Best Classic Kids Game That Tests Motor Skills

classic kids game that tests motor skills

According to the research, motor skills are considered to be one of the major skills that help in the development of a child’s brain and learning languages and writing. As your kids grow, it is vital for them to begin developing their motor skills from an early age. They may not know how to do it, but you can help them by introducing the classic kids game that tests motor skills. 

But which games? Well, if you are also wondering the same, read this article. Here, you will get some of the best outdoor and indoor games that will test the motor skills of your kids.

Outdoor Classic Kids Game That Tests Motor Skills

Here are some outdoor classic games for kids to help them develop their motor skills while having plenty of fun.

1. Skipping Ropes

Skipping rope will require your kid to jump rope while picking up both feet together. It will not only exercise their motor skills, but also enhance their cardiovascular health. Kids skipping rope for the first will have to concentrate more, which will increase their ability to focus. 

Skipping Ropes
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Hence, buy a high-quality skipping rope for your kids and let them play. It is one of the best fun ways to help them in their overall development.

2. Hide And Seek

Hide and Seek is a challenging yet very interesting game that takes into account your kid’s motor skills and physical development

classic kids game that tests motor skills
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The Hide and Seek game requires one or more children to hide, and the other ones to find them out. Children who hide need to stay quiet and out of sight. While on the other hand, seekers need to be watchful while finding the hidden children. 

This game is an awesome option as it helps develop motor skills and also boost overall strength and muscle development. 

3. Tug of War

Tug of War – where kids will be parted in two teams, and they will be required to pull the end of a big rope until one team drags the other one to the central line.

Tug of War
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Tug of War will challenge your children’s arm and overall body strength, which will ultimately help them develop fine and gross motor skills. Besides that, this fantabulous game will also teach your kids various skills like strategy development, communication, teamwork, etc.

You can also consider Tug of War a real-life adventure that will surely interest your kids and help them exercise their motor skills and muscle strength. 

4. Sack Race

The sack race is not only a game but also a great form of aerobic exercise to help your kids’ overall development.

classic kids game that tests motor skills
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A sack race is a type of race in which participants will have to stand in a sack and jump forward. One who reaches the finish line first will be considered the winner. 

This unique race will require your children to work on their motor skills by improving their hand-eye coordination, balance, and lower body strength, as they will have to jump in order to reach the end and finish the game. 

Your children are going to love the sack race as it will be tremendous fun, giving your child a lot of laughter and better growth.

5. Hop Scotch

One of the oldest games, Hop scotch, can also challenge your kid’s motor skills and help them in their development. In this game, kids will have to hop on the patterns made on the ground using chalk or something similar. 

Hop Scotch
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It is essential to maintain complete balance while playing the game. If the player accidentally steps out of the pattern, they will lose the game. It will not only develop their motor skills, but also increase their focus. 

6. Simon Says

The last on the list of outdoor classic kids game that tests motor kills is Simon Says. The game’s rules are like this – there will be a leader that will command all the other kids. But, they have to follow it only if the leader puts ‘Simon says’ before giving the instructions.

classic kids game that tests motor skills
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If anyone follows the instructions when the leader does not use the word ‘Simon says’, they will be eradicated from the game. 

This game will help your children develop their listening skills and will make them more attentive. Introduce it to your children and cherish the excitement that you see on their faces during the gameplay

Indoor Classic Kids Game That Tests Motor Skills

If your kids want to have fun while staying at home, here are some indoor games that they can play while simultaneously exercising their motor skills. 

1. A Rubik’s Cube

A Rubik’s cube challenges kids in a great way because it requires a lot of turns and twisting. 

Rubik’s Cube
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As you already know, it is quite hard to solve the cube, which will force children to use their brains – giving their motor skill a good enough workout. 

Hand over a rubik’s cube to your kids. It will be an interesting challenge. 

2. Beyblades

Beyblades is the word that gives a feeling of nostalgia to many of us. Most of us are aware of it and know how interesting they are.

classic kids game that tests motor skills
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Well, now it’s time to buy some for your kids, as it will aid in their motor skills development while providing thrilling fun. 

It will also help enhance the social interaction of your kids because beyblades are mostly played with friends. 

They will learn valuable skills like strategy development and problem-solving due to the competitive nature of Beyblades. As a parent, you can also play with your kids and improve the child-parent interaction. 

3. Play-Doh

Play Doh – another great classic kids’ toy that your kid can play with and exercise their motor skills.

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A play doh allows your child to make various shapes like a snake, circular ball, etc. Your kid will be able to pinch, push, roll and fold a play-doh, which will help develop fine motor skills but also strengthens the hand muscles.

Just ensure that your kids age more than two years before you give a play-doh to them.

4. UNO

UNO cards are also a great game for kids to enhance their motor skills while having fun. The game will demand your children to flip over and pick numerous cards, which can be a great workout session for the motor skills of your kids. Not only that, they will also learn to be competitive, as UNO usually involves friendly competition.

classic kids game that tests motor skills
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5. Playfoam

Unlike Play-Doh, playfoam does not dry out and lasts much longer. Get some playfoam from the market for your kids and let them roll, squeeze, pinch, and press it. 

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All of these activities will assist in developing your kid’s motor skills, build connections in the brain, and increase their problem-solving skills. 

Your kid’s manual dexterity will also improve, which will aid them in performing basic activities like eating with a fork, holding a crayon and buttoning up their shirt.

6. Give Your Child an Art Set

An art set is an excellent way to help your kid not only develop motor skills but also their creative imagination. An art set consists of different types of materials that allows kids to exercise their hands as they will have to use them in different ways.

classic kids game that tests motor skills
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Ensure that the art set you buy for your kids includes all essential materials, like crayons, rubbing plates, markers, color pencils, acrylic paints, etc., that helps boost the fine motor skills of your kids.

Final Thoughts

If you want your kids to develop at a faster pace and not be left behind, introduce a classic kids game that tests motor skills in their daily routine. It won’t only help in their overall development but also provide them with a lot of fun. 

Make sure you do not force your children to play any of the games, but allow them choose whichever they like the most. It will ease the process of increasing their fine and gross motor skills.

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