Fun Gender Reveal Games to Bring Laughter

gender reveal games

Let the gender reveal games begin! Surprise, delight, and excite your guests with creative and unique ways to discover the gender of the newest addition to your family. From classic “blue or pink?” reveals to group activities, there are so many different kinds of fun and exciting gender reveal games you can play.

With our fantastic range of gender reveal themes and ideas, plus some helpful tips on how to throw an unforgettable event, you’re sure to find something that celebrates your joy in style. So bring out the confetti and celebrate this special moment as you and your family embark on a new adventure together!

Gender Reveal Games

1. He or She Gender Reveal Game

This fun and exciting gender reveal game will surely be a hit at any baby shower or gender reveal party! Guests can test their knowledge by guessing if the soon-to-be parents are having a boy or girl. The host will provide slips of paper and markers for all guests, and each guest will write down either “boy” or “girl” on their slip of paper. Once everyone has had a chance to guess, the answer is revealed using a brightly colored ballon— blue for boy and pink for girl!

He or She
Image Credit: Bless Our Littles

2. Punch Pong

Punch pong is a great gender reveal game for those who love to be competitive. Each team will get a tray filled with different colored balloons and have to strategically pop them using punch balls. When all the balloons have been popped, the team that reveals the color corresponding to the gender wins. This fun and exciting game requires agility and strategy, making it sure to keep your guests entertained until the very end. Plus, the suspense of wondering whether it’s blue or pink makes it even more thrilling!

Punch Pong
Image Credit: Poshmark

3. Don’t Say “Boy or Girl” Game

This gender reveal game is all about keeping the surprise until the end! Before the reveal, gather your guests in a circle and give one person a balloon. The balloon should be filled with either pink or blue confetti, depending on the gender you’re revealing. Instruct each player to pass the balloon around the circle without saying “boy” or “girl”. After everyone gets a turn at guessing what’s inside the balloon without using those two words, pop it to reveal the gender of your baby!

gender reveal games
Image Credit: Oh Happy Printables

4. Whack a Piñata

This is one of the best gender reveal games. Piñatas are a colorful and creative way to host a gender reveal party. First, have a friend or family member make a customized piñata filled with blue and pink colors to reflect a boy or girl! Everyone at the party can take turns whacking the piñata until it breaks, spilling out its secret contents and revealing the gender of your bundle of joy. With this exciting game, your guests will discuss this unique gender reveal for years to come!

Whack a Piñata
Image Credit: OLX

5. Pacifier Hunt

This gender reveal game is a ton of fun and an exciting way to find out the gender of a newborn! First, hide pacifiers around the party venue—either inside or outdoors. Then, have each guest find one of the pacifiers and bring it back to a designated table. Split the group into two teams, assign one color of the pacifier to each team, and then have each team guess the baby’s gender based on which color they retrieved. Whoever guesses correctly wins!

Pacifier Hunt
Image Credit: The Postpartum Party

6. He or She Balloon Pop

For this gender reveal game, you’ll need two large balloons, one filled with blue and the other with pink confetti. Have your guests participate in a thrilling balloon-popping competition – whoever pops their balloon first gets the big reveal! This gender reveal game perfectly encapsulates all the nervous excitement and anticipation of finding out the gender of your little bundle of joy.

gender reveal games
Image Credit: Balloon It

7. Carnival Balloon Game

Let the gender reveal begin with a fun carnival-inspired game! Set up an inflated balloon stand, one with pink balloons and the other with blue. Each participant will take turns throwing darts at the balloons hoping to pop the correct color – revealing either a boy or girl! Make it even more thrilling by awarding prizes to those who guess correctly.

Carnival Balloon Game
Image Credit: Fun Party

8. Gender Cake Pop Reveal

What better way to reveal the gender of your baby than with delicious cake pops? Here’s how it works: Color the cake pop dough blue or pink, depending on what you think the gender might be. During your reveal party, pass out the cake pops for your guests to enjoy and watch as everyone anxiously awaits the taste test! As people bite into the cake pops, they’ll see a pink or blue filling – revealing whether your little one is a boy or girl! A delicious and exciting way to share this special moment.

Gender Cake Pop Reveal
Image Credit: POPSUGAR

9. Gender Reveal Pancakes

This is also one of the best gender reveal games. Flip a stack of pancakes, and you won’t know if they’re blueberry or strawberry until you cut into them. Each pancake contains food dye in either blue or pink, so when sliced open, the inside will reveal the gender of your baby. Guests can then top their pancakes with their choice of toppings to celebrate the big reveal!

gender reveal games
Image Credit: Instacart

10. Baby Fued and Baby Pictionary

Baby Fued

This fun game will surely get the whole room guessing! Ask questions related to the baby’s gender, and watch as your guests come up with two possible answers. Give points for correct guesses, and whoever accumulates the most points wins! For example: Will the baby have curly hair? Yes or No?

Baby Fued
Image Credit: Ubuy Mauritius

Baby Pictionary

A classic game with a gender reveal twist! Create teams and assign them an artist who must draw something that reveals the baby’s gender. The other team members must guess what their teammate is drawing before time runs out. The first team to correctly identify the drawing wins a point. Play several rounds, and have fun watching everyone guess what it could be!

gender reveal games
Image Credit: WebBabyShower

As the finale of the gender reveal games drew closer, everyone eagerly awaited the answer. Would the baby be a boy or a girl? The suspense was almost palpable in the air. Finally, with all eyes on that spot, the anticipation reached its crescendo. A genius idea spawned by equal parts of creativity, love, and surprises had been successfully executed. One excited couple now breathed a sigh of relief, knowing the gender of their unborn child and the special memories they created, which will last a lifetime!

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