Chase Chrisley Net Worth(2023): Early Life, Career & More


Chase Chrisley is known as a reality television star who is best known for his work in the show Chrisley Knows best, which is his family show. The star worked in the show for a very long time and won many people’s hearts. The audience truly admired the unique character that he played in the show. However, there’s much more to explore about Chrisley’s life. Keep reading to know Chase Chrisley net worth, early life, career, personal life and much more.

Real NameChase Chrisley 
Date Of Birth1 June, 1996
Age27 Years
Height1.69 m (5’6”)
Weight132 lbs (76 Kg)
Networth$500 Thousand
ProfessionActor, Model, Comedian and Businessman
Relationship Status2022 – Engaged To Emmy Medders (his fiancé) 

2023 – Broke The Engagement and Current Relationship is Unknown

ParentsFather, Todd Chrisley

Mother, Julie Chrisley



Chase Chrisley Net Worth

Chase Chrisley net worth currently stands at $500 thousand, according to the Celebrity Net Worth. Chrisley’s net worth is primarily built on his acting career. 

Throughout his career, Chrisley also started other businesses like online selling of scented candles and also worked as real estate agent, which helped him increase his income and amass a great amount of wealth. 

Many sources claim that Chrisley now makes more money from his business than his acting career. 

Early Life and Education

Chase Chrisley, the talented actor, was born on 1 June, 1996 in South California, USA. He was the oldest son of his parents and grew up along with his siblings named Kyle, Savannah, and Lindsie Chrisley. 

As chrisley was born in a wealthy family, he went to a high-end private christian school in America. 



After completing the schooling, Chrisley attended a University and completed his education within the four years. However, which University he attentended is not clear yet. 


The Chase Chrisley we know today began his career in 2014 with a debut in his family TV show named Chrisley knows best. It is basically a comedy show based on the Chrisley family. The show had around 9 seasons which lasted for seven years. Chrisley appeared on around 190 episodes. In the same year, Chrisley also appeared on other reality TV shows like WWE (world wrestling entertainment). 

Then in 2019, he worked in the show called Growing Up Chrisley featuring Christley and his sister Savannah. The main motive of them was to prove to their father that they can make it in the real world without his help. There were a total of three seasons of the show which streamed between 2019 to 2021.


In 2021, Chrisley also appeared on a show named Entertainment tonight.

Apart from his acting career, Chrisley expanded his horizons and started his other businesses including real estate.

Sources of income

Chase Chrisley’s main income comes from the work that he does in reality TVs. As mentioned above Chrisley has made his appearance in various shows throughout his career, which brought him a significant amount of money. 

He was also associated with some brand endorsements, which may also have contributed to his net worth. However, there’s still a need for confirmations on exactly which brands Chrisley endorsed as there was no trustworthy source providing information on the subject. 


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Chisley also has a business named Chase Chisley Collection. The business mainly deals in selling scented candles. He also mentioned that he has a strong passion for aromatic candles as he grew up being surrounded by candles because mom always had lighted scented candles around the house.

Real Estate 

There’s not much information available on which estates Chase Chrisley owns. However, right now he has been working as a real estate agent and helps individuals find and buy best properties in their desired region. 

It is worth noting that Chrisley’s parents own some really luxurious estates which are worth millions of dollars. 

Car Collection

There’s not much information available on which and how many cars Chase Chrisley owns. But, according to various sources, Chrisley recently bought a brand new range rover!


Chase Chrisley Net Worth


One Chrisley’s instagram account he has mentioned himself as a real estate agent and investors. Therefore, we can expect Chrisley to have some investments in real estate. There’s still a need for some reliable sources to disclose the information on exactly which properties Chrisley owns.  

Personal Life

Chase Chrisley began dating his ex-fiance Emmy Medders in 2020. The couple had a romantic relationship, but it didn’t last long.  The couple first broke in 2021, but reunited soon after in 2022. 

In 2022, they dated for a few months and then Chrisley proposed to Medder to marry him in October 2022. Shortly after the proposal, the couple got engaged and officially announced it on their social media.



However, due to some reasons, the couple separated in July 2023, just after a few months of engagement. The split was officially announced by Chase Chrisley on his Instagram Account. In the post, Chrisley stated that they agreed on the separation and moved on with their lives individually. 

According to a source, Chase Chrisley didn’t engage or marry anyone after the separation from his ex-fiance. The current relationship status of Chrisley is unknown. 

Chase Chrisley Social Media

Facebook 921 Thousand Followers 
Instagram1.3 Million Followers
Twitter262.8 Thousand Followers 


In 2019, Chrisley was charged for a few financial crimes, which faced the allegations of unpaid taxes of around $16 thousand for the tax period of 2014. 

Another controversy that Chase Chisley was involved in when his sister, Lindsie Chrisley came out and put some serious allegations on his father and son. 

Lindsie Chrisley separated from her family just before the time of when Chrisley family was charged for federal charges. 

Lindsie filed a case with Georgia police against her father, Todd and brother Chase. In the filed case report, she said that her father and brother had her sex tape and they were threatening her to make it public if she reveals the truth about the certain event. Some sources say that the event was related to the federal charges that her family was facing. 

Chase Chrisley Net Worth

Other sources say that  Lindsie’s father found out that she was involved in the federal investigation against him. However, Lensie denied the allegation completely and said that she is not involved in the investigation against her family and never leaked any information. 

It is also worth mentioning that Chase Chrisley’s parents were sentenced for long jail time in november 2022. His father will have to spend 12 years in jail, whereas his mother was jailed for 7 years. In response to the issue, Chase expressed something like that it’s a nightmare for him. You can find more here.  


Q1. Is Chase Chrisley married to Emily?

No. The couple parted their ways in 2023, and announced the same on social media. 

Q2. Does Chase Chrisley have a real job?

Right now, Chase Chrisley is working as a real estate agent and has an ecommerce store where he sells scented candles. 

Q3. Who is Chase Chrisley’s biological mother?

Julie Chrisley is the biological mother of Chase Christley. 


Chase Chrisley had a great career as a reality television star. He had the luxury of being from a wealthy family which helped launch his career without any big struggles. However, his talent and hardwork can’t be ignored. 

Christley’s acting career is considered to be the main part of his career as it helped him get some recognition, and a decent amount of money. Throughout his career, he also started a real estate agency and built a candle business, which all greatly contributed to Chase Chrisley Net Worth.

Furthermore, Chrisley also faced many ups and downs throughout his life, but still he managed to stand up and keep moving forward.

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