps of the places you are going.

You can quickly create events with smart suggestions for event titles, places, and people.

So there they are, the best reminder apps for Android plus some.

Which one are you using? Give us some feedback in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for this article Team touchdroid!

    I would also recommend NearMinder, which is the only app to send you reminders based on your proximity to your contacts and places! With this app you can easily set reminders for things you have to do when meeting people and get notified when these people are nearby. It also works for location-based reminders.
    NearMinder respects your contact privacy in showing their location and sending notifications only when they enter your radius.

    You can try it via this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nearminder.nearminder

  2. Nice list! Some of those apps are really great. However, I’m still looking for an app that will combine not only pill reminder, but also other prescriptions reminders – like sports and meal, maybe even something else, any suggestions?

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