7 Things To Do In Destin Florida With Family

things to do in destin florida with family

Destin, a city located in Florida, is known to be one of the best places for anyone wanting to have fun with their family. There are literally a lot of things to do in Destin Florida, which may even leave some people indecisive due to the abundance of available options. 

However, if you are also planning to visit Destin and wondering what are the best family-friendly attractions to visit in this city. Don’t worry. Read here to know the best seven things that you and your family members can do to enjoy fully in Destin.

Things To Do In Destin Florida With Family: Best 7 Things to Try

1. Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park

Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park – one of the best places you must visit with your family if you want to have fun on watery rides.

As per the sources, this water park has around 40 rides, pools and slides that will definitely provide you with an enormous amount of fun. If you have small kids along with you, there are also many rides that are specifically made for the kids. 

Big Kahuna's Water & Adventure Park
Image Source – tripadvisor.com

Also, if you don’t want to get wet, don’t worry. Big Kahuna also has a mini golf course and a park theme, which allows you to enjoy various rides without exposing yourself to the water.

Remember that the water park will be open between May and August, whereas Adventure Park opens from March to April. Hence, plan your trip accordingly. 

2. Do Fishing With Your Family

If you and your family are interested in fishing, then Destin has some of the best places to offer you. 

For instance, Choctawhatchee Bay in Destin is known to be the best place for fishing. It consists of a mixture of saltwater and freshwater. Thus, you can expect the presence of all types of fish there. 

things to do in destin florida with family
Image Source – charterfishingdestin.com

Many people also claim that the Destin’s water is more peaceful in comparison to the oceans. And you also do not require big boats to head for fishing, as decent size boats will work fine too.

You can rent a boat and head to the bay to fish by yourself, or you can also rent a bay charter and go fishing with a captain. 

3. Visit a Beach

Coming to Destin and not visiting the beach is the biggest mistake ever. Destin consists of many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy with your family. 

Sugar beaches are known to be one of the most unique types of beaches in Destin. You and your family members will definitely like the pure white sand shorelines and water on each side. 

Image Source – southernliving.com

Some of the best beaches in Destin include the following: 

  • Crystal Sands Beach
  • Miramar Beach
  • Destin Harbor Beach
  • Henderson Beach State Park

While heading toward your favorite beach, be sure to carry your sunscreen, boogie board shovels and pails to enjoy fully. 

4. Visit Crab Island

If your family is looking to have some fun in the water, then Crab Island is exactly what you need to visit. 

There are so many activities that an individual can indulge in on Crab Island, for example, swimming, paddleboarding, water volleyball, snorkeling, kayaking, enjoying beautiful views, and much more.

things to do in destin florida with family
Image Source – destinvacationboatrentals.com

Want food while having fun? Don’t worry; Crab Island also offers various dining options and pizza deliveries.

So, ensure to visit Crab Island when traveling to Destin. You and your family members will surely have some real fun and will want to come again. 

5. Have Nice Meals In Incredible Restaurants In Destin

Destin is home to various unique restaurants. There’s an abundance of restaurants where you can have delicious meals along with your family.

There are also various restaurants located on the sea where you can enjoy your favorite food with some really terrific views, pleasing your eyes. 

Incredible Restaurants in the world
Image Source – fivestargulfrentals.com

As there are multiple restaurants available, ensure to do your research, read the reviews on the internet, and discuss with your family in order to make the best choice.

According to our research, here are some of the best restaurants that you can visit in Destin: 

  • Joe’s Crab Shack
  • Crab Island Seafood Restaurant
  • The Back Porch
  • Pompano Joe’s
  • Brotula’s Seafood House & Steamer
  • Louisiana Lagniappe

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. There are many more fantastic restaurants in Destin, and these are just some of them.

6. Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone

Want your kids to have a lot of fun? If yes, Wild Willy Adventure Zone is the attraction in Destin that you should not sleep on. 

things to do in destin florida with family
Image Source – expedia.ca

Wild Willy has a lot of activities like roller coaster rides, 4D cinema, laser tag and more. It is worth noting that there are also some activities that allow not only children but everyone, regardless of their age, to have fun.

If you are deciding to visit the Wild Willy Adventure Zone, know that you are not coming back without having an enormous amount of fun, adventure and laughter.

7. Visit The World’s Greatest Alligator Park 

Last but not least on the list of things to do in Destin Florida with family is visiting Gator Beach. 

The World’s Greatest Alligator Park
Image Source – pinterest.com

Gator beach allows visitors to enjoy seeing the alligators and feeding them, too. And, if you are not too afraid, you can also hold an alligator in your hands and take a cool picture to show off to your friends how daring you are!

You can also engage with the staff over there and increase your knowledge regarding alligators. What’s more? You can also enjoy the Gator show performed by the best Gator Handlers for completely free. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can You Swim With Dolphins In Destin?

Yes. Miramar Beach of Destin is known to be the best attraction for anyone wanting to swim with dolphins.

2. Is Destin Safe To Swim?

Yes, generally, the water of Destin is calm and safe for people to swim. But, still, it is advised to stay aware of the flag system and also the rip current.

3. What Is The Best Month To Visit Destin, Florida?

It actually depends on your personal preference. However, usually, April and May are considered to be one of the best times to visit Destin. The water is warmer, and the sun is shining, which is pleasant to the many tourists. However, if you are someone who likes cold weather, then you may have to consider visiting Destin at a different time. 

4. Is Destin, Florida, cheap?

Yes. Destin is considered to be much cheaper than its nearby destinations.


There are many things to do in Destin Florida with family, and the ones mentioned here are some of the best that you should not miss when visiting the city. From water & adventure parks and beautiful beaches to tremendous restaurants, Destin has numerous activities to offer that provide enormous fun to kids and adults as well.

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