How to Stop Paying Too Much for Printer Ink

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Save Money on Printer Ink

How do we go about stop paying too much for printer ink and start actually saving when it comes to printing supplies? There are key answers to that very important question, so keep reading for three great ways to save. It is up to you to choose one or all of them.

First things first, you need to realize that online printer ink stores allow you to choose from a large inventory and low prices on aftermarket cartridges that actually cut cost up to 60% of regular original brands. And a lot of these stores also offer coupons and discounts. You can find a coupon for pretty much any cartridge manufacturer from a 4inkjets coupon to the newest Brother coupons. Online retailers don’t have to keep the cartridges in shelves so the cost is lowered quite handsomely up front.

But be aware that third party vendors must have an ISO-9001 certification wording in their landing page. You need to make sure their remanufacturing or compatible cartridge manufacturing is done in a way that they meet or exceed original standards. So first way to stop paying more is to buy online.

Second way to stop paying too much is like we previously said to choose alternative cartridges called, remanufactured and compatible. You’ll find a short but important definition below so you can know exactly what you are choosing. When choosing remanufactured and compatible cartridges from an online store be sure to have a lengthy money back warranty.

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Three to six months is not enough specially when talking about printer ink because you’re printing habits differ from other people, you could have a busy office printer that prints 500 or more pages a week or have a home printer that needs printer cartridge change every three months or so. ONE full year is the least you need to be able to return or get another cartridge in case the one you got failed.


Third way to stop paying too much is to buy on bulk. Yes!! purchasing more actually saves you on the long run. The more you purchase the less the cartridge cost and after $100 you don’t pay shipping and handling for most stores, sometimes even less. So take a few minutes to figure out how long a cartridge lasts and then purchase at least 2 of each so you can have the spare cartridge ready when needed.

Most popular printers also have the option of XL or High Yield cartridges that hold twice as much ink and cost a bit more but decrease the span between cartridge changes. Both ways also help you save because the longer the printer is without a cartridge the highest the possibilities are that they print head will dry and cause further damage to your printer and then either you need a technician to come and fix it or you need an entirely new printer.

Our conclusion then is that purchasing online your printer ink will help you save. Purchasing remanfuactured cartridges or compatible ink will also allow you to stop paying too much and increase your warranty for up to a year. Getting high yield cartridges also help you save in the long run because you print more with one cartridge change. Choose wisely and ask us if you have any questions we are here to help.

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Remanufactured Ink Definition

These cartridges have been recycled, cleaned and refurbished with new parts and printer ink to be reused. What people need to make sure when purchasing remanufactured cartridges is for them to have an ISO 9001 certification to ensure they have undergone rigorous testing and have a long term warranty at least of one year. They usually cost half or up to seventy percent less than original cartridges thus making them not only an earth saving option but also a money saving method.

Compatible Ink Definition

First it should be noted that Compatible cartridges are the same as OEM cartridges in the sense that they are both new devices. Yes they have never been used or recycled as it is the reality of remanufactured ones. What draws them apart is the difference in price. Because compatible cartridges have been made by a third party manufacturer and not the printers original maker they are sometimes half to seventy five percent lower in price.

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