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Best Scanning app for Android: Scanning Made Easy

by Naseem Kaloo
Scanning applications

Are you looking for the best scanning app for android?

Scanning applications

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The days are over where you used to go out to scan the papers. And if you don’t get out of the apartment, you don’t really need a huge computer to search for papers. We claim this because our smartphone devices will now scan documents as well as a specialized scanning device.

These phones carry some pretty capable camera technology, and some decent scanning applications put it to good use. Scanning documentation from a mobile camera is cost-effective, time-saving, and easy.

As most smartphone devices are packing a decent camera today, you can search for high-quality reports using some of the best document scanner apps below. In comparison, scanning PDFs from your phone will be easier than using a laptop scanner.

Some of the advantages of common Android scanner applications are that they let you view documents from the web, provide powerful editing capabilities, and support OCR.

Major reasons why you might want the best scanning app for android

Here’s a quick overview of the main reasons why you would like a dedicated scanner and what sort of scanner apps you need:

If your work includes transcripts, contracts, and other legal papers, you can need a very reliable text recognition and an automated paper feeder to manage huge jobs.

If you’re an amateur photographer or scrapbooker and have many images to scan, you’d better need a purpose-built image scanner.

And if you’re searching for ultra-precise, high-resolution archivists scans, you almost definitely need a scanner application for your device.

Otherwise, save us some money and try scanning applications.

lets have a look on the 7 best scanning applications for Android.

Our Picks of the best scanning app for android 2020

1. Google Drive

best scanning app for android

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At first, We were shocked to learn that the Google Drive Android app has a built-in document scanning option. Here, you have a few effects of playing with; you get simple options to rotate and crop, you get image improvement options. After you’ve finished editing, you can easily save the Documents directly to Google Drive and start sharing them with everyone.

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To find the scanner alternative in the Drive application, locate the ‘+’ symbol in the bottom right corner, and press it. Now you’re going to have to give the camera permission for the Google Scanner feature to function. The tool has simple paper crop and correction functions, color shift choices, image quality selector, etc.

Overall, the paper scanner software is a decent choice for people who rarely use Android scanner applications and don’t want a specialized one to fill in their phone room.

Key Features

  • No additional app has to be installed if you already have the Google Drive app
  • Save documents straightforwardly to the Google drive
  • All the simple solutions you need are right here.

2. vFlat

best scanning app for android

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As its names imply, the VFlat Android scanning app is designed to be a one-stop scanning option for books and documentation easily and efficiently. A timer function at the top helps the app take photos regularly, making the operation easier.

The 3-second timer worked perfectly  in our experiences and gave us enough chance to switch the other side pages. You shouldn’t need to click the shutter button continuously after you flip a page.

The scanned documents can also be stitched together like a single PDF document and shared.

Key Features

  • Automatic shutter alternative for quick scanning
  • Fast PDF stitching and exporting

3. TurboScan

best scanning app for android

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TurboScan is a strong full-featured Android scanner app with a free and premium version. It helps you to read and exchange multi-page files in high-quality Pdf documents. It features a “SureScan” mode for very detailed scans, including full-page customization options such as page add, reorder, and erase.

You may also use this phone scanner software to arrange several receipts or business cards on a single PDF file. You can open your files in other applications also and printing the required documents using Cloud Print.

Turbo Scan is free of charge and offers in-app transactions.

Key Features

  • It is compact and has nearly all the requisite features.
  • Provides sharp scanned papers.
  • Simple and convenient to operate.

4. Notebloc

best scanning app for android

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Notebloc is among the best free scanner applications available to Android users.

Besides, the app contains OCR for more than Eighteen multiple languages. The  Android scanner software’s highlights are that it eliminates all hint of shade in the photos you tapped on.

Other than this, users can search several pages and link them to a single paper. Users will adjust the size of the PDF client tab in the settings.

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Key Features

  • Eliminate the shadows, make the text look real
  • OCR with more than Eighteen languages

5. Photo Scan by Google

best scanning applications

If you’re searching for the right Android scanner software, not to scan papers, but to scan old printed images, then Google’s Photo Scan is the ideal option for you.

The application scans images immediately and prevents glare, if any, automatically. Light levels are not something you need to think about instead; you need to concentrate on finding your old photo gallery. The app also generates images based on edge detection functionality.

After scanning the printed files, you can quickly upload them to your Google Photos online store and share posts with colleagues and family.

Key Features

  • Automatic replacement of glare
  • Great for preserving digital backups of old pictures

6. CamScanner


Scanning applications

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It is amongst the most common document scanner applications in the world. It is also equipped with many features. You should check the applications in.  You can even print using cloud printing or exporting your desired document in PDF.

It also provides cloud assistance for Drive and Dropbox. There are also elements of cooperation. You will get the primary services  free of charge. Another choice is to add to the $4.99 plan. That’s supposed to unlock any feature for those who need it.

Key Features

  • It’s designed to work easily.
  • Quick Scanner
  • Support for cloud applications such as Dropbox, Onenote, Google Drive, etc.

7. Office Lens


Scanning apps

Image Credits: https://play.google.com/

Office Lens is also one of Microsoft’s best  scanner applications for scanning documents and pictures. You can easily grab and transform any document to PDF, Script, or Ppt files.

It also helps you to save your files to drive or local server. The software is important both for enterprise and educational purposes. Besides English, it also operates in various languages.

Office Lens is advertisement free and does not require any in-app payments.

Key Features

  • Fast, simple to operate.
  • It is beneficial both for college and professional reasons.
  • Advertisement free application

Conclusion: Which Android scanner app would you prefer?

These were our selections for the best Android scanner software of 2020. But picking the correct one depends on what sort of use you’re aiming for. If you want a pre-loaded and easy-to-use paper scanner like Google Drive or Camscanner, or if you want specialized scanners, you might want to go to Notebloc, TurboScan, and vFlat.

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