Why Do Babies Avoid Grass: Detailed Explanation

why do babies avoid grass

In the last few years, many videos have been uploaded in which parents try to put their baby on grass, but the baby refuses boldly by distancing their body from the grass. The trend officially began around 2017, when a father tried putting his daughter on the grass, but she refused by pulling her legs away. That scene was undoubtedly laughable, which further turned into a trend that many people worldwide participated in. However, this trend made many individuals scratch their heads and wonder why do babies avoid grass? If you are also one of them, keep reading. Here we will be answering your query in depth.

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So, Why Do Babies Avoid Grass?

There are many reasons circulating on the internet about why babies avoid grass. Some provide scientific reasons, while others believe that there’s a strong spiritual reason behind kids avoiding grass.

Most experts, like Dr Sanam Hafeez, state that babies avoid grass mainly due to sensory overload.

Their nervous system is not properly developed yet, which makes it difficult for them to perceive information through all five senses at once. And exposing babies to grass forces them to do the same, leading to overwhelmed feelings as it is not the same as your home’s surface, which is softer and much more comfortable for babies. This feeling of discomfort and unfamiliarity makes them pull away when introduced to grass. 

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What Does Studies Have To Say?

A study was conducted at Yale, in which babies aged 8-9 months were introduced to various objects, including Plants. The researchers found that babies reacted normally to most objects, except plants–they took slightly longer to touch them. 

The author explained that this is an ancestral instinct that kicks in to avoid contact with anything that poses the threat of poison or other toxins.

Another study conducted by Journal Cognition came to the same solution, stating that Infants are quite sceptical when it comes to interacting with plants or grass. The study states that this type of the defensive reaction results because babies are more prone to sense the ancestral dangers that can occur from plants.

Is There Any Need To Be Worried About Your Baby Avoiding Grass?

There’s no doubt how hilarious that moment seems when you try to put your baby on grass, and they refuse by doing incredible gymnastic splits, right? But this cute moment may make some parents worry about whether their baby is normal or not. 

Well, if you see your baby avoiding grass, there is no need to worry; it is considered a normal reaction at this age. The research found that 1 in every six babies experiences this condition.

In fact, many health experts like Dr Sarah Schaffer-DeRoo also mentioned that it shouldn’t be a matter of concern. If a baby refuses to come in contact with grass as it’s just their natural way to protect themselves.

why do babies avoid grass
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Final Words

Millions of people have recently adored many babies for uniquely avoiding grass. Generally, it is a natural instinct that gets activated in babies to avoid sensory overload.

Please note that it is not necessary that every baby will have the same reactions while interacting with grass. Chances are some babies may not react and get used to the grass in the first go, which is also considered normal. Just make sure to monitor your baby and keep the nearby area clean and safe.

So, we hope that now you’ve got the answer to your question of ‘why do babies avoid grass?’

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Introduce Your Baby To Grass?

Introduce your babies to grass only when they become comfortable with it. You can expect it at around the age of 2-3. Even though your baby is not experiencing sensory load, you must ensure that the environment is safe and has no insects or poisonous plants around your baby.

Do Babies Also Avoid Plants?

Yes, studies have shown that babies also avoid touching plants to protect themselves from dangers like thorns and toxins.

Is Grass Hazardous For Babies?

Some grasses are considered safe for babies, and some not. Exposing your baby to unsafe grass can cause complications like skin infections. Or, if ingested by mistakes, it may lead to serious health issues. Thus, make sure to know which types of grasses are safe and which not before putting your baby on the grass.

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