Drag Clicking is much more than just dragging fingers over the mouse! “How to drag click?” is explained in this article!

how to drag click

Some people might find it stupid. But, Drag Clicking plays an important role in gaming mastery. Moreover, it takes multiple clicks per second to achieve victory in any game. The pros or gaming masters call this drag clicking an artwork. If you want to get perfect in this drag clicking, read this article about “how to drag click.”

How to drag click: Drag Clicking explained!

To begin with, Drag clicking is exactly what it sounds like. It means dragging your fingers from left to right or up and down over the mouse surface. As a result, you will get multiple clicks with a single drag. Also, the chances of winning a game increase as drag clicking create friction between the fingers and the mouse. Some people call it a trick to win games as it records more clicks per second. 

Now the question is, how is it possible to make hundreds of clicks with a single dragging. Normally, it is impossible to make hundreds of clicks in a minute. However, If we dive deep into it, drag clicking is a phenomenon of creating clicks due to friction. Moreover, the force-producing friction drives the switch. It will start bouncing up and down. You will feel vibrations beneath your fingers as it transfers the vibration to the switch, generating multiple clicks each time. 

At first, you will find this technique hard and impossible. Trust me; you will improve each time you do it. You will start enjoying it and get better each day in your games. However, we do not recommend you practice this every day. It can hamper the functioning of your mouse. It is even possible that your mouse will stop working for months or will not work.

But, using the correct mouse for drag clicking will help you win any game you put your mind to. This is because the drag clicking will increase your Clicks per second. The CPS is all you need to win any game. The more CPS you have, the chances of winning any game increase.visit here

Is it necessary to learn drag clicking? How much CPS should we need to win any game?

Drag Clicking might take a while to become a pro at it. However, nothing can stop you from achieving victory once you get used to it. Yes, it is important to learn drag clicking as it might increase your chances of winning any game by 80%. However, this technique also requires patience and practice, just like anything else. You may not know this, but to become good at drag clicking, you must achieve a certain level of CPS. In other words, your CPS should be more than or equal to 6.51 to win any game. 

Yes, you can achieve these numbers with practice. It is impossible to believe, but the pro drag clickers have CPS upto 32 CPS. Moreover, competitive games like Data 2, Minecraft PVP, farming XP etc., can help you improve your drag clicking technique. You can read this article to know more about how to drag click and become a pro at it.

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How to drag click: Follow these tricks to become a pro at it.

There is much more to drag clicking than just dragging. It would help to drag the mouse the right way to produce multiple clicks per second. Also, it is equally important to choose the correct mouse to perform the technique. The quality of the mouse plays an important part. If you continue to perform this drag click technique with a normal mouse, you might destroy the mouse. The mouse may stop working for months or stop working. Therefore, the right kind of mouse with a perfect dragging technique can help you win any game you put your hands on. Now, drag clicking requires certain do’s and don’ts, which you must follow while practising.

Only the correct movements and techniques can help you achieve your goal!

The first lesson you should learn here is that you should make sure you have noticed the movements, rhythms, and positions correctly whenever you start learning any new technique. You can only succeed if you learn the correct postures. Like in Yoga, if you do not study and posture thoroughly and do it wrong, it can badly impact your body and mind. Similarly, when you are learning drag clicking, study and practice the correct positions and movements to achieve what you want.

The grip is a necessary part of the drag clicking technique.

When you first lay your hands on the mouse, form a grip. The stronger the grip, the more comfortable you get with the mouse. This is how you become able to control the mouse the way you want. To form a strong grip, make sure your hands are dry. Hold the mouse gently with a thumb on the side and fingers on the surface of the mouse. Now, with very little force, move the fingers from the base of the mouse to the upward direction. Make sure you are not using too much pressure as it can damage the mouse. Within a single movement, you will hear the vibrations coming from the mouse. These vibrations are proof of high CPS. 

Dry your hands from time to time to avoid breaking the chain.

It is advisable to touch the mouse with dry hands. There are certain reasons for it, including moisture can enter the mouse and cause damage to the mouse. Moreover, the other and most important reason is that the dry hands can help maintain a strong grip over the mouse. As a result, your CPS will increase upto 14 within a few days of training.

Getting rid of dirt and other impurities over the mouse surface plays a major role!

Your CPS success rate is equally dependent upon the condition of the mouse. If the mouse contains dirt or the mouse, it does not allow you to create friction between the skin and the mouse. Instead, moisture or dirt will resist you from dragging your fingers over the mouse. It is possible to make mistakes when your fingers continue to slip from the mouse surface. 

Moreover, you may use special microfibre cloth and alcohol wipes to get rid of all the impurities deposited on the surface of the mouse. These fibre cloth and alcohol wipes are easily available in the market. Also, you may use a swab or a soft toothbrush to clean the surface. It is more convenient to put a few drops of alcohol on the swab or brush and clean the surface thoroughly. However, please make sure not to make any visible marks on the surface. Any visible marks will hamper your practice and end your practice until you buy the new mouse.

