How to Determine Custom CRM Development Cost

CRM Development Cost

A CRM Development Cost is needed for almost everyone who works with a customer base. Thanks to this tool, all sales processes become more transparent, managers make fewer mistakes, and the company makes more money. 

If you are still thinking about implementing a custom CRM system, but have concerns regarding its cost, this material is for you. 

What is CRM in simple terms? Who needs it and why do they need it? CRM Development Cost

This is a simple, but a very smart system for automating business, which has all the data you need about your customers. Their contacts, call records, recent agreements, payment amounts, and much more. 

What are the benefits of a custom CRM? 

Custom CRM will work best in the following cases:

  • A business has a lot of customers and needs to collect all the data into one database. 
  • You have a lot of salespeople and need the information to flow between them without loss or distortion. 
  • A business has a sales funnel, meaning the customer goes through several steps before making a purchase. 
  • With custom CRM you can track your performance at all stages. 
  • There is strong competition in your field. So, someone who communicates competently with customers and doesn’t forget to call them back ends up with more sales and loyal customers. 
  • You want to monitor the productivity of your employees and track the fulfillment of tasks in one system. Custom CRM can come in handy for more than just the sales department. For example, you provide a service, the implementation of which involves several people. In this case, custom CRM is very convenient to work with. There you can expose several executors and move the task from one stage to another. So the first employee completes his part, attaches the necessary files to the task, and passes it to another specialist. 

So how much does custom CRM cost?

The cost of a boxed CRM system is determined by the cost of specialists’ work and the cost of implementation, training, and refinement (if necessary). Within these summands are also components with different costs and varying degrees of need for the business. In addition, additional fees can be charged for integrations, plug-ins, add-ons, etc., especially if some third-party software is involved.

In this case, it makes sense to think about developing a custom CRM. However, you often hear opinions that the cost of custom CRM is too high. Well, let’s take a look at how much custom CRM costs on the example of CRM for logistics companies project by RexSoft development agency. It is worth noting that this CRM is available in web and mobile versions, which also affects the cost, but is necessary for quality processing of business processes.

 custom CRM cost?

So, the custom CRM development cost is determined by its functionality, as well as the time of the specialists and the cost of services of these specialists.

The basic functionality of this CRM includes:

  1. The possibility of communication between the customer and the dispatcher.
  2. Possibility for a dispatcher to send a form to a customer to fill out (via the web version of the application).
  3. Transferring a transportation request to the driver (on the mobile version)
  4. Tracking the trip. When the driver arrives for loading, he takes a photo of the car (there is a list of obligatory photos in the application) and thereby fixes the damage to the car (if there is any). All photos are stored in the application for transportation, which is available to the dispatcher, driver, and customer.
  5. Representative of the customer signs on his phone (tablet) (electronic signature), thereby confirming the state of the car before transportation.
  6. The driver leaves. At point B – the Customer’s representatives accept the cargo. If there is a complaint – the photo is the proof of the condition of the car before transportation.

A dispatcher can see the movement of the car on the map, and forced stops. The driver records all stops (to eat, rest). There is functionality that allows you to plan upcoming trips to avoid downtime of cars.

Time needed:

  • PM – 80 hours.
  • IT architect – 40 hours
  • Design – 200 hours
  • Front-end – 360 hours
  • Beck – 320 hours
  • QA – 110 hours
  • Total – 1110 hours

In total, such custom CRM will cost 80,000-100,000 dollars. The duration of the development is about 3-4 months. Is it much or little for the cost of developing a custom CRM? Is there a way to reduce the cost? Well, the development of such a product will be 2-3 times cheaper if the development will be engaged in companies not from the U.S. and Europe, but from the regions with less expensive developers. For example, when developing in Eastern Europe, the cost of such an application would be $40,000-45,000.


Custom CRM is a comprehensive business automation tool, which gets rid of routine. It is fully tailored to the needs of your business and will make the indicators inevitably strive upwards. The main thing is that its development and implementation were carried out by a high-quality firm, capable of doing everything on a turnkey basis and in the shortest possible time. Contact RexSoft and our experts will help you take your business to the next level.

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