How to hard reset iPhone? [All models]


This blog teaches you how to hard reset the iPhone regardless of the model you own.

No wonder iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones you would love to flaunt; it is still hardware with software. It’s always an electronic device, after all.  Also, technical issues are the worst surprises for us.

For example, app crashes, poor Wi-Fi connectivity, or minor glitches may want you to reset your iPhone.

Before we proceed to help you with how to hard reset the iPhone, let’s look at a few basics. Also, you’ll learn when to use what. So, go on reading until the end.

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What is a hard reset, soft reset & factory reset?

If you only know reset, here are three different ways to reset your iPhone. P.S. Each of them can be applied in distinct situations.

Hard Reset

You restart the phone and refresh the memory running your apps with a hard reset. It’s usually done when your device freezes. Hard reset doesn’t delete your phone’s data. Hence, you can safely hard reset your phone without worrying about backing up your data.

People opt for a hard reset for apparent reasons. It’s more extreme and powerful than the soft reset.

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Soft Reset

When you turn off your iPhone & turn it on again, you’re doing a soft reset. Yes, it’s what you say restart.

For instance, you’re using soft reset when you switch off your desktop, laptop, or smartphone & turning it on after waiting for at least a minute or two.

It would help if you went for this option only when you think software issues hit your device. Soft reset does not affect device data. Also, it’s okay if you don’t back up your iPhone.

Factory Reset

You try hard & soft reset but cannot achieve what you were willing to do. Now, you’ve got a factory reset. Your device will be reset. So, this means your iPhone will lose all the data in the device memory after a factory reset. For instance, your iPhone will look brand-new.

Beware before you do a factory reset! You’ll lose your essential data. Thus, you’ll have to backup data with iTunes or iCloud. We suggest performing factory reset only when your iPhone undergo serious software problem.

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Now you know what hard rest vs. soft reset iPhone means.

3 Methods to Hard Reset iPhone

  1. Hard rest iPhone 8 & above

This method will force restart your iPhone when it is unresponsive.

  • Press and release the volume-up button (it works for any versions above iPhone 8)
  • Repeat step-1 with the volume-down button
  • Press and hold the side button until the iPhone logo appears
  • Release your finger

If your iPhone doesn’t restart after this, make sure it is fully charged. Also, if it does not continue after setting, read “Fix an iPhone that doesn’t hard reset” section discussed later in this blog.

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resetting iPhone XR with hard method
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  1. Hard reset iPhone 7 or 7 Plus
  • Press and hold your volume down & sleep/wake button till the Apple logo appears
  • Release the buttons as soon as the logo appears
iphone 7 - reset with buttons
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Your iPhone will normally start if a restart is successful. If reset is unsuccessful, charge it for an hour & try again.


  1. Hard reset iPhone 6, 6s Plus, or iPhone SE (1st Gen)
  • Press & hold the Home button and sleep/wake button for at least 10 seconds or see the Apple logo.
  • Release the buttons as soon as the logo appears
iPhone 6 SE- reset - hard
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Your iPhone will usually start if the restart is successful. If reset is unsuccessful, charge it for an hour & try again.

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Use the methods mentioned above as applicable for the iPhone in use. It’s great if it works for you. If not, here is the last mode you can try:

Fix an iPhone that doesn’t hard reset

  1. Connect your iPhone to your desktop or laptop with your cable
  2. Open Mac finder or iTunes
  3. Locate your iPhone
  4. Set iPhone under recovery mode

Here, the first three steps are the same for all iPhone models, but the last one varies depending on the iPhone you use. We’ll breakdown the recovery modes for all:

  • Face ID: Press & release volume up & down buttons one after the other. Next, press & hold the top-edge button until you see iPhone restarting.
  • iPhone 8 or later versions: Press & release volume up & down buttons one after the other. Then, press & hold the right side button until recovery mode appears.
  • iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: Press & release the top button and volume down button simultaneously. Rest your phone when it restarts.
  • iPhone 6 or older versions: Press & release the home button and top button simultaneously. Rest your phone when it restarts.

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  1. Click the “Update” button on your computer screen.

This option will open your iPhone in recovery mode & attempts to repair iOS without losing data.

Last but not least, you can reach out to Apple Support if none of the above works.

You can also get Mobile phone repair parts from

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How to factory reset iPhone without a password?

Before you proceed to factory reset, let us brief some scenarios when you should choose this option:

  • When you’ve forgotten your password
  • You want to sell a used iPhone & delete all existing data.
  • You’ve just purchased a used iPhone & it’s currently locked.
  • Your iPhone isn’t running well & factory data reset your last hope.

Here is how you can factory reset iPhone without a password.

Wrapping it up

Take a recap with this image:

mobile phones
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I hope you’ve found the answer you were looking for. Also, if you have any suggestions, feel free to share it in the comments. We’re happy to help you out.

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