The Nicest Place On The Internet – What the fuss all about?


The Nicest Place on the Internet is one of the simplest yet widely trending concepts of 2021. Everyone is talking about it. But, why? What’s so special? You will find out in this reading: 

What is the nicest place on the Internet: Explained!

To begin with, “The Nicest Place On the Internet” is a website where any internet user from any nook of the world can access. Surprisingly, the users are greeted with a warm hug (virtually) from the person on the other side of the screen. Not only this, but if the viewer likes it, he/she can also create a hugging video and upload it. To the reader’s surprise, the idea of Nicest Place on the Internet came to Laurel Perlow and Jeff Lam on a weekend while spending free time together. The collaborative partners didn’t waste any time and put it to work.visit here 

image credit: the nicest place on internet official website

Why is it also the safest place on the Internet?

One of the major reasons for creating such a website is the transformation of sadness into happiness without strings attached. When users visited the nicest place on the Internet’s official website for the first time, it got them by surprise. 

In the past as well, the world of the Internet has witnessed websites where people can easily video call strangers and share a small conversation. The biggest example is Omegle. But, something is very different and positive about the nicest place on the Internet. Here, strangers do not want video calls. Each user at the website simply uploads a “hugging video,” and thousands of people in need of a virtual hug open it. Henceforth, the concept delivers a very positive vibe. 

Unlike Omegle, here at the nicest place on the Internet, users who are not comfortable with sharing words with strangers can simply receive virtual hugs. Thereafter, the risk of virtual assault or abuse or any such negative cyber activity is impossible. In simple words, we can argue that the nicest website on the Internet is also the safest place on the Internet where any user can go and receive a virtual hug from other users without having to attach any strings. 

How to go to the nicest place on the Internet? 

To begin with, one of the most calming parts about visiting the nicest place on the Internet is that you do not need to spend a single penny. Further ahead, you are not even required to submit your personal information or create an account with customized credentials. To visit the website, here are the instructions you can follow: 

image credit: the nicest place on internet official website
  • First of all, enter the URL “
  • Tap on the “come on in” option on the screen. 
  • Music will begin to play immediately, and you will see strangers giving you a virtual hug.
  • If you are shy, don’t worry, they cannot see you. 
  • Although, you can read the information of the person that you are viewing on your screen. 
  • You can use the “rewind” or “forward” button to go to a previous video or skip to the next. These buttons are provided on the left-bottom corner. 
  • The Shuffle button is also there if you want to view hugging videos in a non-recorded manner. 
  • Furthermore, you can share videos from the nicest place on the Internet to other platforms like Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Up until now, there have been 200 virtual hugging videos uploaded on the provided domain. Click on the URL to check them out and receive the love that you deserve. 

How to create a video in the nicest place on the Internet? 

In the event that you are a youtube user, you can easily create a video for the nicest place on the Internet. Please remember that you are required to keep the video decent because the authorities will review it before uploading it on their official website. How to do it? Here are the instructions: 

image credit: the nicest place on internet official website
  • Create a virtually hugging video using your SmartPhone, PC, Camera, or any other device. 
  • Now, upload this video on youtube by tagging the “the nicest place on the internet” youtube channel.
  • If your video receives sufficient likes and comments, your video will be on both the website and youtube channel. 
  • You can also give the desired caption to the video and send a message through the caption if you want. 
  • There can be more than 1 person in the video, no restrictions on that aspect. 

The Nicest Place On The Internet Alternatives: Want to have some fun? Check out the following, then!

For the most part, The Nicest Place On The Internet is definitely a winner. However, once you have attained enough virtual hugs, you would want to check out some other alternative websites which will give you goosebumps. So, are you ready for some adventure? Let’s find out about the darkest places on the Internet: 

A Website on the Web where users can listen to audios before plane crashes

Believe it or not, but listening to a stranger’s last words before a plane crash can give you goosebumps. It gives the same chilling feeling in the spine that Ted Bundy’s confession tapes on Netflix delivered. If you want to understand the complexity and sensitivity of the last words of people before death, is the best site. Here, you can listen to the original conversations between pilots and copilots during hijack gone wrong and plane crashes. 

the nicest place on the internet
image credit: plane crash info official website

From 1962 to 2010, the website covers all the plane crashes. You can also read conversations. 

