10 Best DNS Servers [Free & Public]

10 Best DNS Servers [Free & Public]-Team Touch Droid

Best DNS servers are the building blocks of the internet we use today.

We’re provided with a default DNS server by our ISPs (Internet Service Provider). However, there are situations when alternate DNS servers are profitable. We’re about to discover some of the public DNS servers today. So, hold your seats.

I want to tell you a few more details about DNS servers before we proceed further. Also, it would help if you questioned when you need alternate DNS servers.

You may skip the extra details & check out the best DNS servers list using the blog guide on the right side here.

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What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. It translates domain names into machine-friendly IP addresses. DNS is useful for web browsers to load desired internet resources.

what is DNS server
Image Source: Google

Let’s relate it with real-world examples. When you post a letter, it is sorted with pin codes & not your name. Similarly, it makes it feasible for web browsers to return results to IP addresses via DNS servers, which is the only thing they understand.

Thanks to DNS servers, we don’t need to remember numeric device addresses like

There are four types of DNS servers:

  • Recursive resolvers
  • Root nameservers
  • TLD nameservers
  • Authoritative nameservers

You may Google each of them if you’re interested in learning them further.

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Why use alternate DNS?

We’ve got four obvious reasons that trigger the need to use alternate DNS. They’re as below:

  1. You can unlock region-blocked content with alternate DNS servers.
  2. Internet speed enhancement
  3. Alternate DNS blocks your ISP from logging every single-minute browsing history. Thus, you get rid of the ads. Also, you protect your data from selling.
  4. Some third-party DNS server address protects you against security threats. You’re shielded from any ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, etc.

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3 Important things to consider when switching a DNS

It’s great that you’re planning to switch over an alternate DNS. But, it would help if you keep these crucial factors in mind while switching a DNS.

  1. Reliability

Firstly, consider the reliability of the respective DNS server. Many of them boast about efficiency, but few of them stand up to our expectations. Gather reviews regarding the particular DNS server you’re about to use. After all, performance is the critical stuff never to compromise.

  1. Speed

Switching over a third-party DNS doesn’t mean your internet runs at tortoise speed. Speed should always be your primary concern with DNS servers. So, you deserve to browse at high speed, right.

  1. Security

All is well until you’re attacked. Don’t worry; we will help you out here too. Just like DNS servers, DNS attacks are widespread also. Some of them are domain hijacking, DRDoS, cache poisoning, DNS tunneling, DNS spoofing, random subdomain attacks, etc.

Here are eight tips to prevent DNS attacks you must read. Also, you should check for authenticity levels of DNS servers to ensure its capability against attacks.

By the time you’re quite aware of the DNS servers, we recommend one more thing to read. Also, ask yourself if you’ll continue with free/open DNS servers or paid ones.

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Is paid DNS better than free?

Many free DNS are well-equipped with firewall policies, filtering, rate-limiting, blocking to banish DRDoS attacks, etc. In addition, they’re capable enough to safeguard against attacks. But, some paid versions offer extensive features & security. In short, they’re charging for additional performance facilities.

More significantly, paid DNS servers to offer enhanced security and guarantee uptime & unbeatable support. Thus, you can even access your home PC faster than anyone else in the world.

Free Public DNS servers offer limited functionalities to get your work done. So, you’re clear now. Notably, paid DNS servers offer two-way authentication and distinctive admin controls.

Therefore, most Ecommerce and commercial websites rely on the over-the-top performance of paid DNS servers.

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10 Free & Best DNS Servers to Check Out

Finally, we’ll check out the top ten best DNS servers. Learn them one by one.


DNS Address:

Image Source: Google

Cisco owns OpenDNS with two free of cost choices: Home & Family Shield.

  • Home: It shoulders the responsibility of safety & performance of web browsing
  • Family Shield: Assists parents to protect children from accessing inappropriate content

In short, OpenDNS makes the web a safer place to deliver more reliable home internet to users. Over 90 million people actively use OpenDNS. It’s a whopping number, don’t you think so? So, will you try it?


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1.1.1 with Wrap

DNS Address:

It’s a recognized product of Cloudflare specially designed for Android and iOS. Wrap will be available soon for Windows and Mac too. It’s one-tap access to a safe browsing experience. Let us justify this with an instance.

When you download the app on your smartphone, Wrap replaces the connection between your phone & the internet with an optimized and modern protocol. Thanks to their “no-selling” pledge, your data is safe & sound. Hence, you’re sorted.


Google Public DNS

DNS Address:

Google offers a free DNS resolution service under the name Google Public DNS. You can replace your current DNS provider with google public DNS. You’ll have to configure network settings to either or In a nutshell, Google is a reliable alternate DNS for you.



DNS Address:

Image Source: Google

Cloudflare is one of the best DNS you’ll ever access. It offers the fastest response time, advanced security with built-in DDoS mitigation, and unparalleled redundancy. Therefore, enjoy role-based access controls and many impressive features like:

  • Advance analysis
  • Fully redundant architecture designed for 100% uptime
  • 365-days dedicated technical support
  • Custom Nameservers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Global & Local load balancing & more

Thus, you’re in safe hands with Cloudflare DNS Servers.



DNS Address:


Quad9 clubs privacy, security & performance. It is best for users wanting to block malicious domains, malware or maintain anonymity. Ninety countries are successfully using Quad9 currently.


Comodo Secure DNS

DNS Address:

Comodo is a cloud-based secured internet gateway. Its basic Dome Shield Package is free of cost with a limitation of up to 3 lakh monthly requests.

Your web access control is enhanced, protected & optimized in visibility for any device anytime & anywhere. Here are some of its striking features:

  • 1st layer of protection
  • Threat protection
  • Faster Enterprise-wide deployment
  • On/Off Network Enhancements
  • DNS Traffic Encryption & more premium features

In short, your browsing experience is totally safe here.

Open NIC

DNS Address:

Open NIC displays your closest servers as you land on their site. Also, it offers an open-source & democratic DNS root. Thanks to its concern for DNS neutrality, anyone can access it at no cost. Also, it prevents DNS hijacking as a bonus.


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Verisign Public DNS

DNS Address:

Stability, security & privacy are the primary concerns to prefer Verisign Public DNS. They will not sell your data to ad companies.


Clean Browsing

DNS Address:

You can count on the Clean Browsing server as both paid & free versions. Its primary focus areas include family privacy & protect children from accessing inappropriate content. Its three-layer filter that blocks adult content access for children. Additionally, 


Uncensored DNS

DNS Address:

As the name suggests, it is the name of two uncensored servers. Anyone can access it free of cost. Thomas Steen Rasmussen (Owner & Administrator) started this service individually & now it is on its way to success.

We’ve listed out the free & best DNS servers above. Moreover, you may try Yandex DNS, UltraRecursive DNS, Alternate DNS, and AdGuard DNS. They’re great to go too.

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Are you clear with DNS Servers now?

We hope we’ve helped you with this informative blog about the best DNS servers. You’re clear with the basics and taking away the best alternative servers at this moment.  In a nutshell, you now know the essential details & suggestions for free servers.

Also, let us tell you that the list mentioned above is the best DNS Servers for Gaming. Moreover, they’re also referred to as the best DNS servers for PS4 in India.

Tell us if you’ve used them before arriving here. Also, share your experience with DNS servers for readers like you to learn real reviews.

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