9 Most Expensive Golf Clubs In The World Right Now

Golf is one of the sports that is regarded as the game of the wealthy people. And there’s no doubt that its equipment like golf clubs also come with a hefty price tag, especially the advanced ones that provide players with a perfect swing. In fact, you may be surprised to know that one of the most expensive golf clubs in the world is currently worth more than $5 million; sounds interesting, right? Well, there’s much more to explore.

Read on to find out the world’s nine most expensive golf clubs ever.

Top 9 Most Expensive Golf Clubs

1. “Tiger Slam” Irons and Wedges ($5,156,162)

most expensive golf clubs
Image Source – golfspan.com

This golf club is at the top of the list for a reason. It was owned by one of the greatest golf players, Tiger Woods. He used it during his successful streak, between 2000-2001. At that time, he had four significant victories back to back, which is the main reason why the Tiger Slam is in very high demand. The golf club was sold at Golden Age Auctions for an enormous amount – $5,156,162.

2. Tiger Woods’ Backup Putter ($393,300)

backup putter golf club
Image Source – golfdigest.com

Another Tiger Wood golf club on the list is his Backup putter, which consists of his own signature on it. It was first auctioned at the Tiger Woods Learning Center Block Party in 2005 and was kept secured straight for 17 years. However,  it was brought out for re-auction in 2021 and was sold for $393,300 – making it the world’s second-most-expensive golf club.

3. Andrew Dickinson Long-Nosed Putter ($181,000)

Image Source – sothebys.comThis Long-Nosed Putter is a 300 years old golf club, which was originally created by Andrew Dickinson. The putter also has a stamp of A.D. and is considered one of the oldest golf clubs ever. During an auction, this old-age golf club was sold for $181,000.

4. Simon Cossar Fruitwood Blade Putter ($165,000)

Simon Cossar Fruitwood Blade Putter
Image Source – christies.com

Another one of the oldest golf clubs on the list is – Simon Cossar Fruitwood Blade Putter. It was originally manufactured by Simon Cossar with the main features like a metalhead and fruitwood shaft. Due to numerous qualities, the putter gained a lot of popularity among the golf players during the 18th century.

Simon Cossar Fruitwood Blade Putter was sold at the whopping price of $165,000 at the 1998 auction.

5. Square Toe Light Iron Golf Club ( $151,000)

Square Toe Light Iron Golf Club
Image Source – sothebys.com

Square Toe Light Iron dates back to the 1600s, which was forged by a blacksmith. This golf club belongs to the time when golf was considered a game that was accessible only to upper-class people. However, it is still considered as the rich people’s game, but now it can be accessed by anyone – thanks to the public courses available at affordable rates.

Square Toe Light Iron Golf Club was sold at the price of $151,000, making its way straight into the list of the most expensive golf clubs. 

6. Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition ($150,000)

Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition
Image Source – vibesgolf.com

Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition is regarded as one of the most unique and expensive golf clubs. One of the prominent uniquenesses of this club is the 24-act gold plating, diamonds, and other gems that it contains. What’s more? It also has a leather grip and also a cherry wood case which makes it one of the most amazing and expensive golf clubs in the world. It was sold at the price of $150,000.

7. Long-Nosed Scraper Golf Club ($91,000)

Long-Nosed Scraper Golf Club
Image Source – sothebys.com

The Long-Nosed Scraper Golf Club stands at the seventh number on the list of most expensive golf clubs. It is also one of the oldest clubs that dates back to the 18th century. 

The golf club features an Apple head with the horn inset of the ram and an unidentified wood shaft. The club also has a decent amount of loft and a fair load of lead. It was specifically designed to tackle the high grass of the Scottish links courses. 

One of the best things about the Long-Nosed Scraper Golf Club is that it is in a perfect condition despite being 100 years old. In the Sotheby’s auction, this golf club was sold at the price of $91,000. 

8. Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood ($49,000)

Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood
Image Source – sothebys.com

Palmer Parent Fork Shaft Wood was built back in 1907 by a company called A.G. Spalding & Bros. One of the main things that makes this golf club unique and valuable is the stamp that it features on the head of the club. Not only that, but it also has a very unique shape, which sets it apart from other golf clubs.

Because of so many specialties, the Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood is worth $49,000. 

9. BERES Five-Star Irons ($27,000)

most expensive gold clubs - BERES Five-Star Irons
Image Source – globalgolf.com

The last, but not the least on the list of the most expensive golf clubs is – BERES Five-Star Irons. The best thing about this club is the extremely beautiful look and the innovative technology that it brings along.

This fantastic golf club is worth $27,000 – perfect for people who want to take their game and looks (while playing) to the next level.

What Is The Reason Behind The Costliness Of These Golf Clubs?

why golf clubs so expensive
Image Source – golf.com

So, now you know what are some most expensive golf clubs. But have you ever wondered what makes these golf clubs so expensive? Well, there are numerous contributing factors. Here are some of the main ones: 

  • Branding – Branding and marketing are one of the key reasons behind the costliness of golf clubs. Suppose a golf club is manufactured by a famous brand that has a reputation for manufacturing qualitative golf clubs. In that case, they will naturally have higher prices for the golf equipment they sell. Some companies also use famous personalities to promote their golf clubs, which not only helps them increase their sales but also allows them to charge higher prices. 
  • Raw Material – The material used in the construction of a golf club also plays a significant role in determining its price. Generally, golf made from materials like steel or titanium comes with a decent pricing and are considered to be very strong and highly durable. On the other hand, golf clubs made from the graphite shaft usually have higher price tags and also offer numerous benefits like increased speed of clubhead, lighter weight and much more.  
  • Hand Crafted Design – You will find numerous golf clubs in the market that contain very detailed designs crafted with hands – assisting players in having more control over their shots and improving their overall game. These manual customizations require a lot of time and effort, which ultimately results in hiked prices for golf clubs. 
  • The Number Of Clubs In Existence – This generally includes old golf clubs that go for auction. When some golf clubs are in scarcity, they will be in high demand, and players will be willing to bid high amounts for the attainment of their favorite golf club. 
  • Previous Owner Of The Golf Clubs – It is also known that if a professional and well-known golf player previously owned a golf club, it will naturally be sold at a higher price than its actual price. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do Expensive Golf Clubs Make a Difference?

It is known that expensive golf clubs provide more ball control and help enhance the overall game of a player. Hence, if you want to play golf professionally, you should opt for expensive and qualitative golf clubs. 

2. Is It Worth Upgrading Golf Clubs?

Yes. If your golf club shows signs of wear and tear, upgrading it before it breaks down completely is surely a good idea. 

3. Are Expensive Golf Clubs Worth It For Beginners?

Expensive golf clubs are not ideal for beginners because they bring features suitable for experienced players as they know how to take advantage of them.

4. How Many Clubs Do You Need To Golf?

Most experts say 6-8 golf clubs are enough for a beginner to start playing golf.

5. How Many Golf Clubs Can You Have In Your Bag?

A player can easily have 14 golf clubs in their golf bag, according to the United States Golf Association and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. 


So, these were some of the most expensive golf clubs ever. The high prices of these golf clubs are there for a reason. Each of them has its own uniqueness and qualities that contribute to their expensiveness. Right now, the “Tiger Slam”, Irons and Wedges sit at the top of the list with a price tag of $5,156,162 followed by many other expensive golfs like Tiger Woods Backup Putter, Andrew Dickinson Long-Nosed Putter , etc.

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