Mathematical Concepts which are fun and easy to practice- Roots

Mathematical Concepts

Mathematics is all about learning about different concepts. Some can be easy or some difficult, depends upon the understanding potential of the student. Some topics are easy to learn and understand. While doing different concepts in mathematics, we have learned about many shapes. Talking about the two-dimensional shapes mainly there are- square, rectangle, triangle, and many more. We have learned to find the area and perimeter of these forms. While studying this thing, students come across the topic of finding the square root. Finding the square root is a different concept. It is an inverse concept of finding a square. The square root is a value, which multiple by itself can give the original number. Students should keep that in mind that – squares and square roots are two different topics. They should not be confused between the two topics as their formulas are also different.

Here are some points by which students can understand the full definition of square root: 

  1. Formula of finding a square root is written with √y this sign. Here ‘y’ depicts the number which can multiple by itself and give the original square root value. Let ‘a’ be the value that is a natural number and ‘y’ is the number to multiple and find the square value. It is depicted as a=√y. Let’s take a value as 9, now if we multiple 3 by 3 the sum is 9. So, we can say that the square root of 9 is √3. 
  2. There are the different square roots of every number. It also includes the numbers which are even. To learn the square roots of several numbers, there is a square root table. Students can see through the whole table and learn about the different roots. Square roots of smaller value are easy to learn and should be on the tips. But finding the square root of bigger numbers is difficult. So this table helps the students to learn and memorize the square roots.
  1. Square root is a type of concept in which there is no direct question but will be a part where we have to find the square root to solve the further problem. So, it becomes an important link by which we can reach up to the solution. So, learning the square roots of every number should be thoroughly learned because we cannot waste our time in finding the square roots by multiplying the numbers and wasting our time. So, students should memories the table. It can be a good help for the further exams. 
  2. While solving a particular problem, students come across the concept of finding the square root. If the number is in the form of a perfect square, which means that their square roots can be determined easily then they are easy to solve. But if the number comes out as an imperfect square, then it will be complex in solving the problem because mainly the square root of an imperfect square is in points.  

From the points mentioned above, we can say that The square root is about the two-dimensional image of a square. If there is a case of a three-dimensional object then square roots will not be in use but cube root will be in use. Cube root is similar to square root, but, it deals with the 3d form of the square which is a cube. As we all know, that squares have only four sides but, cubes have many sides, so its formula for solving the problem is also very different. These concepts are easy to understand and fun to apply. If students want to learn more about this concept, they should visit the Cuemath website. They will provide all the things and give in-depth information about every topic so that students can clear every doubt. These concepts are interesting and if learn one time, it can help students to use them further to solve other problems related to them.

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