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Page Fault in NONPAGED Area BSOD in Windows [5 Easy Fixes]

by Naseem Kaloo
Page Fault in NONPAGED Area BSOD in Windows - Team Touch Droid

Page Fault in a NONPAGED Area is one of the most unpleasant errors displayed by your Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). It’s common for Windows 10 users to see this error frequently.

Whatever reason that triggers it, it’s annoying. This error pops up when you run an automatic restart. Your P.C. may run into deeper issues when this error is unresolved. Sometimes, it appears as soon as your system boots. Also, it may lead to harmful Restart in a loop.

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P.S. don’t get scared as this nightmare will disperse in no time. We will help you out with easy fixes to solve Page Fault in NONPAGED Area error.

Before we check out solutions, let’s have a quick overview & a closer look at this error.

Which Windows O.S. can encounter this error?
  • Windows 10
  • Version 8 & 8.1 of Windows
  • Windows 7
  • Almost outdated Windows Vista
  • And, Windows XP

Simply put, this error can be displayed in any Windows O.S. Additionally, you also see some error codes like:

  • Stop: 0X00000050 (aka 00000050 Error)
  • STOP: 0x50 etc.
  • sys or ntoskrnl.exe Driver Names

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What happens with ‘Page Fault in NONPAGED Area’ error?

You just turned your P.C. on & see Page Fault in NONPAGED Area error. What will you do? You get many thoughts like “What happened to my P.C.?”, “Is my system crashed?” and whatnot!

Here are the adverse consequences of such error:

  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Inaccessibility of Windows O.S.
  • Data Loss
  • Frequent O.S. Crashing

So, now you’re clear what can happen to your system when this error displays.

Now, we’ll see different proven methods to solve it. You can check the following solutions & try them one by one if your error is resolved with the first-trial itself – Kudos! Else, you may try another solution.

Before you begin your recovery journey, let’s make sure your files are always secure with syncing software like GoodSync. In case if your system gives up, you’ll not have to weep for your precious data loss at least.

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5 DIY Fixes for ‘Page Fault in NONPAGED Area’ Error

As mentioned above, Page Fault in NONPAGED Area error may appear because of software, Hardware, or system fault. But it isn’t impossible to fix it & we’ll show you why!

Read this blog till the end & see what works for you.

Note: You’ll have to perform Restart after every step to see effective changes

  1. Update Drivers

Rule #1: Always keep your Device Drivers updated!

We have noted that outdated drivers are sometimes the root cause behind such errors. So, before you look at old drivers with red-eye, let us troubleshoot & see if they’re the only troublemakers.

The following steps may help resolve the error.

  • Go to Settings > Update and Security
  • Click the Check Updates option & wait until the process ends
  • Next, go to Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Device Manager
  • If any driver is faulty, you’ll seeYellow Warning sign (Yes, it is similar to the warning signs you see on the road & you’ve just encountered that witty driver)
  • Right-click on the respective Hardware
  • Select Update driver software option
  • As you’re here for a Hardware driver check, make sure your Audio drivers, other party drivers, webcam, etc. are updated.

Finally, restart your system & see if the problem persists.

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  1. Disable Antivirus Application Temporarily

Third-party Antivirus triggers such issues more often. For solving this error, you should disable Antivirus temporarily.

After deactivating your Antivirus app, restart your P.C. & see if that witty text still appears. If you see your problem resolved, you can happily activate/enable your Antivirus.

In the former case, when your system issue resolves by disabling Antivirus, you can assume that there is an issue with your Antivirus software. What to do next? Contact your Antivirus provider & seek help.

As an alternative, you may download free Antivirus & run it temporarily for a day or two. If you find your free trial not causing any issue, you may purchase & start using it permanently.

Also, make sure your current Antivirus is disabled when you download & use free Antivirus. If you have the credentials, you may uninstall existing Antivirus.  Two simultaneously running Antivirus may clash in your system.

