Do Lie Detector Apps Actually Detect Anything?

Veritaps lie detector phone app

Have you ever stood in front of someone and you knew they were flat out lying to you?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a handy lie detector? Just hook up some electrodes, or better yet, just have a truth detector app or lie detector test app on your phone so you could just have them touch your phone, and poof, you’d get a message if they were lying or telling the truth instantly.

I’m sure the CIA or someone has software and tech like that, but as far as us mortals, we are going to have to suffice with apps like the ones I’ve listed below.

The first app we will look at comes from computer scientists at the University of Copenhagen.

Apparently, they’ve come up with an intelligent algorithm that can decipher when your answers are perhaps taking too long to be honest, or the way you’re swiping an answer into your smartphone has some “hidden” agenda in your fingertips, thus calling you out as a lair.

So have we finally come further than the original “Lie Detector Machine” that was invented in 1921?



Seems a long time to wait for an improvement.

Especially with all the technological advantages we’ve come up with since then.

The algorithm, called Veritaps, and created by some smart people at the University of Copenhagen may be the closest thing that’s been invented so far as an alternative to the the lie detector.

But, the creators quickly add a disclaimer stating that the app shouldn’t be used in “serious” situations like a court room or in legal matters.

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For me that already is a big strike on how serious to take the app when the creators are saying that I should pretty much just use it as a fun pass time?

But who knows, this may be the answer you were looking for to find out if that friend of yours really didn’t take that last missing Twinkies. So for now, I think those crimes are still going to be unsolvable.

advanced lie detector plusThe next app instead of working on swipes works with a voice related algorithm.

Yup, lots of algorithms to test our truthfulness. Advanced Lie Detector Plus promises to be able to detect lies through a person’s speech patterns.

This logarithm is based on the NATO algorithm stating “Voice Stress Lie Detector based upon NATO detection algorithms” which to be honest I call total BS as the true NATO algorithms are completely secret like most military grade algorithms.

But sure, sounds cool. And the basic formula for the speech Analysis Using Teager Energy Operator is published and could be implemented in an app, but it is in no way a complete system for being a lie detector.

“The results show a 93.6% correct performance rate for the TEO-CB-Auto-Env method. The newly introduced methods, TEO-DWT-Auto-Env, TEO-WP-Auto-Env and TEO-PWP-Auto-Env, in general show very comparable performance to TEO-CB-Auto-Env with correct classification rates ranging from 86.5% to 95.8%.” Find the complete report here.

So maybe this will make it into new smartphones someday, but for now I think not. But they are fun to play with. I just get tired of all the advertising on them!

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Q: What are lie detector apps?

A: Lie detector apps are applications that claim to detect lies or truths based on voice analysis, fingerprint scanning, or facial recognition.

Q: How do lie detector apps work?

A: Lie detector apps work by asking the user to speak, touch, or look at the screen, and then analyzing the input for signs of stress, emotion, or deception. 

Q: Are lie detector apps reliable?

A: Lie detector apps are unreliable, not based on scientific evidence or validated methods. They are mostly intended for entertainment or prank purposes, and should not be used for serious matters or decisions.

Q: What are the risks of using lie detector apps?

A: Using lie detector apps can pose risks, such as invading privacy, violating consent, damaging relationships, or causing harm.

Q: What are some examples of lie detector apps?

A: Some examples of lie detector apps are Lie Detector Simulator 2022, Face Lie Detector, Voice Lie Detector Prank, Lie Detector Face Test Simulator Prank, and Truth and Lie Detector Prank.

Which is your favorite app? Definitely let me know in the comments below if you’ve had different results or if you know of an app that works really well. I’ll try it on my girlfriend 😉

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