7 Hidden Gems in Kings Cross Station

Kings Cross Station

Situated in the middle of London, Kings Cross Station is a train station with a plethora of activities that are nearby and can help you make the most of your travel experience.  

It is not hard to realize that London is one of the premier world-class cities, which makes navigating this central station an integral part of getting where you are going in London.

But if you have some spare time in your itinerary or some travel delays, why not make the most of it, especially if you don’t know if or when you will ever be in the area again? 

Make the process of journeying through as painless and enjoyable as possible by getting your own luggage storage in Kings Cross Station, and be able to properly soak in your surroundings without being bothered by your personal load of bulky bags and sizeable suitcases. 

Experience the Harry Potter Platform

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter mega-franchise book series and fantasy movies? If you are getting excited by the magical stories of this young fictional wizard, then you are already aware that Kings Cross Train Station is where Harry would enter Platform 9 3/4 to leave the Muggle world to go towards the Hogwarts.

Therefore, if you haven’t already guessed, the real Platform 9 3/4 is where quite a few photo opportunities take place, and there is even an official Harry Potter Store within the Station itself to purchase a wizard wand souvenir during your trip to King’s Cross Station. 

Shopping at Canopy Market

When the weekend rolls in from Friday to Sunday, this is when you will be able to come across some of London’s talented artisan traders at Canopy Market, a covered market off of Granary Square within walking distance to King’s Cross. 

Get yourself some fresh cheese and produce, along with your choice of beer, wine, jewelry, ceramics, and homewares from independent makers instead of from a corporate conveyor belt. 

Be Entertained at Magic Circle Show 

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Being able to go to a Harry Potter location at Kings Cross Station isn’t the only magical moment you will get to have. 

For some real magic tricks, you can take a casual walk over to The Magic Circle, one of the most famous magic societies in the world, where the tricks behind the magic tricks are stored.

Approximately 1,500 worldwide magicians are associated with The Magic Circle, making it a must-see when you have some spare time nearby at Kings Cross Station in London. 

Have the chance to wander around and learn more about this mesmerizing secret society of magicians.

You can also gain a rare glimpse during one of their weekly shows or ‘Monday morning magic’ events.

Sip Some Afternoon Tea 

While you are spending time at the Kings Cross Station, why not treat yourself and your travel mates to a simmering cup of tea with class and style at the Fortnum & Mason Tea Salon?

With Britain being known for its tea, you can pair this soothing beverage with delicious scones while people-watching or talking about what’s next on this fantastic trip to London that you are having. 

You can savor the warm taste of Fortnum and Mason’s own brand of tea blends along with smoked salmon or cucumber sandwiches. 

Stroll Through Camley Street Natural Park

Camley Street Natural Park is a great reason to take a short stroll outside of Kings Cross Station and enjoy two acres of greenery situated smack-dab in the middle of one of the most densely populated parts of London. 

Upon entering Camley Street Natural Park, you will be able to feast your eyes on the delectable beauty of the banks of Regent’s Canal, the ornate wildlife, woodlands, planets, wetlands, and grasslands without even having to drive hours into the countryside. 

Take in Art at Gagosian Gallery 

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London is home to luxury, music, and extensive works of art. With that being said, when you are traveling through the Kings Cross Station, take some time to check out the art exhibits that are housed at The Gagosian Gallery.

The Gagosian Gallery is located on Britannia Street and is one of over 15 art spaces that are owned by famed art dealer Larry Gagosian, with locations in New York City, others in London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Basel, Beverly Hills, Geneva, and Hong Kong.

Larry Gagosian famously represented the iconic artist Andy Warhol during the deceased Pop-Art painter’s lifetime.  

Books Galore at The British Library 

Being a lover of books is a beautiful thing, especially when they are printed on paper and aren’t another digital form of content but a real-world experience. 

One final hidden gem near Kings Cross Station is The British Library, which just happens to have each and every single published book in the United Kingdom.

Imagine being able to come home and tell people that you went to one of the biggest libraries in the entire world that has an extensive collection of between 170 and 200 million items from plenty of countries.

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