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Live Wallpaper Windows 10 [Free Download]

by Naseem Kaloo
Free Live Wallpaper for Windows 10 - Team Touch Droid

Live wallpaper Windows 10 is just a glimpse of the immaculate features offered by this Microsoft OS. Thus; you enjoy setting live wallpapers, fun stickers, widgets, and whatnot!

Windows 10 is a classy example of improvements by Microsoft over the years. So, hold tight.

However, many premium-grade & advanced smartphones also offer live wallpapers. So, you should upgrade your on-screen experience with them, right.


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This blog is a brief guide to help you set live wallpapers & make the most of this outstanding OS. It’s like your desktop or laptop screen coming alive. You get next-level appeal with these wallpapers.

If you’re someone new to this, let us define live wallpapers for you first.

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What are live wallpapers?

Live wallpaper windows 10 are also known as animated or motion wallpapers. Your stable image on the computer screen gets moving.

You may wonder how it is possible. Well, you’re going to set animated files instead of JPG or PNG files. That’s it. It can be your GIF or .MP4 file, and your windows 10 will give you motion picture feels.

Do you know? Live wallpapers consume up to 10% your CPU

Let’s move ahead & gear-up with essentials before setting live wallpapers. Additionally, we’ll have much exciting stuff too.

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Before you install 3D moving wallpaper for windows 10

It’s easy to set multiple images to run after frequent intervals on your Windows 10 home screen. However, it may become a headache when live wallpaper windows 10 come into play.

The struggle is real as 3D moving wallpaper for windows 10 may lower your CPU performance. Your windows screen suddenly gets lazy & you’re not able to run it as usual. So, what should you do?

Don’t let live wallpaper take a toll on your PC. Just install supporting software that fixes it all. So, let’s see more.

Install Supporting Software: Desktop Hut

Please note: We’re suggesting this software just because it is available for Free. Also, it is available for Windows, Ubuntu, and Android OS.

The desktop hunt is easily configured. Also, you access a treasure of HD Live Wallpapers that bring your screen to life.

However, you can enjoy using it for a 30-day free trial. After that, you’ll be charged with $10.

You can download & install Desktop Hunt by clicking this link.

Pro Tip: Disable live wallpaper windows 10 when you’re running heavy CPU-consumption software or gaming to save battery

You may worry less if your CPU is an extremely high performance and can withstand such high consumptions.

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Top 10 Providers for Free Live Wallpaper Windows 10

  1. Windows 10 Settings

Are you too lazy to download any extra software? Windows settings will never disappoint you! Satisfy your needs to set live wallpaper with the default features provided by Windows 10.

Special features:

  • Slideshows
  • Google Drive access to the personal media gallery
  • Multi-device support with Windows sync


  1. Wallpaper Engine

Do you want sassy live graphics or short, engaging videos for your desktop screen? This software is the best one. Please have a look at its distinct features here.

Special features:

  • Multiple monitor support, videos, 2D and 3D animation support
  • It provides quality & performance with exciting features like a full-screen view.
  • You can pause wallpapers when the laptop is not in use.
  • Wallpaper engine supports workshop videos MP4, and several file formats like AVI, WMV, and MV4 for local videos.

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  1. Aqua 3D Live Wallpaper

As the name suggests, Aqua 3D live wallpaper provider helps you with watery themes. Feel like an aquarium brought to life on your PC. It instantly jazzes up screen appeal & relaxes your mind with fishes & water creatures swimming around. Moreover, you’ll love to adore the screen every time you see it.

So, are you a sea animal? If yes, bring it out with this software.

Aquarium Wallpaper

Image Source: Google

Special features:

  • It features impressive add-ons like bubbles, swinging corals, and more.
  • Choose the type of bubbles you like
  • It sets you free to choose the backdrop you desire


  1. Chameleon Wallpaper App

As guessed by the name, Chameleon is a live wallpaper app that adapts to the color of its surroundings. Your screen color changes when you point your mouse to something around. So, do you like this unique Chameleon idea?

