Best Free Fire Pets & Characters Combo

Best Free Fire Pets

Free Fire is a battle royale that has an inclusion of pets, which is an interesting concept that not many games would incorporate in their mechanics. In fact, Free Fire could be the only battle royale to include pets as part of their gameplay. It is optional though, but this is an option that just makes a lot of sense for you to add if you want to win.

These pets can be bought through the in-game shop with Free Fire Diamonds which you could get through Free Fire Diamond Pins, the game’s currency. Each of these pets have unique abilities that could boost the stats of your chosen character, and leveling them up would provide them with new skins as well as better abilities.

Now, without further ado, here are some great character and pets combinations that would work well with each other.

Kapella & Ottero

Kapella & Ottero

Kapella is dubbed as a healer character as her abilities focus highly on increasing the effectiveness of healing items, healing skills, and reducing HP loss. She is a popular pop singer and star that was released in April of 2020 but can be bought for 499 Diamonds in the in-game shop. Ottero is an otter-like creature with headphones and a hoodie, with healing abilities that could be obtained for 699 Diamonds in-game.

Both Kapella and Ottero have healing abilities, so they are best suited to each other. Kapella’s unique ability ‘Healing Song’ combined with Otterro’s ‘Double Blubber’ would create a powerful healing effect.

Healing Song would increase the effectiveness of healing items up to 20% and Double Blubber restores players EP by 35% of their restored HP when they use a MedKit or treatment gun. Truly a useful combination for healers.

K & Falco

K & Falco

K (aka Captain Booyah) is a professor and jiujitsu expert and was modeled after the American singer KSHMR. He has two modes, Jiujitsu Mode and Psychology Mode. Jiujitsu Mode allows his team members within a radius of 6m to get a 500% increase in EP while Psychology Mode allows him to recover 2 EP every 3 seconds up to 100 EP. K could be bought in-game for 599 Diamonds.

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Falco is a falcon that has abilities that could increase gliding speed as you skydive onto the map, giving you and your team a head start to land in hot spots. Falco’s ‘Skyline Spree’ would increase players gliding speed up to 15% and by 25% when the parachute opens. As Falco levels up, the percentages rise up to 30% and 37% respectively. Falco could be bought for 699 Diamonds in-game.

With a strong character and a pet that allows you to reach hot spots faster, you are bound to get the best weapons that would increase your chances of being the last one standing. Truthfully, Falco is a good general pet for those that enjoy landing in hot spots!

Jota & Detective Panda

Jota & Detective Panda

Jota is a parkour expert and stuntman in the game with the ability ‘Sustained Raids’ that instantly restores 25 HP (max 40 HP) when the player kills an enemy using a fully upgraded SMG or shotgun. Detective Panda is a panda (haha) that restores 4 HP (max 7 HP) every time the player kills an enemy with the ability ‘Panda’s Blessing’.

Jota could be bought in the in-game store for 499 Diamonds and Detective Panda costs 699 Diamonds.

Do you see why they would work well with each other? Both character and pet implement the idea of killing and receiving an HP boost, so every time you kill, you get rewarded with so much more health! Best for players with an aggressive playstyle.

Clu & Rockie

Clu & Rockie Free Fire

Clu is a modern-day private detective with the ability to trace down enemies and reveal their locations – a rather useful ability in a game where you’re supposed to hunt other people down. She could now be bought with 499 Diamonds. Rockie is a rocking raccoon sporting a green mohawk with an ability that reduces cooldown time which is perfect for active characters. This feisty pet could be bought for 699 Diamonds in-game.

Rockie’s ‘Stay Chill’ ability decreases a character’s ability cooldown time by 6%, max 15%. Clu’s ‘Tracing Steps’ ability allows her to locate the positions of her enemies within a range of 30m for 5 seconds, max 7 seconds with a cooldown of 50 secs.

So, with Clu combined with Rockie, you would have shorter intervals to locate your enemies and win the game.

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DJ Alok & Mr.Waggor

DJ Alok & Mr.Waggor Free Fire

DJ Alok is a world-famous DJ and one of the most sought-after characters in Garena Free Fire ever since his release. His ability ‘Drop That Beat’ allows him to create an aura with a 5m radius that helps increase 10% movement speed and heals 5 HP every 5 secs. His character can be bought in-game for 599 Diamonds.

Mr.Waggor is a penguin with the ‘Smooth Gloo’ ability that creates a Gloo Wall Grenade every 2 minutes if players don’t have any Gloo Wall Grenades. When maxed, Mr.Waggor creates Gloo Wall Grenades when players have less than two on hand. Throwing Gloo Wall Grenades help create a protective wall in front of the player that could get destroyed with enough damage. This skater-looking penguin costs 699 Diamonds to obtain in-game.

As a combination, these two in a team would be unstoppable. DJ Alok could help the team reach places faster and heal teammates, making your team rather invincible. With a Gloo Wall, provided by the ‘Smooth Gloo’ ability that could protect or serve as a distraction for the enemies, your team is definitely winning this match.

A124 & Shiba

Best Free Fire Pets

A124 is a robot-humanoid and is one of the best characters in Free Fire. Her ability ‘Thrill of Battle’ allows her to convert her EP to HP instantly which could help her eliminate enemies with no worries. She costs 499 Diamonds in the game’s store.

Shiba is basically a Shiba Inu dog dressed with wings that has the ‘Mushroom Sense’ ability that allows it to locate nearby mushrooms that grant EP every 180 seconds. Shiba can be bought in-game with 699 Diamonds.

They are compatible with each other because the ‘Mushroom Sense’ ability makes up for the EP lost when using the ‘Thrill of Battle’ ability. Now you don’t have to worry about not having enough EP!

To Conclude

That’s the best pet and character combinations that we could think of so far! Note that these opinions are our own and you are free to form your own. Also, note that each of these pets comes with their own skins which could add or alter their abilities. So, do let us know what your favorite pet and character combinations are down in the comments below!


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