How do you know if your CPS is increasing or not?

What’s the point of working hard if you become unaware of your progress? Therefore, it is important to monitor your day to day progress. This will help build your confidence, and you will start to become pro day by day. Always remember that you’re your first and last competition. Hence, it would help you succeed if you were at your targets and timelines. Now, monitoring your daily progress will help you achieve higher CPS daily. There are certain applications available on google that will help you keep note of your daily progress. This practice will help you figure out your flaws and give you a chance to become a better version of yourself each day.

Some tips from pros to improvise your CPS.

You might notice that the people who are pros in their respective fields are weird. Also, they come out with their unique ways of carrying out any task. You may not know this, but the experts use certain types of tapes to increase their CPS. It might seem weird to you, but this process works. When you put tape over the surface of the mouse, it produces friction easily and gives an incredible performance. Also, you will get rid of the chaos of cleaning the moisture every minute from the mouse. 

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Now, please do not take it for a cello tape or any normal tape when I say tape. There are special types of tape available in the market. Also, these tapes are unique and are designed to serve the purpose of increasing CPS.

How to drag click: tapes that help to increase your CPS.

  1. You often see a black tape folded on wires in your households. Do you know the relevance of these tapes? These are electric tapes that prohibit the electric current from overflowing. Also, these tapes form a protective layer over the wire and create friction. This friction saves the person from electric shocks whosoever comes in contact with the wire. Similarly, when it comes to mice, the main use of this tape is to produce friction. This friction will lead to high vibrations and an increase in CPS.
  2. The other tape that we are going to discuss will cost you more. But, the results are incredible. The Razer tapes are known for their excellent grip and non-moisture qualities. When you put this tape over the mouse, your CPS will increase upto 32 CPS with a single click. 
  3. This last tape we are going to discuss has one solution. This is either expensive or gives a bad performance. The silicone grip tapes are a combination of electric and razor tapes. It forms a strong bond like electric tapes and locks the moisture like razer tapes. Moreover, the cherry on the tape is that you can use the normal mouse while placing this tape over. Thanks to this tape, your normal mouse will remain intact with zero damage. That means, no need to waste money buying expensive mice for gaming purposes. Just buy this tape to sown the benefits and increase CPS.

Are there any drawbacks to practising Drag Clicking?

Throughout the article, we continue to learn about the pros of Drag clicking. If we look again at the article, we will conclude that drag clicking allows you to win any game that requires high CPS. Also, it helps you manage the speed and efficiently use the mouse. However, there are certain drawbacks to this practice too.

Those who cannot afford a good quality mouse will do the practice on their normal mouse. As a result, the lifespan of the mouse decreases. You will buy multiple mice in a short period, leading to economic loss.

Buying an expensive mouse will help you improvise your CPS. However, do you think it’s worth spending a large amount of money on this practice?

You may not know this, but some games do not allow drag clicking. There are chances of you getting suspended from the game if you continue this practice. Therefore, please read the terms and conditions before you use this practice. Moreover, some games might call it cheating to use this practice. They have the liberty to remove you permanently from the game if you practice drag clicking.

Is it possible to drag a click on any other devices?

Yes, the technique of drag click is possible on your laptops too. There is good news for MacBook users who can now use their laptops conveniently. Previously, it was quite painful to drag and click on MacBooks. Now, it has the feature to enable the trackpad option. This helps you to drag the screen using only three fingers. All you need is to follow this simple step:

System Preferences>Accessibility>Point Control>Mouse and Trackpad>Tackpad options>enable three finger dragging.

Moreover, when it comes to How to drag click other devices like Chromebook, you need not enable any feature. The drag click feature is by default available on the trackpad. Also, you may carry out the drag clicking process using only two fingers. You need to use one finger to drag and the other to click the button. 

For example, if you wish to drag any item, you need to right-click on the icon using one finger and drag from one location to another.

Popular mice you can buy to increase CPS?

You can use the normal mouse and put the silicone grip tape over it. This will help you increase the Click per second. Also, the lifespan of the mouse increases with the tape. But, if you are looking for a better mouse to increase CPS. You can choose any of the below-mentioned mice:

Image Credits: eXputer.com
  • Logitech G602: Wireless and lag-free.
  • Roccat Cain 200 AIMO RGB with Solid Clicking.
  • Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse with high precision accuracy.
  • Glorious Model O gaming mouse with honeycomb shell and father weight.
  • ROCCAT KONE Pure Owl-Eye with easy shift and mouse movements.
  • Logitech G303 Daedalus gaming edition gives Apex performance with customizable lights.

You may use either mouse to increase the CPS. All of these mice are specially designed to serve gaming purposes. However, make sure to practice more and more every day to see the difference in the performance.

Conclusion: How to drag click?

This article is beneficial as it helps increase Click per second. You may read this article to become a pro at drag click. All the necessary tips and tricks are available to learn drag clicking on this article. However, please do not forget that everything takes time and patience to become proficient. Thank you and take care.

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