Andrew Shue Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2023)

andrew shue net worth

Andrew Shue is a widely renowned actor, athlete, and highly successful entrepreneur. He is best known for the role that he played as Billy Campbell in a TV series named Melrose Place. Andrew Shue net worth is $20 million. There’s a lot to discover about the interesting life of Andrew Shue.

If you are a fan of him or simply want to know about his life, read this article. Here, we will discuss every detail about Andrew Shue that you want to know.

Real Name Andrew Eppley Shue
Date Of Birth 20 February 1967
Age 56 Years
Gender Male
Height 1.75 m (5’9”)
Weight 169 lbs (77 kg)
Networth $20 Million
Profession Actor, Athlete, And Entrepreneur
Wives Jennifer Hageney (1994-2008)

Amy Robach (2010-2023)

Parents Father, James William Shue.

Mother, Anne Harms

Children 3
Nationality American

Net Worth

Right now, Andrew Shue net worth stands at around $20 million. There are various income sources that have contributed to his giant net worth, but his acting and entrepreneurship careers are known to be one of the main ones that helped him accumulate this large amount of money. Andrew was also an athlete, and made a significant amount of money from that too. 

Early Life and Education

Andrew Shue was born on 20 February in Wilmington, Delaware. Shue’s mother is Anne Brewster, a bank executive and the vice president of the private division of the Chemical Bank.

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His father’s name is James William; he was a real estate developer and was the president of the International Food and Beverage Corporation. Besides that, he was also active in Republic Politics. Shue also has a sister named Elisabeth, with whom he grew up. Currently, his sister is working as an actor.

Shue went to Columbia High School, located in Maplewood, New Jersey. After completing his schooling, Shue went to Dartmouth College and in 1989 received his B.A. in history.


andrew shue net worth

1. Soccer

After graduating from college, Andrew Shue went to Zimbabwe and played as a professional soccer player. At that time, he played for the Highlander FC, which is a Zimbabwean football club based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. In that season, the team won the CBZ Cup and also won the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League. 

After that, he played in various leagues; for instance, in 1993, he played with the Los Angeles United of the CISL (Continental Indoor Soccer League). Then, the very next year, he played a few games for the Anaheim Splash. Sadly, in 1997, Andrew Shue got injured and was on rest for the whole season. It is also worth knowing that during that period, Shue was the only white player in the team.

2. Acting

Shue began his acting career in 1992 when he was cast to play the role of Billy Campbell in a soap opera called Melrose Place. He worked in that show for six years. He also appeared in a movie called The Rainmaker, in which he played the role of an abusive husband.

In 1996, Shue was traded for the former SportsCenter anchor named Charley Steiner for SportCenter’s commercial on ESPN. Meaning Steiner took the position of Shue on Melrose Place, and Shue took his position on the SportsCenter. 

3. Entrepreneurship

Besides acting and sports, Shue is also a fantabulous entrepreneur and is known for building one of the most popular sites focused on helping women called CafeMom. 

In 2006, Andrew Shue co-founded CafeMom along with Sanchez. The platform aimed at helping the mothers and also mothers-to-be. Shue got this idea when he saw his pregnant wife was heavily relying on the other women for information. Hence, he spotted the opportunity and decided to build a platform that connects mothers from all over the world where they can provide support to each other. 

CafeMom rose to the heights of success and was generating millions in revenue. In 2010, Yahoo offered around $100 million to buy CafeMom, but it was rejected. The very next year, the platform was generating almost $30 million per year just from the ad revenue. 

However, after some time, CafeMom and some other websites related to it were sold off to some buyers. Shue and his partner also had an advertising business called CafeMedia that was also sold off to a private equity firm.

Andrew shue also wrote a book along with his ex-wife Amy Robach named Better Together, in which they came up with a sweet tale about accepting and admiring each other’s differences and finding a common ground.

Source of Income

Andrew Shue net worth has been built through various income sources. One of his main income sources through which he makes money is entrepreneurship. Andrew also had a great career as an athlete and actor, which helped him make a good amount of money, and ultimately increase his overall net worth. 

Real Estate

There’s not much information available on how many properties Andrew Shue owns. However, in 2013, it was reported that Shue and his ex-wife, Robach rented a luxurious townhouse in Manhattan’s Financial District.

This luxurious townhouse covers around 3,100 square feet and consists of around five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The house also had elevators for its three floors. According to the sources, renting this house costs around $16,800 each month.

Philanthropic Activities

Andrew Shue, the multi-millionaire actor and entrepreneur, has also contributed some portion of his net worth to some charitable activities. For example, he started an international nonprofit organization called Do Something. The main focus of this foundation is to inspire young people to take action and help resolve social issues. 

Besides that, he has also been involved in various other charitable initiatives focused on supporting education and child welfare.


Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 169 lbs (77 kg)
Hair Color Black 
Eye Color Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign  Pisces

Personal Life

Andrew Shue has been married two times throughout his life. He had his first marriage in 1994 to a floral designer, Jennifer Hageney. The couple had three sons together – Nate born in 1996, Aidan born in 1999 and Wyatt born in 2004. However, their marriage didn’t last long, as they separated in 2008. 

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In 2010, Shue had his second marriage. He married Amy Robach, the co-anchor of Good Morning America and also an ABC News correspondent. It’s worth knowing that Robach had two daughters from her previous marriage.

However, the couple separated in 2022, they officially divorced in March 2023. It was known Robach had an affair with her co-worker, T.J Holmes.


Andrew Shue did tremendous work as an actor, athlete and also entrepreneur, displaying his excellent skills in different fields like a genius. Throughout his career, he earned a lot of fans who admired his work wholeheartedly. Not only that, Andrew Shue net worth also significantly increased due to his exceptional work.

So, it can definitely be said that Andrew Shue has left a great impact behind as an actor, athlete and entrepreneur and will always be remembered for what he did in various fields. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Did Andrew Shue Make All His Money?

He made most of his money through acting and athletic career and also as an highly successful entrepreneur. 

2. Was Andrew Shue in Karate Kid?

Yes, Andrew Shue was spotted in Karate Kid as a Member of Cobra Kai.

3. How Many Sons Does Andrew Shue have?

Currently, Andrew Shue has a total of three sons. 

4. What Is The Total Amount Of Money Andrew Shue Has?

In 2023, Andrew Shue is worth approximately $20 million.

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