Special features:

  • Brighter hue choices
  • Seamless implementation of live wallpapers
  • Minimum battery consumption with highly optimized performance
  • Select colors by double-tapping your preference

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  1. Fences

Would you like to arrange the shortcuts and icons on your desktop? Fences are your live wallpaper application beyond facilitating unique screens. So, what do you think about this one?

Special features:

  • It makes shortcut-management easy by highlighting portions on your screen.
  • Just double-click on the title-bar & get mess-free.
  • Set rules & define icons your way


  1. Hologram Girl from Blade Runner 2049

Are you a fan of the Blade Runner movie? It’s your customized motion wallpaper app for Windows 10. Get a chance to experience science fiction by breathtakingly moving the Hologram girl. So, do you belong to this theme?

Special features:

  • It does not affect your Windows performance.
  • Gets active as you’re on the Home screen – saves battery!

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  1. Push Video Wallpaper

Making live or animated wallpaper is very easy to push video wallpaper. You’ll enjoy its portable, straightforward, and appealing UI to navigate through wallpapers. So, why should you have it?

Special features:

  • User-friendly & easy to set up
  • Multi-feature access from single window screen
  • Allows video file selection for Live Wallpaper Windows 10 in few clicks
  • Set video frequency, play mode, or random features
  • Many options for Aqua Wallpapers, Landscapes, etc.

In other words, this one is the perfect software for live wallpapers.

  1. Star Wars Darth Vader

Shout out to all-star wars fans. This live wallpaper maker is exclusively for you. Bring your desktop screen to dark theme & it feels like a night movie theme. So, how about switching from light to dark?

Special features:

  • Custom lightsaber theme customization based on battery-consumption, Wi-Fi Signal strength & more.

In short, go for it if you belong to this dark theme clan.

  1. Widgets HD

Widgets HD is one of the coolest live wallpaper themes, focusing on transforming desktop experience in moments. Be ready to witness an attractive next-gen material pattern. So, here are it’s impressive features.

Special features:

  • Various apps & themes to change desktop background
  • Native shop to select alternate apps
  • Weather, date & time widgets, and much more

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for an option for wallpapers + widgets, go for it. However, it’s a great choice to make in either case.

  1. Reddit Wallpaper Changer

It’s an exclusive wallpaper changer designed for Windows OS. If you’re looking for a fresh & crisp range of wallpapers, look no further than Reddit. So, are you ready for this last one? After that, you can decide which one to use.

Special features:

  • Community network with predefined parameters
  • Wallpaper settings at predefined intervals
  • Sorting & filtering options for images
  • You get wallpaper change alerts.

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Using GIFs as Animated Windows 10 Screens

As seen above, you’ll have to take help from wallpaper animator software to use GIFs as animated wallpaper. BioniX is one of them.

It has 250+ unique features to enhance desktop background beyond using GIF or AVI wallpaper. For instance, you can set webcam chat or carousel as live wallpaper. 

So, you’ll have to download it first if you want to use GIF as wallpaper of your Windows 10.

Once you install the software, go to the Video Wallpaper tab. Browse your local system’s gallery where your GIF wallpapers are located. Thus, access the desired one & your windows desktop will set it as background.

Are you unable to change Background in Windows 10? Here’s the fix! 

So, you want to change background but attempts fail?

Sometimes, it becomes a headache to change the background in Windows 10. Similarly, if you’re trying hard and not getting there, it becomes an issue. You end up scratching your head with what to do. Finally, we have the fix.

When you’re unable to change the background, it is because of disabled settings on your PC. However, some other causes may exist like you don’t have access/rights to change the desktop background.

Go to Settings > Personalization > Background & see if you can change the desktop background. So easy!

Download Restoro PC Repair Tool. It is one of the best software to repair common computer errors like file loss, malware, and hardware failure. In short, it optimizes your PC for optimum performance. However, you may choose if you want it or not. Moreover, some people avoid them because of performance issues too. Hence, be careful.

The Takeaway

So, are you all set to install friendly software from our suggestions & set one for your screen? We hope you’ve got some amazing ones in your to-do list for today. Moreover, please share your experience when you use any. We will be happy to hear from you.

Above all, live wallpapers are a booming trend. But it is up to you whether to use it or not. In conclusion, using them is staying in movement.

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