What is a residential proxy? Where can it be used?

A residential proxy server is a network of real IP addresses provided by a residential mobileproxy provider to clients instead of their real IP addresses. These proxies are attached to specific physical locations and can be fixed in your region or anywhere else in the world. If you need your device to appear as if it is located in a particular country, a residential proxy is the best way to achieve that. Therefore, residential proxies are the easiest way to bypass regional restrictions or maintain your confidentiality during any online activity. 

How does it work? 

A residential proxy essentially borrows someone else’s IP address and assigns it to its client. This allows you to browse the Internet without revealing your actual location. Proxy providers offering this service have a pool of similar IP addresses from which you can choose the most suitable option for yourself.

When to buy residential proxies? 

Residential proxies are most commonly used by Internet marketers who need access to services, networks, and products available exclusively in specific regions and to obtain clean, unbiased results from marketing research. They are also useful in the following scenarios: 

  • Managing multiple social media accounts and needing to work with all of them on one device while protecting these accounts from potential blocks. 
  • Monitoring competitors and market prices. You see prices adjusted to your region by using a regular Internet connection without residential proxies. To get a true picture of product offerings, services, and prices in other locations, it’s best to use IP addresses from those specific locations. 
  • Cybersecurity experts conduct penetration testing using residential proxy servers to replicate all possible methods and scenarios that may occur in various situations. ● Configuring targeted and contextual advertising becomes more convenient and straightforward when using proxies. It often allows for a more affordable cost-per-click and better optimization of ad campaigns to target audiences. 
  • Buying airplane tickets or tickets for events at better prices. Websites of airlines and travel agencies often react to the client’s actions, tracking their activity. This can result in the system offering higher-priced options, even if more affordable tickets were available initially. Proxies solve this problem in your favor, allowing you to explore options for as long as you want and then choose the most advantageous one. 

Moreover, residential proxies offer high security and connection reliability, the ability to tailor the solution to specific client needs and requests, and the option to purchase proxies that match your requirements and budget.

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