Rate My Poo… a mysterious place to read other’s opinions

Rate My Poo is one of the most disgusting places on the Internet. Here, people actually upload the pictures of their pop, and with very much interest, people from all corners of the world give it a rating. Not only this, but further, they also have a comment section where they drop witty comments. So, if you are looking for some sites that you uselessly pass the time on, Rate my Poo is the one. 

the nicest place on the internet
Image credit: Rate my Pop official website

Scariest library on the Internet

Have you ever been so inspired to read a scary horror-theme-based novel that you cannot get enough of it? Well! If yes, then you are going to enjoy Creepy Pasta more than you enjoy any horror novel. Here on this website, you can read short horror stories which will leave you with a jaw-drop. According to the reports, the CreepyPasta website contains stories that are considered true among some legends. For example, the story about the Russian Sleep Experiment, which went viral on the Internet, was first indeed uploaded on this site. 

A website where you can learn about your last day on Earth

It is human nature that every now and then, we wonder about how we are going to die? And, of course, there’s no way to tell. But, what if there was a calculator for it? Well! You have guessed it right. There’s a place on the Internet where you can learn about your last day on this planet. All you have to do is yield some basic details such as name, DOB, gender, and what stimulants you use! Once you provide this information, the Death Date calculator gives you a particular date. 

Image credit: Death Date info Official Website

Even though you are curious to know when you are going to die, this can be a complicated website. Or just a measure for companies to steal users’ personal data. Thus, please visit it at your own risk. 

Live World: Deaths and Births

The nicest place on the Internet greets you with hugs from strangers. But, have you ever thought of strangers that die or are born every second? If not, then check out this website: Worldmeter is a real-time website that provides information on the current world population based on people dying or being brought into the world every second. The most stunning part is that the world’s population is never rigid. Here, you can learn about statistics like Births today, deaths today, births this year, and total deaths this year. For further comparison, you can also view statistics by country. To be honest, this website is neither creepy nor scary. However, it makes you hardly think about the significance of life, given that so many people lose it every minute. 

Image credit: Worldmeter official website

The Simulation Argument: A website that allows you to question everything!

Believe it or not, but once you read papers on the simulation argument, you would very much like to visit the nicest place on the Internet and obtain a virtual hug. To begin with, this website strongly changes the entire perspective of one’s existence. For example, one of the papers on this website argues how it is entirely possible that humans are living in a computer simulation. Not only this, but a very stunningly constructed study and a logical argument on how our heads are in the cloud will leave you entirely speechless. Henceforth, if you are a bookworm, there’s no better place than this website. 

Reddit Account by the name “NoSleep.” 

Life is sometimes unbelievable. Whenever we get a Deja Vu, it feels like we don’t know life as it is. Something about it is so mysterious that we cannot understand even if we want to. But, what if you can read about real-time horror events of people from all over the world? That’s right! Reddit’s account “nosleep” is prominently acknowledged for creepiest and most frightening stories. Not only this, but users who upload these stories often claim it as a real-time experience which makes you think more!


So, are you ready to visit all these nicest and darkest places on the Internet? Before you do so, we strictly advise you to use a VPN as these websites are not always safe. While visiting the nicest place on the Internet, drop about your personal experience in the comment section. Thank you!


Our website does not promote the websites that are mentioned above. This reading is only here to provide general information to the readers. Henceforth, we recommend you to visit these websites at your own risk. Keep your hands off the darknet if possible because it is generally unsafe, and whomever you talk to on DarkWeb can be a threatening person hiding behind the screen. For more info, keep visiting us. 

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