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  1. Run Disk & RAM check

Do you know? The irritating Blue Screen you see can be triggered by your system’s faulty RAM & corrupted NTFS.

You may assume here that your RAM is faulty. So, without making you sweat with worries, let’s help you with an effective solution. We’ll run a disk check & identify the error precisely. It will surely help you in removing it.

Here are the steps to run the disk check:

  • Press Win + S key combination & the search box will show-up
  • Type cmd
  • Right-click on the Command Prompt option you see & select Run as Administrator
  • Type chkdsk /f /r
  • Press Enter & then press Y
  • Now, let’s run the command prompt with Win + R key combination.
  • Type exe & a dialog box will open.
  • Select Restart Now and check for problems (recommended)
  • Sit back & relax. Let the scan complete.

Once the scanning is finished, it’s time to check if your problem is fixed or not. Restart your system & see if BSOD appears with the same error. If not, Kudos! You did it.

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  1. Disable Automatic Paging for all Drives

Windows virtual memory may cause this error sometimes. We’re about to disable Virtual Memory from the System properties of the O.S.

Keep following these steps & you’ll successfully disable Automatic management of paging file sizes for all drives on your P.C.

  • Open File Explorer
  • Right-click This P.C. & select Properties
  • Click Advanced System Settings from the left panes

Select Advance Settings for page fault in nonpaged area

  • Next, move to Advance Tab & click on Settings under the first-displayed Performance section
  • Click on Change under the Virtual Memory section

Fix Virtual Memory

  • You’ll see automatically manage paging file size for all drives will be checked. Uncheck
  • Click OK
  • Restart your Computer (and take a deep breath)

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  1. Troubleshoot Hardware

Lastly, you’ll have to check the Hardware if it is causing this error. There may be an issue with your Hardware, because of which such a critical issue arises. Thus, we’ll check it out finally.

Here are the steps to follow for Hardware Troubleshoot:

  • Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security
  • Click on Troubleshoot from the left panel & select Hardware and Devices.
  • Continue with Run the Troubleshooter button-click

Now, your Computer will detect the problems. Let the scan run completely & the error will be displayed once the scanning process is complete. You can then fix the problem.

Well, the above-mentioned fix will work if troubleshoot displays any problem. What to do if no problem displays? Simple, you need an advanced solution. So, we have it.

Try Windows Advanced Options too!

Turning to Advanced Options of Windows 10 is the last thing we recommend. It’s the only good configuration spot to reach out when nothing works.

When you use this method, your P.C. restores to recent settings as it was before this error came into the picture. Follow the steps below:

  1. Start by Shutting down your P.C.
  2. Now turn your P.C. on & you’ll see a black screen with white text.
  3. Immediately press F8 if F8 doesn’t show results, press F2.
  4. Hold on to F8 Key-press until you see Windows Advanced Options.
  5. Check out for Last Known Good Configuration option as the Windows Advanced Options menu loads.

Once you do this, your P.C. will start with its last known good configuration settings. You can expect Page Fault in NONPAGED Area error to stop temporarily.

But wait, you still have more steps to perform.

  1. Now restart your computer by pressing F8 (or F2), then press F12 (or F10 if former doesn’t work).
  2. Keep F12 pressed until you see a new menu.
  3. Select the Disable Memory Cache option from this menu.
  4. Restart your Computer once again as you select this option & it will completely boot
  5. Once Windows 10 boots completely, press the Win + R key combination.
  6. Type chkdsk /f /r C:
  7. Press Enter
Wrapping it up

By the time you’re here, you’ve explored all options to solve Page fault in nonpaged area windows 10, right.

Which one do you think will work for you? Or, if you have already tried any of them, then please share your experience. It will help readers like you to find the right solution. Please don’t forget to mention the scenario in which you applied any given method for ease. Moreover, we’re coming up with such useful reads.

Until next time, stay tuned with our technical help reads that make your lives easier (LITERALLY!)

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